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Mail of the bag

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From the bag of the mail:

Let's say you were not married. Would you fuck a cutie, attractive black girl whom you felt attracted to?

There's two questions here. Let me separate them out:

Would you fuck

No, I'd court, which is a gentle form of dating leading to potential marriage.

Dating is a waste of time, and fucking is for animals.

Dating encourages you to attempt pretend-marriage with someone and then at some point decide to use them as a long-term marriage partner, if it works for a number of years. The problem with this is that it breaks the contractual nature of marriage, and as such is always manipulative. With dating, there is no exchange of obligations; there is merely an existing condition that, while convenient, can be perpetuated. Marriage is entered into a a guilt-based obligation, which engenders long-term resentment.

Fucking seems like it would be great. It's fun, right? It's a half-hour of fun that's overemphasized in our society because media and social pressures force us to invent reasons that we're living the good life. We have to come up with the usual suspects: either we're fucking, or we're high, or we're drunk, or we're watching something, or we're eating something great. It's all instagram fodder. In reality, the most masculine among us don't spend much time fucking. They achieve things.

a cutie, attractive black girl whom you felt attracted to

I have known some ladies like this.

I would not court such a person, however, since in the uniformity of my observation the happy unions come from people who are of similar backgrounds. This ensures the greatest ability to understand one another and match one another in abilities, genetic inclinations and even genetics itself.

You could ask this question as well, "Would you court someone from another culture or social class?"

No, to someone from another culture -- having seen this up close, there are too many issues to resolve which can never be resolved. Fundamental assumptions are too radically different.

No, to someone from another social class, whether that would be richer or poorer, for the same reason.

Generation X

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Donkey Love

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I don't really know much of anything about movies, but this seems like an entertaining look at a provocative subject, which is how gender roles create social problems:



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If you look at porn stars, you can see the type of woman that Jack the Ripper would have carved up: a low-caste, low-intelligence, generally thoughtless and ugly person. There's not a single semi-attractive woman in the bunch.

Hookers are what they are. Forcing them through public education, encouraging them to memorize "intellectual" concepts, and giving them lots of money for doing it on camera cannot change what they are within, which is self-hating whores.

Find divinity here

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This is the great challenge of life -- seeing the positive amidst the horror:


From the mailbag

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A reader writes:

Could you please explain why Nihilism is considered a problem. I for one consider it as enlightening.

Thank you for writing to ask. The answer is both simple and complex.

The simple answer is that people do not like that which threatens their current lifestyle. If a better way is pointed out, they become defensive.

The more complex answer is that nihilism threatens the patched-together hodge-podge of ideas that are sustaining the industrialized world in these centuries after the French Revolution. In their view, there's either an inherent value -- God or humanism -- or there's nothing but a bleak emptiness and moribund death-worship.

To a nihilist, this is nonsense. Humanism is pretense; at least religion can be said to have some mystical thus non-physical component to it, but humanism is just an outright forgery based on the idea that we're all "equal," which modern people bleat like a mantra. What they really mean is that they don't want our society to have a goal, purpose or values system, because they want to keep doing whatever it is they're doing, and it's usually selfish.

When we look back on this age from the future, it will be seen as a new Dark Age of total ignorance and fear regarding a fundamental fact: not all of us are important, or even good. Humanity itself is not that impressive. Most people are mentally lazy, morally weak, emotionally unstable and petty.

Our society has made a religion out of the equal person and nihilism threatens that. With nihilism, that religion is debunked, and what we have instead is no values system except reality itself. That makes a lot of our activities, which are unrealistic, look extraneous at best and stupid at worst. That will also threaten a lot of people by pointing out that they are in fact a problem and parasites, not equal people making equal choices.

Nihilism is the ultimate heresy. Society requires conflict to grow, thus sometimes it requires heresy. For this reason, no one should oppose nihilism, but they do in the worst way possible, which is pretending it does not exist and lashing out at it with insane and paranoid accusations whenever they can. This is a sign both of how much it threatens them and how much it is needed.

Perfectly generic

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What makes something generic? A lack of decisions beyond the predictable.


Continuing the disturbance

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It's your stinky winky sphincter
The way it winks at me
Your winky little stinkter
So lonely and so free
It's twitchy and it's filthy
I love the way that stinkter sphincts
It's your stinky winky sphincter
And I need near to me. - Bruce Springsteen (The Early Years)