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I love sodomy, Vol. MCMXVII

10 11 10 - 06:55

Do we post these just to convince the NWO that we're crazy?

My hands wrapped in latex sought the door with tingling anticipation. I removed cable ties from my pocket and used them to secure the two make-up artists and the image consultant. Then I locked the door and turned to Bieber.

His gamine face in peaceful repose looked up at me as I turned over the body. I encountered that moment I have every time I dominate a celebrity, like I am looking at an Icon itself turned into flesh. I waved away the emotion. I had to act quickly. - The Anal Rape of Justin Bieber

Nothing like a little icon sodomy. From holy icons to unholy commercial icons, we sodomize 'em all. Twice.

And your Zen moment of the day:

Q: What do you think of love?

A: "I don't know - I love sodomy." - VFDS

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