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Something's happening to me!

30 11 10 - 10:31

Our modern society is undergoing two things at the same time: one, a short-term recession that really isn't a big deal; two, and we're only seeing this because of the recession, a lack of options brought on by our long-term inability to plan for anything but equality, consumerism, social subsidies/socialism, and the ever-popular but indecisive democracy.

Global grain production will tumble by 63 million metric tons this year, or 2 percent over all, mainly because of weather-related calamities like the Russian heat wave and the floods in Pakistan, the United Nations estimates in its most recent report on the world food supply. The United Nations had previously projected that grain yields would grow 1.2 percent this year.

The fall in production puts the world “dangerously close” to a new food crisis, Abdolreza Abbassian, an economist with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, said at a news conference last week.

Rising demand and lower-than-expected yields caused stocks of some grains to fall sharply and generated high volatility in world food markets in the latter half of the year. Prices for some commodities are approaching levels not seen since 2007 and 2008, when food shortages prompted riots around the world. - NYT

Hint: to be sociable, act like you're surprised. How could this happen! And to such nice people as us!

When your whole society is an ad hoc system based on the demands of individuals, both through consumer products and government subsidies, instability results because no one is planning for the future or steering us to a sensible goal. It's whatever you want, man. Whatever's easiest is what goes and consequences? Consequences? What the hell are you talking about man?

thirteen comments

Hail to the Wolf Cult! Lock up your children and your elderly, because we are coming, FOR YOU! Anti-Bacterial - 30-11-’10 16:29
YEAH MAN, BRA - PASS THAT BONG dudeski - 30-11-’10 20:29
Because a "worthy" society plans for unforseen challenges, right? Sometimes nature doesn't just let us know that food production will be disrupted. All those other times droughts caused episodes of starvation was on the part of the unprepared people who didn't think to harvest more food last time, right? Oh, remember when they were prepared for the black death? Good thing western society was better back then and only morons died, right? Garry - 30-11-’10 21:02
hey garry, your friend dave wants his dumbass posting style back. also, this is not a challenge. it is an opportunity to starve the weak, the stuipid, and the garrys and daves of the world. faggot - 01-12-’10 00:42
and yes, typing fast makes me stupid too. faggot - 01-12-’10 00:43
It really does, faggot - 'fast' is not an adverb. Bastard (Email ) - 01-12-’10 03:02
I'm gay faggot - 01-12-’10 09:39
the word 'fast' can be used a as noun, verb, adjective, or adverb. check your local oxford english dictionary. also, i'm gay. faggot - 01-12-’10 14:21
"no one is planning for the future or steering us to a sensible goal. "

I still don't get this. What type of "goal" do you have in mind? More to the point, what goal that would make problems like this a thing of the past?

I thought this site was all about the idea that there is no such thing as a utopia, and no "just sign here" formula to get things right.

So it seems to me that the role that the government has now, to respond to the demands of individuals, is exactly what you'd expect from a government in tune with the reality that you are so fond of.

The government's only goal is, and should be, to preserve security, propserity and justice for its citizens the best way it can. Setbacks can't be avoided totally, but they can be responded to in the best we we know how to at that point.

Again, I don't see what the big deal is. Dave (Email ) - 02-12-’10 10:22
Dave, what to do when "your" country is split between Islam or Christianity, do we build a mosque or not, do we build a chapel or not, or both? What if "your" country is split between a thousand decisions? Let's get racist, what if "your" country is deciding whether it wants to be Ethiopian or Mongolian? Dave, can you offer a solution to "your" country? Anti-Bacterial - 02-12-’10 21:52
Screw ideologies and opinions, screw views.

Anybody who tries to argue over "correct" views, even self-evident things such as uplifting the great and destroying the petty, obviously has no idea what nihilism is really about. Hesbollah1488 (URL) - 04-12-’10 14:42
To Anti: The answer to your first question is obvious: separate church and state, and keep them separate.

For the second, that's what the democratic process is all about. It's not perfect, and not everyone will be happy, but in the long run it works better than many other possible solutions.

As for the third question, that decision need not be made as an absolute. Dave (Email ) - 04-12-’10 15:12
Why hasn't anybody bothered to destroy this idiot Dave's petty modernist arguments by now? This twit continues to post unfettered. Perhaps I shall devote some time to refuting his nonsense when I decide to give a shit. Marko (Email ) - 14-12-’10 15:00

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