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Most metal Christmas ever

27 12 10 - 09:10

Some guy on Reddit got this from his Mom. We're hoping she shows up to the quilt show this year so we can thank her on behalf of all metalheads everywhere, and maybe ask her if she'll do a Slayer one.

five comments

Sounds like a MILF to me. Spectrum (Email ) - 27-12-’10 13:41
I would do her. Yes. - 27-12-’10 20:59
How the hell do you read reddit? I'm a lot more liberal than you guys in my convictions and it still pisses me off, and the metal board is filled with shit. what - 27-12-’10 23:51
yeah, loose the reddit shit. lol CHECKING MAH ANUS! - 28-12-’10 01:46
Well, I just discovered that a certain bicycle crash that occurred when I was in 7th grade did in fact leave my right pinky finger with lowered dexterity than my left one. Now I'll have to make do with four finger classical guitar playing; or you may consider it three finger and thumb playing. I can also pin the pain I get in my pinky knuckle when I punch things to that crash. The pain feels like the pinky finger from the knuckle and through the metacarpus is momentarily and elastically pushed back. Indeed, the position of the knuckle is lower down the metacarpus than on the other hand. Levy_Spearmen - 29-12-’10 03:41

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