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Humanity cannot handle reality

03 11 10 - 20:21

A freakout from years past:

Italy's state-owned television broadcaster has dropped a popular chef for sharing a recipe with viewers to cook cat.


There were indications during the TV broadcast that Chef Beppe knew animal rights activists would respond. He mentioned that while they would be upset, they were wrong to think animals like cats were any different from rabbits that are sold in Italian shops.


The number of feral cats in Rome has declined after a concerted effort to sterilize the animals that were suffering due to over-population. - Pravda

We love our cats and dogs. They're awesome critters. But not every human is equal. Some are good pet parents, and others... well, where did all those feral cats come from? And what do they do?

Estimates of the number of songbirds killed each year by feral cats in Wisconsin alone range from 8 million to 217 million, though the number is actually believed to be around 39 million, said Steven Oestreicher, the chairman of the congress. - ABC

I see. So the domesticated, common animal when left out of doors goes feral and exterminates the rarer, wild birds. If left unchecked, they'll seriously dent the bird population.

Is it so inhumane to kill and eat extra animals that are being destructive? What about extra people? Can we make them into tamales and wienerschnitzel?

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