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We hate our origins and biology

20 11 10 - 06:49

Modernity began with The Enlightenment(tm) in which we decided the human individual was above all else. Individualismus ueber alles, we cried.

Now, because we live in a world of the individual (or rather the shared "hive mind" between individuals thinking only of themselves), we are terrified of nature. Of blood, of reproduction, even of our own race and what we eat:

US Senate offices are experiencing a huge backlash of grassroots opposition to the bill -- called the Food Safety Modernization Act -- as virtually every health freedom organization, family farm group and even dietary supplement companies have aligned to oppose this new bill. It is being called "The most dangerous bill in United States history" and would thrust America into a new Dark Ages of FDA tyranny over seeds, foods, herbs, gardens and nutritional supplements. - NN

What, we want to regulate backyard gardens and make sure all milk is pasteurized? Maybe that would cut down on disease, but disease of that nature isn't much of a problem compared to office-borne flus.

Still, there’s a big difference between shopping at a greenmarket and actually dragging a blade across the throat of a living creature.

Out of view of the other birds (so as not to scare them), Imran Uddin, the guy to see at Madani Halal, turned my turkey upside down and placed her, head first, in one of the inverted cones that lined a long stainless-steel table. She seemed calm. I was scared. Scared that I would fail — that at the moment of truth I would hesitate, and thereby hurt the bird, and scared that I would succeed and end up with blood on my hands, literally and figuratively. So I asked Mr. Uddin to hold the knife with me.

Taking the turkey’s head with his other hand, he pronounced, “Bismillah Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for “In the name of Allah the great.” Then, in one swift movement, we cut her throat.

The bird’s body went slack, and her head — still attached — sank slowly into the blood-lined tray beneath. After a few moments, she roused again for a quick bout of flapping, but at last came to rest, head curled to one side, wings tucked around herself, and a single foot pointing straight up in the air.

Stepping out of the slaughterhouse and squinting at the light, I didn’t feel brave. I didn’t feel idealistic. I felt crummy. - NYT

"Idealism" and "bravery" are mental constructs; life, death, cells, blood, sunlight, and cosmic order, those are real.

So is race, which we also fear:

Neely Fuller, Jr. basically says that if you are white and you are romantically/sexually involved with a nonwhite person, you are guilty of being the worst kind of racist. He likens it to an adult being involved with a child, because of the power differential. He says that a white person who is romantically connected with a nonwhite person is contributing to that person's confusion and self hatred , and that any children produced from that union will be hopelessly lost in terms of self identity.

In Trojan Horse, the anonymous authors say that interracial relationships, particularly between Black men and white women, are one of the tools of destruction used against the Black collective by the system of white supremacy. They believe that an increase in interracial relationships will destroy Black society, and lead to the eventual extinction of Black people because the child produced by such a union tends to identify more with white people, and will marry/bear children with white people, thus producing offspring that appear to be white.

Now, as most of you know, I do date Black men. There are two main reasons for this choice. First of all, I am not attracted to white men, physically, mentally, or emotionally. Secondly, I cannot see myself being in an intimate relationship with a white man (whether sexual or platonic) because the fact is that MOST WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACISTS, and I do not wish to spend time in the company of hate filled people. In fact, I do not really associate with white people in general, except for my own family, and even that is kept at a bare minimum. All of my male and female friends are people of color. - BLG

It could be true. We know we are an aimless species, so we hate our origins; we live in a world of the self and its mental constructs, and so we fear anything real. We have displaced the real so we can feel in control and now? And now we are miserable, because we are detached from life.

five comments

"When you mix races, you destroy those races. This is why diversity (and not black people or white people) is the cause of racism: no one wants to be destroyed."

So it is Brett Stevens to the rescue. Anti-Bacterial - 20-11-’10 11:16

This is not a response to this article but a question I had generally. I tried submitting it on the "contact" area of you site, but it did not work.

I stumbled on your site about 3 years ago and didn't care for it much. Since then I have read a lot of Plato and Nietzsche and see things much differently. I'm not sure if I am a nihilist, but I am sympathetic to it. I find much of your writing refreshing even if I don't always agree. Anyways, I had a question that one of my philosophy professors and I have been thinking about lately: What are we to do if we look at history and we see that every great culture depended on religion or some equally powerful illusion? Some people can probably live as nihilists, but can a sulture thrive on it? How are we to reconcile the possibilty that flourishing may depend on illusion?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue. Thanks.

-Brian Brian (Email ) - 20-11-’10 11:20
Brian: you may want to try the forum - http://www.anus.com/metal/hall/ Sub - 21-11-’10 00:49
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