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The Portable ANUS

01 01 11 - 06:13

Many of you now have tablets, smart phones, ebook readers or other portable devices that are optimized for you to read documents on them. To that end, one of our readers, Vivian C., decided to make you a PDF archive that we're calling The Portable ANUS in mocking deference to Penguin Books.

You can download it here:

The Portable ANUS, 5.8mb

Document created by Vivian C.

seven comments

"... that we're calling The Portable ANUS in mocking deference to Penguin Books."

Thanks, jokes are always best when they have to be expained ffffff (Email ) - 02-01-’11 17:22
Can you recommend any good podcasts? idontknow (Email ) - 04-01-’11 11:57
Not trying to sound hypocritical here, but doesn't making these archives available on every irritating new device detract from half the point of this website? I mean, fuck, you already have a website. Don't tempt Skynet. Norse - 02-02-’11 17:36
I'm sorry, guys. I have to say it. Portable ANUS....(snicker). It's funny, because an anus is also your rectum!! Am I right? Guys? Norse - 02-02-’11 17:57
Anal Rapist
The anus is the ring that guards entry to the rectum, I thought. It's just the squeezy part where the rectum is the full mangina. Anal Rapist (Email ) (URL) - 19-02-’11 06:11
fucking hell.. reading the comments here.. it's obvious a lot of 13 year olds read anus.com, we either that or the readers have an IQ around 80:

"LOL ANUS.. thats like a rectum lol lol lol".

I wait for the day when ANUS.com becomes dumbed down for this moronic crowd as well oliver - 19-02-’11 10:17
Utilizing PDF format is an efficient solution.

@ oliver: Intelligent people read ANUS, but most of them are heavily introverted and content with soaking in the content for internal digestion. Trolling is common here, unfortunately. Spectrum (URL) - 09-05-’11 11:51

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