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How to get your daughter raped

09 11 10 - 02:08

From the Leap Into Life series of sudden wakeful moments confronting reality:

It was the fall of 2001, and he was panhandling outside a mall in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Smart said she was with her mother and five brothers and sisters, shopping for school clothes.

"My mother gave gave him five bucks," Smart told told the jury. Mitchell was hired by her mother to fix a leaky skylight and rake leaves. - CNN

Julius Evola criticizes Christianity for confusing exoteric (outward symbol) with esoteric (inward knowledge). If you want to think you are a good person, make sure you pity the retarded, perverted, insane, criminal and dysfunctional. Then you look good to others (exoteric) and can pretend you have some vast inner resource of compassion (esoteric). It's like faking it, except you do it for Jesus.

And it gets your kid raped.

Also testifying Monday was the Smarts' mother, Lois. She spent less than an hour on the witness stand, recalling how the family hired Mitchell -- who then called himself Immanuel -- to do odd jobs.

The problem with pity is that it's an affirmation of differences and power. I hand you $5 and you realize that I'm paying to have you recognize that I have money, and you pick the cotton. How's that make you feel? It made me feel GREAT, and for only $5, a bargain. Until you take revenge into mind and rape my daughter.

Suddenly, she recognized his face, she testified, and the name Immanuel came to her. She said she asked why he would do this. "My parents had only tried to help him," she said.

"He told me he was going to hold me for ransom, and I told him my parents would pay any amount to have me back."

See, we've already affirmed that I have the money and you pick the cotton. So if you get angry, you might want the money. Or if you're a bit unhinged, and cannot control your impulses like a monkey, you may decided for revenge instead. How about kidnapping and serial rape of a 14-year-old daughter, possibly ruining her life? That'll do. That'll do.

They're going to claim the rapist is insane and therefore should not face the consequences of his actions. Instead we the taxpayers should pay $50,000 a year to house him, give him medical care, feed him, and so on. That's "justice." Not putting down a bad animal that has a proven record of destroying good things for his own crazy. That wouldn't be "moral."

It would be practical, however, like not hiring crazy bums to do cheap work around your rape target daughters.

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