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How to debunk liberalism: just wait a few years

18 11 10 - 13:03

Liberals are fond of telling us that we've got it all wrong, and life needs to be "humanized" (made delusional) to "fix" its inherent unfairness.

To them, "fair" means that every human gets the same thing. That's the sound of thousands of voices demanding things they want but do not understand.

They are often glad to tell you -- as happened recently, when Portugal legalized some drugs -- that their policies are "working." That's an old trick, equivalent to waiting five minutes after finishing construction and saying, "Well, the house didn't fall down -- guess we did an A+ job!"

Liberals don't like to hear that whatever temporary advantages their policies may have, there may be better options. So they're busy telling us about how legal drugs in Portugal is the new way and we should all just switch over now, because for a sliver of time, nothing bad has happened.

Back in the 1990s, they were telling us the exact same thing about legal pot/hash/shrooms in the Netherlands:

While marijuana is technically illegal in the Netherlands, it has been sold openly in designated cafes for decades, and police make no arrests for possession of small amounts.

Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten said that in the future, only residents of Dutch cities will be allowed to purchase cannabis. "Not tourists. We don't like that," he said on state television in remarks broadcast Wednesday.

His spokesman Wim van der Weegen said Thursday Opstelten intended to "give a political signal." He said details of the plan are still being worked out and it will be presented to parliament sometime next year.

"This Cabinet wants to bring marijuana cafes back to what they were once intended to be: for people who live in the immediate area, not large-scale criminal trade and not tourism," he said. - AP

For every one Hunter S. Thompson or William S. Burroughs (it's the S. that does it) there are 120 million clueless slacker, fat-jawed layabouts, who love to take drugs and then commit crimes. Not exciting crimes, petty crimes. Not crimes of creativity; crimes of sabotaging more intelligent, productive, interesting people.

This is why most nations keep drugs illegal: 99% of the people who use them are criminals or retards. And a healthy society filters such people out. Even more, drugs are a surrogate for having an actually happy life, so wherever they go, there are soon large crowds of depressed people.

But you won't hear that from the liberals. I hear Portugal has sprouted wings and become an angel.

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