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Men's rights means men's responsibilities

28 12 10 - 06:53

We tackle a range of subjects on this blog, but because we deal with the abstract, there's not as much of the concrete example or condition. For example, Men's rights. We talk about rights, the dangers of such thinking, and the consequences of polarizing groups, but never give you the literal perspective.

Today we'll try. In a society based on rights, rights become defensive -- protecting an underdog against some more powerful threat. Otherwise, the rights would not be needed as an act of law. Consequently, rights favor groups perceived as disadvantaged and penalize those who are seen as in power. Men are a natural target, white men a billion times so.

The men's rights movement in the West has been picking up steam as men realize that they are assumed to be in the wrong in divorce court, in any kind of rape case, in child molestation accusations, in domestic violence accusations and of course, in the steady stream of Marxist drivel that oozes from our schools.

My message to men's rights, as to feminists, is the same: "rights" is a fundamentally oppositional term. If you demand rights, you're demanding them at the expense of someone else you assume to be more powerful. That both affirms their position of power and puts you into a mode where instead of thinking of what you do want, you think about what you fear.

Instead of rights, think about a more sane way for men and women to interact. In 1968, we decided that it was casual sex with no consequences and no shame because that way everyone has absolute rights and is most "free." Somehow, that has led to a bad place, which is that women are sluts and men are opportunists.

First concept for men: don't fuck crazy sluts:

One of the women, named in court as Miss A, told police that she had arranged Assange's trip to Sweden, and let him stay in her flat because she was due to be away. She returned early, on Friday 13 August, after which the pair went for a meal and then returned to her flat.

Her account to police, which Assange disputes, stated that he began stroking her leg as they drank tea, before he pulled off her clothes and snapped a necklace that she was wearing. According to her statement she "tried to put on some articles of clothing as it was going too quickly and uncomfortably but Assange ripped them off again". Miss A told police that she didn't want to go any further "but that it was too late to stop Assange as she had gone along with it so far", and so she allowed him to undress her.

According to the statement, Miss A then realised he was trying to have unprotected sex with her. She told police that she had tried a number of times to reach for a condom but Assange had stopped her by holding her arms and pinning her legs. The statement records Miss A describing how Assange then released her arms and agreed to use a condom, but she told the police that at some stage Assange had "done something" with the condom that resulted in it becoming ripped, and ejaculated without withdrawing.


The following day, Miss W phoned Assange and arranged to meet him late in the evening, according to her statement. The pair went back to her flat in Enkoping, near Stockholm. Miss W told police that though they started to have sex, Assange had not wanted to wear a condom, and she had moved away because she had not wanted unprotected sex. Assange had then lost interest, she said, and fallen asleep. However, during the night, they had both woken up and had sex at least once when "he agreed unwillingly to use a condom".

Early the next morning, Miss W told police, she had gone to buy breakfast before getting back into bed and falling asleep beside Assange. She had awoken to find him having sex with her, she said, but when she asked whether he was wearing a condom he said no. "According to her statement, she said: 'You better not have HIV' and he answered: 'Of course not,' " but "she couldn't be bothered to tell him one more time because she had been going on about the condom all night. She had never had unprotected sex before." - The Tuardian

This reminds me of the old stereotype of the high school slut. She's done the whole football team, but she insists you buy her dinner first, because she's not a cheap whore. These women are so drugged out with the Christian-cum-liberal morality of what is "right" and who has "rights" that they've thrown common sense to the curve. As long as they use condoms, they're good people. And those who don't? Are satan.

Second message is for women: if you put your bodies out there as a commodity, and you offer consequenceless sex, you will end up forever alone because men will take what you give, and move on. They no longer have any commitment to making sure you're happy or that the situation turns out well, because they're out the door. The more you polarize gender, the more this will be true.

Another friend told police that during the evening Miss A told her she had had "the worst sex ever" with Assange: "Not only had it been the world's worst screw, it had also been violent."

What a neurotic nightmare, and the sex is bad? LOL, modern society. You're retarded.

twelve comments

Of course, Fox News and a host of other reporting groups have decided to go along with these whore-fronted accusations. This is nothing more than dressed up high school drama. Spectrum - 28-12-’10 11:57
The first whore mentioned has by the way a leading role in the Swedish Social Democratic Party (pure cultural marxists.) Glistrup (Email ) - 28-12-’10 15:00
Men, don't pander to whores. Levy_Spearmen - 28-12-’10 15:44
wait, does anybody really believe Assange had sex with her at all? robespierre - 30-12-’10 00:20
yo dawg
Honestly, I find the concept of 'men's rights' to be whiny as Hell. yo dawg - 30-12-’10 22:20
"If you demand rights, you're demanding them at the expense of someone else you assume to be more powerful. That both affirms their position of power and puts you into a mode where instead of thinking of what you do want, you think about what you fear."

Did you pull that out of you ass? Umm yes the judicial system is in a position of power - duh. You named four areas in law where the male gender is disadvantaged, receives less than equal treatment and is often presumed guilty on the basis of an unsubstantiated accusation.

Maybe you can elucidate exactly how advocating the presumption of shared custody and guilty until proven innocent is anything but fair treatment. You have a talent for bundling words that together convey nothing of substance. Willy (Email ) - 02-01-’11 12:28
yo dawg: honestly, nobody cares what you think asdsda - 02-01-’11 17:51
Dr. Deezee
Jack Donovan had a good post a while back about the "men's rights" movement: http://www.the-spearhead.com/2010/02/04/the-grievance-table/ Dr. Deezee (Email ) (URL) - 02-01-’11 20:23
The time is coming. Chaos is returning. Seed (Email ) - 03-01-’11 02:04
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