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Charity: this year, avoid it

24 12 10 - 09:36

It's Christmas time and to show they deserve presents, most of your fellow simians will be busy talking about what they're giving to which charity. I suggest you avoid it and stop giving to charity altogether.

First, charities don't solve problems. Like government agencies, they exist by prolonging problems. For this reason, they prefer to take on problems that cannot be solved. Poverty cannot be solved; there are always poor, because someone is always going to lag the rest or be unable to control their impulses. Similarly, drug abuse, domestic violence, drunk driving, etc. are great windmills to tilt at. In the meantime, they pay handsome salaries for cushy jobs at those charities.

Second, giving to charity is a false altruism. Examine your motivations: you're doing it to feel better about yourself and con others into thinking you're a good person. But this leaves you open to attack. If you only feel good about yourself when giving, you're addicted. If others can give more, or give more showily than you, they get ahead. You need a better method.

Finally, charity is the placebo/red herring of the modern spiritual wasteland. It won't make you actually feel better; it will make you feel that you look better to others. Instead, fix the basic modern problem:

There’s a new disease spreading among American men of intelligence, class and accomplishment, characterized by total disgust of the victim’s surroundings. The victim becomes increasingly repulsed by the pointlessness of his job, the venality of his co-workers, the stupidity of the people he meets on the street, and the boorishness and dullness of the women he is expected to date. He becomes sullen, forlorn, and anti-social, preferring to self-medicate with alcohol and commiserate with his trusted friends. Self-help books and prescription drugs either don’t help or defeat the purpose of helping by destroying the victim’s mind. Vacations to other places, particularly foreign countries, can temporarily ameliorate the symptoms, but every inch of progress made while away is undone once the victim returns home. - In Mala Fide

Modern people are caught in this syndrome: because we tolerate idiots, and demand everyone be considered equal, we have made a hell out of our civilization. It's best at waiting in line for fools to get done screwing up. It subjects you to the rule of morons, and the tastes of morons, because they outnumber you. Your whole life becomes a treadmill race to stay ahead of the blown-out, stupid, violent, ghetto, etc.

Instead of putting up with this shit and then like a dumb sap giving to charity to feel better about your doglike life, do something to change your life, starting with ignoring the charity racket. Put your money to use getting out of the rat race; buy AT&T stock with that extra cash and see your holdings grow. And dedicate your time away from compensation behaviors which make you feel better for ten seconds, and instead throw your effort into reforming this place. That too, starts with denying charity. We don't need to focus on the downtrodden; we need to fix our whole society!

eight comments

Some guy
Yep,because poverty only exsists since people are lazy and can't control their impulses.Everyone could afford ridiculously high priced health care and tuition fee's if they were'nt such subhumans.Social stratification and unequal chances for success in society has nothing to do with it. Some guy - 24-12-’10 19:40
Some guy's logic could be used in against him as well, thus it is fail-logic. T.G. - 25-12-’10 00:01
Do not invest in stocks. Invest your money in AKs and 762s, and then spend those investments on speculative interests and watch your wealth grow... Levy_Spearmen - 25-12-’10 14:32
pissed off
People: this year, avoid them. pissed off - 25-12-’10 14:45
Instead of giving to the less fortunate and spreading cheer, make fun of those with less and spread intolerance. Havohej - 25-12-’10 14:46
I'll have you know...
I'll have you know I went to the Apple store and put this article up on all of the computers. I waved your writing in the face of a bunch of hipsters. I'll have you know... - 26-12-’10 16:21
So charities are somewhat inefficient and the people who work for them get paid and some people's motivations for giving are "inauthentic" to you? Those are the only reasons I could mine out of this article for not giving to charity. They are all terrible. You are deluding yourself into believing that radical change is possible. Your conclusion to deny support to the NGO's of the world stems from that single delusion. Charities help some people at least get that basic support they need to move forward with their lives. Yeah, some people don't ever bother moving forward but just because fire burns us sometimes doesn't mean we should outlaw it. You must give up the left's idea of a utopia where a man won't have to tolerate the "boorishness and dullness of the women he is expected to date." It makes you come to silly conclusions like "Don't donate to charities." Israel (URL) - 04-01-’11 18:37
Interesting post. I was thinking about this recently too. Charity is an industry and many do well on it. I think my main concern these days is the fact that there are 7 billion people on the planet and the number is growing along with consumption and demand. I would only consider supporting charties that promote activities that will minimize population growth, namely birth control and women's rights. This excludes most religious organizations. I would also support any organization that acts to protect the environment. I can live with someone making a good living in such a organization but they have to set meaningful objectives and achieve them. ogimauh - 22-10-’11 13:09

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