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America's slide into Brazil/Iraq II, continued

28 10 10 - 06:29


GREER, S.C. - When German automaker BMW put out the call recently to hire a thousand factory workers here, the people who responded reflected the upheaval occurring in the U.S. economy.

But they're all in the factory now making $15 an hour - about half of what the typical German autoworker makes.

The trade debate in the United States usually focuses on the jobs lost to factories in the developing world. But the recession has forced countless skilled workers in this country to consider jobs they would have rejected in the past. They now offer foreign manufacturers a resource that was far less common just a few years ago: cheaper wages for better talent. - WP

Notice this isn't on "The Coasts," meaning New England, San Francisco Bay Area or L.A. -- it's in an area that economically and demographically looks more like the midwest. As the USA, which stupidly inflated its currency in the mid to late 1990s with the "dot com" boom that produced a falsely overvalued wealth assessment, now struggles to absorb the losses created by all that fake wealth, others are circling and ready to feed.

Soon we will join other third world nations -- Brazil, Iraq, Mexico, Russia, France -- in having an elite few rule over an unruly gray mob who hate life and hate anyone who has more than they do, yet can't stay sober/focused long enough to complete simple tasks. Let's take bets: how long until American municipalities start switching to open sewers to "save money"?

I don't think the current recession is that big of a deal. It's one of many stopping points on the way down. Since 1945, the USA has continually hyped the value of its currency while taking on increasingly liberal political programs that destroyed the basis of that currency, resulting in a spiral into third-world status. You'd think they'd learn from history, but I guess the voters don't know history, and surely they don't care.

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