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Why Christianity succeeded: mobilize the peasants

15 11 10 - 04:30

We know Christianity is a mixed bag: composed of re-cycled Greek, Pagan, Hindu and middle eastern myths and philosophies, it attempted to channel them all into the simplest possible doctrine.

We also know that religiosity -- or reverence -- is a trait of conservatives, while liberals tend to prefer the simple bedtime story that is materialism. On either extreme, too much dualism or too much materialism, you get a simplistic view of the world that dumbs down the greatness and beauty of life.

But here's an interesting perspective on the political dimensions of Christianity:

"Christianity is the sole key to their success. It is a truly evil and base religion, barely worth discussing. But its main doctrines are simple to grasp and well-contrived; they can easily deceive stupid commoners with it. Using clever words and subtle phrases, they would have commoners believe that to deceive Heaven is to revere it, and that to destroy the Way is needed for ethical understanding.

-1825 Aizawa Seishisai, son of a low-ranking samurai in the domain of Mito, was one of the leading figures in the so-called Mito School, a highly nationalistic brand of Confucianism. (as quoted in JAPAN STUDIES REVIEW, Volume Eleven, 2007 and contributed by S.M.)

Christianity gives us a simple narrative and, as a meme, unites the peasants, proles and other masses toward a simple end. That is why it is effective.

We should consider this when re-designing Christianity, which makes more sense than "fighting" it (especially as it gains ground on the neurotic, miserable, centerless urban liberal). Instead, we should consider how to keep this simplicity but use it to oppress peasants, because when they get control, they ruin everything.

Here's a good case of redesign within the system:

A German judge has shot to popularity after letting 42 speeding drivers off without charges in the last week because he thinks speed controls merely serve to fill the state's coffers rather than prevent accidents.

Bernd Kahre, spokesman for Herford court in northwestern Germany where judge Helmut Knoener works, told Reuters the 62-year-old wanted to make a stand against the current practice of prosecuting speeders.

He said Knoener believed speed controls were not conducted to ensure greater road safety, but rather to provide the cash-strapped state with an additional source of income. - Reuters! Crikey.

Most people can only approach the travesty of government in a binary: either I'm "for" the government, or against it. Most of the latter are liberals, although their ranks are now swelling with well-intentioned Libertarians and Republicans.

But what about instead viewing government like we might a blog entry or other document, as a work in progress which we should edit until it fits our needs?

two comments

Prozak is a pussy...so are rappers and nu-metal bands...
Wrong fuckface, Christianity succeded because people need something to belive in other than elitist racist douchebags like you and your so called "Observations" of society...

You speak of humanity as if your a god yourself, but can call other people kings for wanting, i don't know, love respect and some decent understanding? Is that so hard? Or should we all be cold hearthed assholes like you who post anonymously on the internet?

You have no solutions for the future and no one, not even me is listening to you...
Please do us all a favor and go play in traffic... Prozak is a pussy...so are rappers and nu-metal bands... - 15-11-’10 14:49
"Most of the latter are liberals, although their ranks are now swelling with well-intentioned Libertarians and Republicans."

It's telling that you refer to Libertarians and Republicans as "well-intentioned", implying that the liberals are somehow "ill-intentioned"? Even if they say the same thing?

I guess it's a symptom of your delusion that Republicans and Libertarians are on your side, and your gradual drift toward the former's position, though that drift is obviously not complete yet.

But it's particularly strange that you would even begin to ally yourself with libertarians, since their view is completely the opposite of the traditional one on your site (fascism), and still pretty opposed to most of what you say.

Perhaps you forgot, but libertarians are opposed, on principle, to almost everything a government would do. So since you seek a governmental solution, it's not clear to me why, from your point of view, libertarians would be "well-intentioned" at all.

Libertarians oppose pretty much everything you are for, including enforced social roles, enforced racial segregation, execution (or any violence) toward people just because they are weak/drug addicts/fat/whatever, and more. Dave (Email ) - 18-11-’10 10:37

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