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The non-innocent innocent

17 11 10 - 05:18

For the pleasant-sounding notion of fairness, we indulge the extremes, and every time we pay, we pay:

Chambers was 19 when he and Clarence Ray Williams kidnapped Mike McMahon and his date from the parking lot of a Dallas nightclub, then ordered them down the embankment of the Trinity River, according to the Texas Attorney General's Office. The two men robbed the couple and, after shooting at them, left them for dead.


On December 18, 1975, a jury found Chambers guilty of capital murder and a judge subsequently put him on the state's death row.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals twice set aside his conviction -- once because he wasn't read his Miranda rights after being interviewed by a state psychiatrist -- but both times he was retried and convicted again.


Texas, which has executed more prisoners since 1976 than any other state, pays $86.08 to execute a death row inmate, or the cost of drugs used in a lethal injection, the state's Division of Criminal Justice reports. That compares to the $17,338, on average, that it costs to jail a Texas inmate for 12 months, according to 2009 data from the National Institute of Corrections, which is below the national yearly average of $28,689. - CNN

The 35 years at the cost of a college education each is not the real expense here. It's the court costs. For each hour in court, the state has to pay a dozen people, and hire others to keep order for the media frenzy, if it exists.

In the meantime, there's no doubt that this guy perpetrated a horrible crime on truly innocent people -- we're just arguing over the details. Why? So we can claim we're fair and didn't violate his equality by, you know, calling him out on murdering an innocent couple.

He spared us even further drama by dying in jail, but his case was scheduled for another review in 2011.

In the meantime, about his victims -- well, nothing. They've been dead for 35 years. And other crimes have been committed because even if they catch you, you can just keep living on in prison while your rich lawyers fight it out.

The man accused in the killing, Melvin Forte, 60, who represented himself, argued that the "foreign" sperm proved his claim that he had consensual sex with Sailer, 23, early on New Year's Day in 1981. He argued that Sailer was kidnapped from San Francisco and then raped and killed in the East San Jose carport of an apartment complex on Poco Way by someone else.

But his account -- that he had sex with Sailer in the booth of a San Francisco night club -- doesn't fit the timetable laid out by prosecutor Brian Welch. The club closed about 2 a.m., while Sailer was still out with friends at a New Year's Eve party, witnesses testified.


Forte is currently serving life in prison on a murder conviction out of San Francisco, but the jurors have not been told about the conviction because it could prejudice their decision. - MN

Thank un-God that we're fair to them! Don't tell the journey that the person who might be her murderer is already a murderer. That might bias them. It also might not be fair to His Equalness, the murderer, because even though all the evidence points toward him, we need to prove beyond "a shadow of a doubt" (a phrase that changes every generation, as common sense and ability to perceive reality shift more toward the "TV" setting than the "frontier and farm" setting) that he did it.

And so you pay. For court costs. For security. For prisons. For a nanny state to be strong enough to enforce all this on us unruly types who might simply want to make him dangle outside the courthouse.

My, how civilized we are! Pat yourself on the back. And keep those checks coming. The smart kids we don't send to college will be thankful for our meticulous system of justice.

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