World catches up to ANUS essay-writing style

27 05 13 - 06:08

It seems that, even in the proliferation of new forms of writing and communication before us, the essay has become a talisman of our times. What is behind our attraction to it? Is it the essay’s therapeutic properties? Because it brings miniature joys to its writer and its reader? Because it is small enough to fit in our pocket, portable like our own experiences?

I believe that the essay owes its longevity today mainly to this fact: the genre and its spirit provide an alternative to the dogmatic thinking that dominates much of social and political life in contemporary America. In fact, I would advocate a conscious and more reflective deployment of the essay’s spirit in all aspects of life as a resistance against the zealous closed-endedness of the rigid mind. I’ll call this deployment “the essayification of everything.” - NYT

Feedback from our actions

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War against nothingness

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The Great Gatsby

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Be part of the National Geographic genographic study

01 05 13 - 16:18

The latest phase of the Genographic Project is using cutting-edge technology to shine a powerful new light on our collective past. You can be part of this real-time scientific project, beginning with a simple cheek swab. By participating, you can learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible, while helping fund indigenous-led cultural conservation projects and project research. Join the project.

This is the National Geographic Genographic Project