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They lie

11 11 10 - 05:54

How to tell a successful lie:

Claim a motivation other than self interest; in fact, claim the opposite. Claim you're here to help everyone be equal, or that God sent you to do the same thing. It's the oldest human scam, dating back to the formation of language.

Although Mitchell claimed to receive revelations directly from God and said he was destined for celestial glory, many of the details of his life, as described by Smart, were earthly and banal. Mitchell and Barzee constantly squabbled over her jealousy and his drinking, Smart said. He had a taste for pornography and boasted about his sexual prowess and his ability to outsmart other people.

When he talked about his "ministry," he meant panhandling, Smart added. But Mitchell often was scathing in his criticism of the people who gave him money on the street.

She said he talked constantly -- about himself. She never saw him show compassion, or give anyone else money or food. Except for concealing her identity, she said, he didn't show much concern for her or her family. - CNN

He talks about God when his motives are questioned; otherwise, he does what he does best, which is to serve himself. Whether we call him a socialized sociopath, or a passive aggressive, the result is the same: he knows the rules and uses them to disable your criticism while he serves himself. He's hiding under the aegis of public service, religion, love, etc. You wouldn't hit a servant of love, would you?

But the only true equality we experience is when we all serve God/the universe/a plan/a consensus. That way, none of us are appointed above our station such that we can act for our own interests alone; instead, we are all means to an end according to our role. A king has more than a peon, but a king does more, and gets us closer to that goal. A peon needs to be told what to do and is replaceable, interchangeable.

In Mitchell's world, we're all equal except for him. He's super-equal. And we serve as the means to his end.

A group of demonstrators broke into the headquarters of Britain's governing Conservative Party in London Wednesday, spray-painting anarchy symbols and setting off flares before being forced out of the building.

They broke large windows, painted obscenities on the walls, and later climbed onto the roof and hurled objects down.


The violence came during a largely peaceful protest by students against government plans to allow universities to increase tuition fees. - CNN

We're anarchists because we want to help you!

Actually, we just want cheaper education, because we view it as a magic portal to those easy, lucrative desk jobs that we think everyone wants. We just want money, in essence. And we want easy jobs, good payments, and uh our currency to still have the same value.

In fact, we probably have a giant laundry list of delusions to hit you with, but we'll justify all of them with the idea that we want freedom, justice and brotherhood for everyone!

Does anyone believe this happy horseshit anymore? They lie. They always have lied. We the normal people -- who seek interesting jobs, fulfilling lives and sensible compromises -- are the ones who pay for the mess, clean up the mess, and then get blamed for provoking it. When does it end?