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Get friendly with North Korea

18 06 10 - 11:21

You -- yes, you, average citizen of the world -- can join the Korean Friendship Association, which is a North Korean public relations exercise. If every corporation in the world has a PR department, and every politician has flacks, it's probably good for one of our few current alternatives to democracy to have its own.

Join the KFA

You can also experience an actual alternative view to what's taught in US campuses:

Only few people in the world know that Korea is divided by a big concrete wall in the Parallel 38 that was built by the United States of America when the Korean War finished.This wall is hundreds of times bigger than the one that existed in Germany and is separating the Korean families, brothers, parents... the nation is divided because the U.S.A. is dominating the southern part and keeps an army of more than 40.000 soldiers to avoid the union of the Korean people.

Korea is an independent and sovereign state, but the South is still controlled by the imperialist interests and the U.S. troops .If any South Korean citizen tries to visit North Korea crossing the big concrete wall, he'll be killed by the american soldiers. The 'Security Law' in South Korea forbides to any South Korean citizen to talk or read about the North or else he'll be punished with jail or even death penalty. - Reunification

You won't hear that taught in US campuses because US campuses are almost entirely leftist, and so they're going to portray the situation as the global uprising of The People against oppressive Kings, governments and corporations. The idea of Korea wanting to be Korea... that's just not on the menu.

Our lazy and fat right-wing on the other hand have lost the ability to discern historical events, and so it was the commies versus us, and Korea -- well, that South Part is OK and they're our trading buddies.

People on the American left and right BOTH make fun of North Korea. Why? Because both sides are consumerist -- they're all for the Global People's Revolutionary Purges as long as it doesn't interrupt their Starbucks, SUVs, 500 channel cable, and the ability to go onto the internet and bloviate about whatever crap they want.

Personally, I'm rootin' for the DPRK on this one. The South is more prosperous, so they should consider a hybrid system, especially if they can find some way to hold off the social decay brought on by consumerism (sorry, "freedom").

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