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The clash of cultures

26 11 10 - 13:12

Why does diversity not work?

Fundamentally, because not everyone agrees, and that is also necessary. When someone starts doing something different, we need them to have the ability to pursue it to see if it works, even if most fail. Repeated failures are of course unnecessary, but legitimate variations are. Because of this climate, people need to group together around ideas that do work to preserve them.

Now, "work" is a difficult word in this context. For example, to get rid of fire ants, setting off a nuclear device works -- but there are other consequences. Burying the ant mounds under concrete works, but only for a little while. Killing them with DDT works but may have long-term consequences that are not immediately visible.

Because of this, it's hard for us to say that any culture "works" until it has been around for several centuries, or longer. Also, cultures are evolving. This is why we have different cultures instead of just one that everyone agrees is right. We're still in the process of figuring stuff out, and it takes a long time for any single part of a culture to be proven "right" as in "it works" not a moral right, or social right (people deserve this, we like it).

The consequence of this is that diversity doesn't work. Culture over time shapes ethnicity, so that people from that culture go abroad and from biological impulse re-create their originating culture. Values match culture, so do customs, as well as language and product preferences. How do you create a true multiculture? Only by creating miniature models of the world in every city, with each each person inhabiting the district corresponding to their ancestry.

Of course, over time you get mixed people, who with no cultural background and no in-built values system, just do what is convenient. They thus require a strong government to ride herd on them, as a group, and keep them from doing what's too selfish. The culture of non-culture thus becomes a linear path to a totalitarian state.

But for now, since we're moving in tiny steps compared to history, we merely have stupid conflicts:

A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred after allegedly burning an English language version of the Koran.

The 15-year-old, who lives in the West Midlands, allegedly posted the video, filmed two weeks ago on her school premises, on Facebook.


Catherine Heseltine, chief executive officer of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, said burning the Koran was one of the most offensive acts to Muslims that she could imagine. - Boylove Broadcasting Company

There is no solution here.

On one hand, this girl is blaspheming, according to Muslims (but not atheists and members of most other religions).

On the other hand, it's her freedom of speech to do so.

You can't have both, and yet in the west, we seem to value both.

The future involves dissolution as a result.

sixteen comments

"There is no solution here."

That would be because there is no problem.

The girl is free to do what she did, notwithstanding possible punishment from her parents since she's a minor.

The Muslims are free to get offended, and publicly voice their offense.

That is exactly how it's supposed to work.

Where's the problem? Dave (Email ) - 26-11-’10 16:43
Oh The Humaninanity
Dave, she got arrested for the video. Did you read the article? Oh The Humaninanity (Email ) (URL) - 26-11-’10 17:14
Then why isn't that the solution? Dave (Email ) - 26-11-’10 18:15
"Then why isn’t that the solution?"

Because Americans enjoy the freedom of speech, or at least that's what the constitution read as and the Court added that freedom of speech is okay if no one gets physically hurt. The United States flag was burned, no problems. But now the sandniggers holy book, a reproduction of their beloved original, is burned and this girl got arrested? I'm Dave, and I don't know what I want. Anti-Bacterial - 26-11-’10 18:41
Good answer, Anti.

That's why that story wouldn't have happened in the US. Dave (Email ) - 26-11-’10 18:59
Oh The Humaninanity
The problem is that either way someone is getting screwed and no law will accomodate both.

If she can't burn the book, her speech rights are being destroyed.

If she can burn the book, Muslims are facing a hate crime.

Saying that she can burn the book, and Muslims have to just suck it up, is a formula for future hatreds. Oh The Humaninanity (Email ) (URL) - 26-11-’10 19:49
mike gainer reigns here
Culture is a severe mental block for man. We identify ourselves by this illusion yet it doesn't take us where we need to be. For a true seeker of wisdom, culture has no value except as ego preservation. It's only real use is to keep the mediocre stable and secure (whatever that means) while truth seekers find their way so they don't get caught into uncontrollable chaos. mike gainer reigns here - 26-11-’10 23:50
"who with no cultural background and no in-built values system,"

How nihilistic!

Because there is no such thing as values, right? Chris (Email ) - 27-11-’10 08:55
I get my values from TV. Anti-Bacterial - 27-11-’10 17:46
I get my values from my anus...I'm sorry Anus :b Anti-Bacterial - 29-11-’10 05:22
How's that?
I get my values _through_ my anus How's that? - 29-11-’10 07:45
That'll work :D ,I,, - 29-11-’10 09:26
It's not just my anus, it's everyone's anus to share. Anti-Bacterial - 29-11-’10 11:00
Mmm...yummy. ,I,, - 29-11-’10 11:39
So some young twat wants to make a statement (Islam is mean and hates my freedom, lol) by being a twat. That doesn't say much about diversity failing, it just shows that some people are assholes, especially those who care that some teenager is destroying her own property, and especially those trying to twist this non-story to express their effed up view of the world. Bob - 30-11-’10 21:12
The nasty little fact that most of you probably know but wish to ignore is that the "Muslim issue" in Europe is only going to be resolved through violence. ___________ (Email ) - 19-12-’10 21:32

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