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Signs you live in a dying civilization

06 11 10 - 04:53

A professor and two students at San Jose State examined all the deaths on [Caltrain] tracks from August 1992 to December 2009 and found, for the most part, a confusing picture.

Many of the patterns hat emerged in the 76-page report appear random or unexplainable. For instance, there were 25 total suicides on the 6th, 7th and 25th days of the month, and an average of 3.5 during all the other days. There were only two suicides in September and 29 in October and November.


As for timing, most of the deaths occurred during weekdays, especially Mondays and Fridays, and were most common during commute times. This could be at least partially explained by convenience, since there are more trains running during that time, but it could also have to do with the psychological burden known as "new beginnings" that come with the start of a week, the researchers said. - MN

If you want to look for patterns, they probably don't originate in the tracks, but as said above, in events in the lives of the suicides.

The train is just a means to an end... the end is, well, the end (haha).

Mondays stress us with "new beginnings," but why Fridays? Stress about the weekend, meaning that it also is unfulfilling. Humanity is shouting "I can't take any more of this pointless activity" in your face, researchers.

The truth is that most jobs are mostly doing a whole lot of nothing, because the machine views it as more important that its cogs get along than that they are particularly productive. There's probably 500 people worldwide who do anything really important, and then force others to be their raw labor.

All the "artistic" web designers, celebrities, immigration lawyers, bureaucrats, television preachers, etc. are just parasites on the wealth these 500 produce by having a clue about how to organize matter, people and energy efficiently.

If we acknowledged this, we'd have a kind of aristocracy, and that (comrade citizen) is anti-revolutionary thinking, and you will face the guillotine or gulag.

But by not acknowledging it, we thrust people into per-square-foot job descriptions where they mostly creatively loaf, sit through boring meetings, tolerate endless internal committees and regulations, and when they leave, they think, "Another day has passed that I will never get again, and I can't claim anything happened that would make me want to attend today if it were an option."

So they walk into the trains. Or drink themselves to death, smoke tumors out of their lungs, sodomize their children, drive their cars into department stores. Sad but predictable, a species out of control.

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