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Steps to reform Christianity

27 05 10 - 08:23

Christianity is a fact of history. It has now been the religion of Indo-Europeans for most of known history; in turn, it is a compilation of Indo-European religions including Hinduism, Greek paganism, Roman paganism, Jewish materialism, and Babylonian and Egyptian mysticism. It is a work in progress that evolves with us. Rather than trying to destroy what has been a language of inspiration for many, we should return it to its pagan roots, and then develop those to include learning of the last centuries.

1. All religions are symbols describing the one reality and the holiness that permeates it. God is a manifestation of Godhead, or this underlying holiness. No religion can be fundamental; we can only see (a) the philosophy of it in the abstract and (b) how that corresponds to reality.

2. All science and all of the natural world are the work of God. If natural selection exists, it is His genius.

3. When we say God is love, we mean a benevolence that shines on all of existence. This includes both predator and prey; no one is equal, and this inequality drives us to strive for being better.

4. While we have personalities, there is one soul and it belongs to Godhead; God is the perfect manifestation of soul, but we are also of that soul, in varying degrees.

5. We cannot judge morality of actions by method, but of result. If one must murder to reach God, then murder is a form of love.

6. We are given dominion over nature by virtue of having more soul, received through the antenna of our intelligence, than animals. We are nature's stewards and must be guardians, not consumers.

7. Heaven and Hell are states of mind, and the state of mind in which we live and die is what we should expect both before and after life.

8. God is impersonal and absolute, like the force of gravity. Those who approach God with reverence in their hearts, and thus a desire to do right by the way of God, will benefit yet will not seek benefit; those who seek benefit will corrupt their approach to God, and condemn themselves to Hell.

9. All distractions from reality are distractions from knowing God.

10. God loves tragedy, and God loves redemption through selfless acts toward good.

Much as most people are wrong most of the time about most things, most Christians do not understand their own religion. Religiosity is a conservative trait; Christianity in the populist sense is essentially liberal. Paganism, with its embrace of Social Darwinism and reverence for the ancient, is essentially conservative. We must ignore populist and fundamentalist interpretations of Christianity in favor of the essence as understood by Johannes Eckhart, William Blake and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Finally, "Christian metal" is always a fallacy: it is essential that heavy metal represent the raw naturalistic spirit of the amoral pagan, and never be turned into a propaganda arm.

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