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Equality makes you meat

16 11 10 - 06:44

In a truly equal society, you are assumed to be as equal as anyone else.

This means you need to gild yourself with some kind of adornment, or added incentive, to stay above the rest. Otherwise, other people get ahead to the friends, potential mates and business partners you need.

On the other hand, in a society with specialized roles, you would need to fulfill your role well and become eligible.

A 2009 poll revealed that an alarming 95 percent of females between the ages of 16 and 21 want to change their bodies in some way.


While the common perception is that “body bullying” or “body bashing” — which I define as the teasing, ostracizing or threatening of a person because of how she looks, specifically with regard to weight — is committed by external sources, such as teachers, family members, friends or strangers, more often than not, it begins with an even harsher critic: the girl herself.

The inner body bully tells a girl she’s not good enough the way she is. It tells her to diet. She listens. She skips meals and pats herself on the back. Or she berates herself when she fails to stick to the diet plan, making her vulnerable to eating disorders, or worse. Being overweight—or simply believing they are overweight — might predispose some teenage girls to suicide attempts, according to a 2009 study that appears in the “Journal of Adolescent Health,” which looked at more than fourteen thousand American high school students. The girl in the mirror never measures up. - Voice of the NWO

Welcome to our perfectly equal society. By the way, everyone here is miserable, because with equality comes no limits to us competing with each other.

We don't compete only on the important stuff. We fight like chickens over the stuff unrelated to our jobs or the content of our character and our abilities. We squabble over appearances, and punish ourselves.

Is there an alternative?

Dutch women are not like me. I worry about my career incessantly. I take daily stock of its trajectory and make vicious mental critiques of my endeavors. And I know—based on weekly phone conversations with friends in the United States—that my masochistic drive for success is widely shared among my female friends. Meanwhile, the Dutch women around me take a lackadaisical approach to their careers. They work half days, meet their friends for coffee at 2 p.m., and pity their male colleagues who are stuck in the office all day.


It's hard not to wonder: Have we gotten it all wrong? In the United States, the race for equality has gone mostly in one direction. Women want to shatter the glass ceiling, reach the top spots in the hierarchy, and earn the same respect and salaries as men do. But perhaps this situation is setting us up for a world in which none of us is having any fun. After all, studies of female happiness in the U.S. find that even as our options have increased and we have become financially more independent than in any previous time in our history, American women as a whole are not getting any happier. If anything, the studies show that we are emotionally less well-off than we were before. Wasn't the whole point of the fight for equality in the workplace to improve our wellbeing?


"We look at the world of management—and it is a man's world—and we think, oh I could do that if I wanted," says Maaike van Lunberg, an editor at De Stentor newspaper. "But I'd rather enjoy my life." Jacob Vossestein's book Dealing With the Dutch echoes that sentiment. He argues that people in the Netherlands view the hierarchical work environment with skepticism and do not generally envy those who climb its ranks. - Thlate

Men and women are different, so we'll each do our thing. Oh, and by the way, competing in a workplace is stupid because it puts those who "work hard" ahead of those who "are competent and content." So it's totally neurotic. But at least we're equal, God Damn It.

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