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Hiding from deluded us, it's real life -- out there somewhere

06 11 10 - 05:22

We live in an upside-down world.

The proles are numerous; they prefer illusion. So we make illusion The Official Truth and then wonder why no one can find their own ass with two hands and a flashlight.

Here's some Leap Into Life material:

Death to the American tourists. Death in the weed-choked, stagnant, forgotten ditches of the world.

Aubrey Sacco was living up to her motto, "glitter the world," on her five-month post-college trip through South Asia before she disappeared in Nepal last spring, her family says.

The 23-year-old artist and musician from Colorado started her trip in December, teaching yoga to vacationers in Sri Lanka. Later, she went to India, studying yoga and volunteering to help schoolchildren with art and music.

She's the kind of traveler you'd often find staying with villagers as opposed to high-end places, her mother, Connie Sacco, said. Aubrey looked forward to volunteering in Nepal after she finished a hike there, according to her mother. - CNN

The world needs more glitter. It's a dark horrible place which needs glitter, but yet you don't really have to be careful. You can go on being an annoying, entitled American wherever you go.

Sacco vanished in April during a hike along Nepal's sylvan and rocky Langtang trek. Some volunteers who've helped look for her say they've heard a disturbing refrain from villagers: Even if they or others in the area did know what caused her disappearance, they wouldn't reveal it.


While villagers' fear of authority has many roots, including a bloody 10-year insurgency that concluded just four years ago, they cite a specific case: The imprisonment of four Nepali men who reported finding the bludgeoned body of a British hiker in the same valley in 2000.

The area villagers believe the men are innocent.

Big surprise: in war-torn corrupt zones, the warlords rule, and if someone goes "wrong" and outside attention arrives, fall guys are found -- usually in the day labor pool.

So American glitter girl flounces off to Nepal, behaves as if she's in her middle class American subdivision, and gets her ass handed to her. By someone powerful who has enough influence to frame others. So everyone clams up.

Lesson here: the world is not America, and trying to make it America is a form of corruption in itself. Do you want us all to clone your own neighborhood? Because if you came into this life to "glitter the world" that's probably where you started desiring some delusional escape, and what you actually need to fix.

We replaced culture and having a goal with vapid self-immersion

Instead of trying to fit a certain mold, Ariel Meadow Stallings cut up a lime-green prom dress she found on eBay, and paired it with an iridescent blue corset.

After all, it was her wedding day. She wanted to look and feel her best. "And that means wanting to wear the color you feel best compliments your skin tone and your hair," she said.


"People are starting to open up their minds a bit," Rogers said. "It takes a certain bride -- usually a second wedding. They've already done the white, traditional gown. They don't want to feel like a first-time bride." - CNN

The comedy of this disaster stretches the mind.

First, dramatic girls are generally sluts; they're hiding the fact that when they get married, they're on penis #12 or #9 but definitely not under #3. They've had their fun, and now they want men to accept them in their current neurotic state and pretend they showed some judgment, discernment or even self-esteem in their choice of penis. Men aren't wholly fooled, which is why they tend to kick these women to the curb at the first screwup. Marriage is just extended dating for such people.

Second, the drama is without purpose. Highlight your hair and eyes? We're talking about a white dress. White highlights everything. More likely, it's just indulging personal drama and self-absorption.

Finally, we had to have someone claim that the broken, deconstructed and insane is "open-minded." They never call it anal rape; they call it new horizons, being open-minded, being different, etc. because otherwise you wouldn't consent. And if you consent to their insanity, they aren't criminals, just businessmen who offered what turned out (a big surprise to all, I'm sure) to be a Bad Deal.

Americans don't understand their own legal system

Johannes Mehserle, convicted of involuntary manslaughter, will get credit for time he's already spent behind bars since he was charged in the shooting of 22-year-old Oscar Grant on a train platform on January 1, 2009, a judge ruled Friday.

Mehserle could be released from custody in about seven months, according to sentencing guidelines provided by the prosecution.

Protesters Friday broke windows and jumped on vehicles, Batts said. He estimated the crowd at between 300 and 500 people.- CNN

The usual wailing and gnashing of teeth. The "victim" was not a good person; he was involved in a criminal fracas. The cop screwed up and the cop is white, and the suspect is black, so we're supposed to think the worst. But what if this had been white/white? Same sentence, no riots, because unless you can prove deliberate manslaughter you're left with an overtired cop surrounded by people chanting obscenities and threats, pulling the wrong gun and screwing up. Screwups happen.

If you want to avoid screwups, it helps to not be part of a gang of people engaged in criminal activity under near-riot conditions...

Americans don't understand their own legal system. They do not understand "involuntary manslaughter," or the concept of deliberate crime versus accidental death. It's no surprise they also feign innocence when claiming with a straight face that rioting criminals should expect the system to make no errors.

The domain of the proles is inverted: all common sense goes out the window, and the complaining individual with a tshirt labeled IT'S NOT MY FAULT goes shooting to the top, and they gather around them an audience of the lazy, useless, sociopathic, and insane who raise unholy ruckus any time One of Their Own is damaged in the course of criminal activity.

For them, the law is an inconvenient side-effect, and this is why wherever they go, they destroy rule of law and reduce society to third-world chaos.

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