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Just keep blowing it off; it will go away, not you

19 11 10 - 04:43

If you gave a mouse a giant brain, it might immediately confuse its own thoughts for impulses resulting from the world.

In turn, it might then confuse cause and effect, because the nature of a thinking beast confused in impulse/stimulus is to will/wish for an effect, and only later figure out the underlying cause.

This giant-brained mouse then would become even more likely to blow off developing situations that won't turn out well. Where the small-brained mouse has a binary "threat signal received" determination that it imposes stridently on all stimulus, the big-brained mouse has many finger grades of thought, and so is more easily confused. The small-brained mouse will be unaware of long-term or wide-range problems; the big-brained mouse will reason them away.

So it goes:

Matthew Hoffman, 30, who lives in the home where Sarah Maynard was found, provided the information that led to the discovery of the three bodies, Barber said. Hoffman currently faces a kidnapping charge in the abduction of Sarah Maynard, Barber said.

Hoffman has experience as a tree trimmer, the sheriff said.


Asked about Hoffman's criminal record, Barber said he served prison time for an arson conviction in another state.

Dawna Davis, who lives next to Hoffman, said she did not trust him.

"He was just different. He was odd. He just climbed trees and watched us," she said about Hoffman. - CNN

Good liberal: "Don't judge him, he might be an undiscovered genius... just like me."

Conservative: "Why didn't someone do something?" (Answer: they'd be the ones thrown in jail.)

But still, people knew. Enough to worry about this guy, and inform on him (almost surely how he got caught) when they heard about the missing people.

We had to wait for the tragedy. Otherwise, it wouldn't be fair and someone's "rights" might have gotten bruised.

Rights, LOL.

Star: I have a right to this space!

Black hole: Screw you, I've got intense gravity.

( giant sucking noise )

And more from the oblivion files, or Leap Into Life as Mad Magazine used to call it:

A third of the urban population in developing regions lives in slums, according to U.N. Habitat, the United Nations department that focuses on urban development.


U.N. Habitat forecasts that the number of slum dwellers in the world will grow by 6 million a year and reach 889 million by 2020.


Across the developing world, the proportion of city dwellers living in slums has fallen to 33 percent from 46 percent in 1990, U.N. Habitat says, mainly through upgrading slums.

However, while the proportion in slums has fallen, the absolute number of people living in them has risen because of rapidly growing urban populations. - CNN

This is akin to storing napalm next to matches.

Every civilization that has died has collapsed from within. This is why we are often confused about their endings. They don't get obliterated; they stop keeping records, and fade away. Because they replaced themselves with people who don't care because they don't have the brains to care.

Funny how we're all comfy with materialism when it means no consequences after death and an endless pursuit of pleasure and desires when alive. But when it's pointed out to us that our "free will" doesn't exist, that our choices and preferences are products of our genes, and that we can be shaped by history into degenerates, well, we don't like that much.

Tough titty. It's reality.

Piling up slum dwellers guarantees a tinderbox effect. Lots of starving people, watching others thrive? Check. Anger, resentment? Check. Then you just await a spark, like a recession, war or corruption scandal, and it's 1789/1917/1968 all over again.

Russia, thoroughly miscegenated because it was never clearly a European or Asian territory, couldn't stop its peasants from breeding until they consumed all of the food. Then it imploded, and its fortunes have been worse ever since. It's time to nerve gas it and replace it with something functional, like a giant national park (and staging ground for war with the Chinese).

France, which always coddled its peasants more than Brokeback England or Germany, quickly bred them into a giant mass that ate everything in site, shat on everything else, rutted like hogs beginning at age 13, and finally declared it was the fault of the aristocrats that no one paid for a tenfold increase in peasants. Now you can see why English and German gentlemen used their peasants as bullet catchers in war games; they avoided that problem.

But no, let's make sure the people in the slums are equal too. In their case, saying they're equal is like a cruel joke: it's us reminding them that we rule and they drool. That's why they're in the slums, getting paid $0.40 a day to make our trucker caps or fellate our wayward offspring. They're equal, just not equal like us. LOL!

But they bide their time, re-heat that day-old feces for dinner, and await the time when a spark shows up and they can channel all of their rage into blaming someone else for their problems. Then they surge out of the slums in huge numbers, lose a quarter of their people, but then overwhelm the opposition and kill almost all of them. Who wins?

Since after revolutions the slums usually get worse, and the leaders more tyrannical, I've got to go with the bacteria in this case. They at least feast on the fallen.

You cannot blow off problems and assume they'll go away. People do this because they have confused impulse and stimulus. They think their own desires for effects -- more food! -- trump analysis of causes -- too many people! -- and so they act blindly, rashly and destructively. Starting with a sin of omission, which is blowing off problems that will inevitably explode in our collective face.

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