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Touching the divine

14 11 10 - 04:21

Some people go looking for contentment/happiness/joy in themselves; others find it in joining with their world, in particular, by doing things to enhance beauty.

Owls are a thing of beauty:

These people appear to me to be mostly free of the existential angst that I see among people in shopping malls. I wonder why!

Well, let's guess:

  • Instead of going inward, they've reached out. They are becoming active toward a goal other than themselves, thus are less self-focused and more connected to their world -- which is what defines their experience of a lifetime as much if not more than the self.

  • They have found an intangible goal in life. You can't band every owl, but you can say that you'll always work toward understanding, studying and protecting owls -- and in that, you've found a transcendent goal. Who cares if the beak strikes, if the species is healthier?

  • Overcoming self-consciousness. Any serious activity in life is ludicrous. You're not as cool as you seem when playing videogames, socializing or being in other situations you control. You're facing the unpredictable, decked out in weird gear and often, unselfconscious. But then again, you've also overcome your social fear.

Hail to those who push back against the tyranny of the self!

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