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Open arms for tragedy in Guatemala

09 06 10 - 12:04

The United States North American Aerospace Defense Command released a statement regarding the tragedy in Guatemala, citing a misfiring of the newly launched Global Orbital Amplified Tactical Satellite Emitter system over Colonia Ciudad Nueva Guatemala City last month.

The statement indicates a focused targeting array suffered a power surge during a routine maintenance exercise which created the gaping hole to open up in the middle of the city. The opening stretches a gaping, perfectly circular aperture, 60 feet wide and 30 stories deep. The gargantuan cavity devoured a three-story building and killing at least one man in the process.

On Friday the White House issued held a press conference acknowledging the tragedy and announce a plan to donate $16 million to assist in creating a pair of concrete memorial hands to be constructed on either side of the opening to help remember the lives lost.

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