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Leap Into Life: people hate other groups

12 11 10 - 06:23

From the "clueless peasants pretend to be insightful thinkers" column:

The authors divided 120 non-black participants into the roles of "experiencers" and "forecasters." The "experiencers" were placed in a room with a white person and a black person, who played out pre-arranged scenarios for the experiment. The scenarios began when the black role-player bumped the white role-player's knee when leaving the room.

In the first scenario, the white person did not comment afterwards. In the "moderate" case, the white person said, "Typical, I hate it when black people do that," after the black person left the room. In the "extreme" case, the white person remarked, "Clumsy n****r."

The "forecasters," meanwhile, predicted how they would feel in these situations.

The magnitude of the results surprised even the authors, Kawakami said. Experiencers reported little distress in all three scenarios, much less than the forecasters did in the moderate and severe situations.

"Even using that most extreme comment didn't lead people to be particularly upset," said co-author Elizabeth Dunn, assistant professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. - CNN

Of course they weren't upset:

  1. All people are racist. If you don't hate a specific race, you end up hating the idea of race itself and demanding it be destroyed. That, too, is racism. People like to live near people like them, not just in race/ethny but in caste/class, values and even activities. Humanity is inherently divided.

  2. All people hate some group or another. Whatever burned you, or scares you, you're going to hate -- and most commonly that hate has validity. If black people hate you for having more money, of course you'll hate them back (unless you're posturing for the ladies, in which case you're an "anti-racist" and still don't get laid because that stance is one only a clueless Beta would take). If you're an Atheist, you hate Christians. If you're a geek, you detest Marketing. On and on, South of Heaven...

  3. We find conflict funny. This is actually why I wrote this article-blurblet: humans are accustomed to the absurdism of no one getting along, groups being in conflict, and people detesting each other. We find it hilarious. Not just schadenfreude, but a celebration of how silly and pointless the whole "animal instincts versus Kumbaya illusion" period of history is.

I hope this offended you. Get raped!

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