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Birds of a negative feather

07 11 10 - 05:26

Liberalism is at its essence that idea that life is bad, and we are somehow victims, so we "deserve" (social logic is guilt, obligation and debt language) to be treated better.

All who agree band together and try to treat each other better, but seem to be thinking backwards. Instead of setting up an organized civilization and working toward a goal, they make themselves the goal and form a mob only to that end. This becomes a voracious cancer, which if it spots anyone who has anything more than its members, devours that person and takes what they have.

This is how societies die: a cancer from within. The causes are many, starting with the proles (people who had no skills or gumption to get beyond being unskilled labor, also people who cannot control their own desires, so need to be restrained) outbreeding the smart. Why? Proles rut like pigs, so produce endless offspring. Other causes: breakdown of family, tolerance of negative people, multiculturalism, rampant alcohol abuse, and so on. Fundamentally, any time a public "truth" deviates from what actually should be talked about, order falls apart -- and many things can initiate that. Societies take many paths to the same death.

Here's some prole-angst -- people united by negativity, victimhood and a sense of the world owing them something -- for your daily perusal:

But after Johannes Mehserle on Friday received the minimum two-year sentence for slaying Oscar Grant, angry demonstrators marched into residential areas near Lake Merritt for the first time, putting innocent people in harm's way.

Police arrested 152 protesters, including seven juveniles, on suspicion of crimes including vandalism, unlawful assembly and disturbing the peace.

Oakland police spokesman Jeff Thomason said 56 of those arrested were from outside the city. - AP

Hey, you guys want to burn some stuff and not get into much trouble, because we're doing it for justice? Yeah, meet you in Oakland. They have someone we can blame. That person has more stuff than us. Our angry inner simian selves -- remember, humans evolved out of a monkey state, and this process may be incomplete in 99% of them -- are ready to destroy something and we feel, like, we've been wronged.

Never mind that Oscar Grant was a criminal. Never mind that it was an accident. Never mind that Oakland is only tolerated out of the guilt of San Francisco, the giant rich place next door to the perpetually poor, perpetually violent, never-getting-fixed Oakland. If humanity had any brains, they'd burn Oakland down and start again.

But then the wealth San Franciscoans might have to pay more for their child care, maids, nail service, lawn care, etc. Or are they so progressive they don't have lawns or children?

There was a heartbreaking near-miss at the Salt Lake City public library. A homicide detective asked Mitchell to raise the veil Smart wore when they were out in public. Mitchell objected on religious grounds, saying showing her face in public would be inappropriate. The detective didn't challenge him further. - CNN

We are victims of religious persecution. Coincidentally, we are also raping this 14-year-old girl. But since we are victims of religious persecution, you owe it to us to not bother us. That we're raping her is incidental and entirely random, because victims are NEVER the cause of their own misfortune... right?

The president calls for extending the lower tax rates for income up to $200,000 a year for individuals or $250,000 a year for families. Income above those levels would be taxed at rates from the 1990s, before the tax cuts were enacted in 2001 and 2003.

Most Republicans oppose letting anyone's tax rates go up, including the 2 percent of the population that earns income greater than the thresholds proposed by Obama. - CNN

Let's tax our most productive people -- the over $250,000 folks are your small business owners, doctors, lawyers and architects -- even more, since they already pay the lion's share of our tax burden which government promptly wastes on well-intentioned but destructive social programs like welfare, propaganda education, dumbed-down public schools that are more like jails, drug rehab, and so on. They have more than us, so FUCK THEM, let's rape them of it and be smug about it.

Hundreds of police officers accompanied by land authority officials arrived in the city on Saturday night. They had bulldozers and trucks, and said they were carrying out a court order, according to Mayor Faiz Abu-Sahaban.

The mayor said residents built the mosque before they had permits. - CNN

We're going to be passive-aggressive and provoke you. Here, we'll built a mosque illegally. Then the news can record you tearing it down and you're the bad guy, and maybe all the other stupid monkeys -- humans are monkeys, with a handful of exceptions -- will help us gang up on you and destroy you. Because you're the bad guys. Yeah.

The early election threat has spooked bond markets concerned about Greece's ability to cope with the massive government debts that triggered a financial crisis and affected the 16-nation euro currency. The uncertainty has sent borrowing costs sharply higher, with the interest-rate gap between Greek 10-year bonds and Germany's benchmark equivalent exceeding 9 percentage points on Friday.

Papandreou came to power in October 2009 with a landslide victory over the conservatives, and his party enjoys a comfortable majority in Parliament. But his popularity has taken a beating following stringent austerity measures, including freezing pensions and trimming salaries. - AP

What did they think he was going to do? We're broke -- we have to fix it. The crowd doesn't care about that. They want more free things, more promises, more debts for a distant tomorrow that no one they know will have to pay. They run their nation into the ground, and then riot when someone tries to fix the problem. Immature self-entitled brats.

Of the surveyed workers asked to explain their excuse for playing hooky, 30 percent said they simply needed to relax, 22 percent wanted to catch up on sleep, 14 percent wanted to take care of some personal errands, and 9 percent wanted to miss a meeting or finagle some extra time for an overdue project. A good chunk of them -- 34 percent -- just didn't feel like going in. - CNN

Again, what did people think was going to happen? You make them show up at the office 200 days a year to do basically boring tasks because hey, we don't want anyone to feel too dumb to be in an office, and it's easier to have disposable workers than smart ones. So they lie and take sick days to do fun stuff or necessarily stuff. At the same time, you'll find that the ones who are most "sick" are often the ones who just hate their jobs and lack the gumption to get something else.

Clegg was born in England and lived in Israel, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia during his childhood, attending six primary schools in five years. He called himself a loner.

"I felt like a migrant," he said. "So when I met migrant workers — Zulu migrant workers — there was something about them that I intuitively connected with because they were also establishing these tenuous connections with different places." - AP

Liberals: united in fear, hatred, victimhood and revenge. I was an outsider, so I connected with outsides. I immediately began working against the society in which I found myself. Then, I helped effect change, and now instead of leading among the nations, it is collapse bound yet because of the guilt I produced, no one dares speak out until it's too late.

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