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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism


04 12 10 - 19:28

It's hard to be a nihilist. As deniers of anything other than the real, we are mainly prejudiced against human notions which do not have an antecedent cause in reality. At the same time, we're aware of things we cannot yet explain, and by denying false human notions, open our minds to the possibilities of the cosmos.

In this way, it seems to me that nihilism is the only true gateway to any form of spiritual practice, cultural belief, or even honest political dialogue. If you want to be conservative, first become a nihilist. Worship of reality will make you cast aside all but long-standing practices, and impel you to discover why the ways of the ancients really are superior to our modern disposable ways. By throwing out the human ego, and the demands and desires of the self, you can see clearly where we all must stand, if we are to be honest.

In contrast, the modern union of individualism/atheism/entitlement/consumerism/utilitarian/materialism produces nothing but neurotic boredom. You see nothing beyond a stretch of days in which you can act; to that end, you act to please yourself, because you are constantly aware of how fragile and short your life is. As a result, you try to please yourself, and end up falling into narcissism, which means you cut off the world outside of you to the point where you can never take affirmation from it, and so you remain low self-esteem, searching for "rewards," neurotically trying to re-analyze yourself to see where you went wrong.

Metalheads, nihilists and other modern dropouts need to consider a simple fact: ours may not be an outrage at religion itself, but at instances of religion that have been corrupted by social pressures, making them unrealistic and manipulative. Religion without guilt, and without blindly absolute rules, but with a common-sense method of guiding us toward intelligent time-honored goals, could well be a different animal than the please-everyone-in-the-crowd mass Christianity that has been shoved down our throats. However, the fact remains that we dropouts are more "religious" or concerned with the topics of religion, namely how to revere life and understand it, than the idiot masses who only care about their next pleasure and know nothing beyond themselves.

Here's one interesting fusion:

The EFC believes that our pre-Christian ancestors had a good perception and understanding of God. As such, it teaches that our ancient myths and stories are important sources of this understanding. It also teaches that far from being the devils that early Churchman called the old gods and goddesses, these are immensely important spiritual beings akin to angels assigned specifically to our folk group as tribal guardian angels or wardens as they were once called. It is noteworthy that the Anglo Saxon Church acknowledged their reality, but was at pains to fit them into an alien belief system and portray them as evil. The EFC believes that dishonouring our ancient gods as devils has been the greatest deceit the Church has forced on our folk. We do not deny the existence of malign spiritual entities such as demons, our ancient tradition tells us of these too. But to include our ancient gods and goddesses with these is a travesty both to them and to us.

At the heart of all reality is God; eternal essence and uncreated energies. God’s eternal essence transcends the created cosmos and exists outside of time and space as we know it. But the divine uncreated energies are immanent in the created world, existing within and throughout all matter and reality as we know it.

The English Folk Church is not Trinitarian in the usual meaning of this doctrine. It certainly does not see the Trinity as a ‘father, son and holy spirit’ in any literal sense. However, it does see the divine in terms of a Trinity of sorts. God is eternal essence and uncreated energies, a single entity without division. And yet, the manifestation of the divine energies within our world as spirit and thought does take on the appearance of separate entities. This is a little like considering a human being. That person is a single entity – a single person. But that person’s body, mind and spirit may at times appear to be different and act independently. This is where we get the old saying ‘the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak’. Another analogy is where our heart (spirit) tells us one thing but our brain (mind) tells us something else. We are single beings, but there are different energies at work in this being that make us what we are. As an undivided part of God, the Christos and Logos existed before they were manifest in our world and they continue to exist today and speak to us still.

The English Folk Church also talks about the underlying nature of God, which is made up of attributes such as love, order and creativity. These are the principles by which creation has been brought into existence and by which it is ordered. The Church refers to God’s nature as Wyrd or Orlog, which literally means the primal law. It is the underlying nature of God which governs the cosmos. The way we interact with God’s nature affects the unfolding of creation, both positively and negatively. In this way, our past actions collectively and individually affect our present and what will unfold in the future. It is our spiritual and moral duty to align ourselves with God’s nature and act positively to help the evolving of creation. Our actions, as individuals or as societies, also have consequences and will affect the unfolding of our futures. - English Folk Church

A cosmicist nihilist might look at this and think, why not substitute Godhead -- an impersonal cosmic force, like gravity but operating on the transaction between information and energy -- for God, and recognize all prophets/demons/archetypes/saints as manifestations of different forces recognizable in nature, like the pagan Gods were? In turn, a good nihilist would remove all dualism and say that Godhead is a pervasive order, not a force per se; when the right combination of factors exist, the order arises, much like if you stack fuel and flame with oxygen you get a fire, even though there was no 'fire-ness' present there before.

Well, it's fuel for thought.

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