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Ignoring human screwups will get your daughter raped, murdered

11 11 10 - 04:08

So from the latest cheer from the news/entertainment industry:

In horrific details, Assistant Will County State's Attorney Michael Fitzgerald told the judge how Eby, in a five-page letter, admitted that on June 6, 2004, he had been drinking and using cocaine — a combination that gave him the urge to break into Riley's Wilmington house and molest her.

Eby said he put a bandanna over his face before entering the house, put his hand over Riley's mouth and put her in the trunk of his car. He described then driving to a nearby forest preserve, duct-taping her wrists and mouth and sexually assaulting her on the floor of a men's room.


Eby was an inmate at the medium security Lawrence Correctional Center in Sumner, serving time for a Dec. 2005 sexual assault conviction filed in an attack on a relative. - AP

We are so biased -- no, bigoted -- by the concept of equality that we consider everyone a blank slate. If he made a mistake, like raping a relative, he may be rehabilitated. The only difference between him and a healthy, normal, equal citizen is that he got off on the wrong foot, or was raised in the ghetto, or discriminated against, or otherwise suffered "injustice."

If we just take Scott Eby and give him a chance, he'll snap out of it. There are no bad people, right, only bad decisions -- because we're all equal. We're all the same inside. The same randomness that makes one person (admittedly, with a higher IQ) a rich man and another a poor woman makes one of us a deacon and one of us a child molester. With enough education, we can shape these equal people into productive citizens.

Except, er, it doesn't work that way. Here's Scott Eby's record summarized:

  • Arrested: 1988

    Released: 1990

  • Arrested: 1992

    Released: 1993

  • Arrested: 1993

    Released: 1997

  • Arrested: 2000

    Released: 2004

  • Arrested: 2005

    Released: Not yet

These are the crimes he committed and was convicted for before he molested Riley Fox. Horse sense tells us there are more crimes that he didn't get caught for, or for which he was not convicted owing to lack of evidence.

This is why cops get cynical about citizens: they're either basically good, or basically bad. The bad ones do things like this because they have no self-control and have impulses that rage in wild directions. The good ones stay out of the way until it's time to pay speeding tickets, which makes them distrust the law enforcement that should be on their side.

In the meantime, the Rileys of the world are ripe for molestation because we the people cannot face this simple fact: some people are born bad, and no amount of rights/rehabilitation is going to change that. They will rape, stab, kill, maim, steal, sodomize and graft again. Catch them early and sell them to the Arabs and you'll save us all a lot of pain.

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