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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Praise all good things and the will/effort to make them happen

24 11 10 - 20:14

You want to be one with nature? Fight to preserve it and keep both eyes open for chances:

And then there's this, which could be used as a quick argument for nationalism (or just was LOL), but which mainly speaks to another thing you can do to make earth more like Eden:

Jeong Gi-Young, a 72-year-old South Korean, brought four pairs of shoes for her brother, Gi-Hyeong, whom she said had "been taken away in his bare feet" to the North when he was 19.

The communist army took her brother with them as a porter when retreating to the North in 1950 from the family's home town of Anseong, now in South Korean territory.

Gi-Young, her three other sisters and their parents had never seen or heard from him since then.

"My mother always told me 'Even if I die without seeing him, you guys should meet him no matter what,'" Gi-Young said in tears. Both of her parents have died.

"Now here we are, finally meeting each other," she said.

Ko Bae-Il, a 62-year-old US citizen, flew to Seoul to meet his father, from whom he was separated at age three.

"I will never let you go when I see your soul in the afterlife," Ko said in tears, holding his father's hands. - AFP

Afterlife or no, nature and other people are there to be nurtured, nourished and celebrated. Or you could just sit on that sofa and talk about how the world sucks.

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