Happy New Year!

31 12 12 - 19:22

Ia! Iak Sakkak! From the fires I summon thee. Come forth and make the gates appear. Iak Sakkak is the gate through which the spheres meet. Open wide the gate; the ancient ones who ruled of old shall rule again!


Death metal as anti-leftism

31 12 12 - 13:50

Death metal does not necessarily lead to a greater pursuit of truth or goodness, but it may be a step in the right direction. Seeing the secular left hide from truth, many Death Metal bands sought to reestablish truth first - that is, in accepting once again the reality of death, misery and suffering that remain fundamental aspects of worldly life.

The modern world shuns reality and fills their lives with pleasant distractions, while the metal counter-culture youth instinctively rejects what they know in their heart to be lies. This is a rejection of appearances and an inversion of appearances. Where the left attempts to conceal their lies behind a mirage of good, the metal culture may conceal truth (and thus real goodness) by appearing bad. - Seeking Guidance

This is the nihilism of death metal: an ultra-realism based not in what is social or personal desire, but what is actually out there in reality.

Alarm song

31 12 12 - 05:31

In what may be the greatest disease-driven loss of biodiversity in recorded history, hundreds of frog species around the world are facing extinction.

Frogs in the western United States are threatened, and Australia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean have been especially hard hit. Central American countries such as Panama are suffering a catastrophic decline.

The villain is a rather extraordinary fungus, an amphibian version of a case of athlete's foot from hell, with an impossible name, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, which scientists call "Bd," a virulent, lethal fungus that has spread around the globe.

The little victims? Their pores clog, and they die of a heart attack. - The Independent

Human disruption of the ecosystem of the earth has prompted massive changes, including displacement of organisms that now become predators or parasites. What frogs need: more land. Land = time, and greater numbers with which to resist plagues.


A social network for those outside modernity

23 12 12 - 06:01

The idea of the Primordial Tradition evolved out of the concept known as philosophia perennis, or perennial philosophy, which in itself is a development from the prisca theologia of the Middle Ages. Both the idea of the Primordial Tradition and the philosophia perennis attempt to establish common factors amongst different traditions, with the goal of producing a superior gnosis or level of wisdom than that which would have been obtained by the study of a single religion.


Happy HolidAIDS!

22 12 12 - 09:51

From "Happy Holidaids"

Machiavelli and economics

22 12 12 - 08:20

[A] prince is restricted in his redistributive desires because all members of society have learned to regard the taking and redistributing of another man's property as shameful and immoral. Accordingly, they watch a prince's every action with utmost suspicion. In distinct contrast, by opening entry into government, anyone is permitted to freely express his desire for others' property. What formerly was regarded as immoral and accordingly was suppressed is now considered a legitimate sentiment. Everyone may openly covet everyone else's property in the name of democracy; and everyone may act on this desire for another's property, provided that he finds entrance into government. Hence, under democracy everyone becomes a threat. - "Why Bad Men Rule," by Hans-Herman Hoppe

In democracy or any egalitarian system, the idea is that all can participate. This places no interest on the whole, and creates in its place a "collective," or an entity composed of all those who want handouts. I don't see this as an economic question only; it's a question of power, and the struggle for who gets to define the morals of a society. The Crowd wants to control it so they can lower standards to benefit themselves but, being the Crowd, they can only think in the short-term, and thus will produce long-term doom with their limited short-term thinking. Hence societies destroy themselves when they give in to the egalitarian impulse.

A Conversation About Race

21 12 12 - 17:37

This is a documentary made by an independent filmmaker who noticed that Americans, whether racist or not, have trouble talking about race. He made a documentary to try to bring out people's actual beliefs and feelings, as opposed to that which they conceal because it's not socially acceptable. See for yourself what you think. The entire 59 minute movie is embedded above.

Our own opinions on race around here are clear: nationalism for all, with respect, and finally justice as we move away from the modern "everyone be equally miserable" to the ancient "we all have a sacred role."

The superstitions of the moderns

21 12 12 - 07:48

The ghosts you should worry about are your dead ancestors saying, "These people are idiots!"

Arktos contest

20 12 12 - 18:49

It’s time for another Facebook competition. Let's see how fast we can reach 2000 likes!

If you “like” our Facebook page and “share” this banner, you will automatically be entered into our lottery. (If you already “like” our Facebook page, all you need to do is “share” this banner.)

The first prize is Arktos books of your choice for a value of £100, the second prize books for £50 and the third prize books for £25. The competition ends on December 31, after which the winners will be drawn.

Don't miss out!

Go to the above page and click "like" for a chance to win. If you want to anonymize, go to your library or free wifi spot, set up a new Yahoo! mail account and then set up a new Facebook account.

Help out this legendary publisher of New Right, traditionalist, mystical and conservative texts!

How good intentions crush our skulls

15 12 12 - 08:24

The problem with progress is that it's not nature. Nature is incremental and wise; progress standardizes and centralizes, which "seems" efficient but often is less so, and produces a monoculture based on the technology, not the people who need to use it.

In 2003, if you introduced a single-sign-in service that was run by a company, even if you documented the protocol and encouraged others to clone the service, you'd be described as introducing a tracking system worthy of the PATRIOT act. There was such distrust of consistent authentication services that even Microsoft had to give up on their attempts to create such a sign-in. Though their user experience was not as simple as today's ubiquitous ability to sign in with Facebook or Twitter, the TypeKey service introduced then had much more restrictive terms of service about sharing data. And almost every system which provided identity to users allowed for pseudonyms, respecting the need that people have to not always use their legal names. - "The web we lost," by Anil Dash

As we get better at beating back nature, we forget that nature regulates an order within us, too. We need something to crusade against and something to jihad for. Without it, we become creatures of our own bodily functions, of our comfort and convenience, and forget about any values worth fighting or dying for. Instead, we replace our concerns with an ideology that is both impotent and self-destructive, and by forcing us to pity ourselves through pitying others, it makes us into bodily functions entirely:

Obesity is a bigger health crisis globally than hunger, and the leading cause of disabilities around the world, according to a new report published Thursday in the British medical journal The Lancet.

The report revealed that every country, with the exception of those in sub-Saharan Africa, faces alarming obesity rates -- an increase of 82% globally in the past two decades. Middle Eastern countries are more obese than ever, seeing a 100% increase since 1990. - "Global report: Obesity bigger health crisis than hunger," by Danielle Delorto

But how can that be? We had Utopian intentions. We wanted to protect everyone. The result was a lack of quality control. Instead of creating a situation that allowed those who had something to offer to demonstrate a will to thrive, we forced everyone to survive at a basic level and have created a horde of purposeless, life-resenting, low-quality and angry, self-pitying people. Because of that, we've thrust the good people in with the bad, and by standardizing, made everyone miserable.

When examining the talent at any organization look at the culture, not the rhetoric – look at the results, not the commentary about potential. Despite some of the delusional perspective in the corner office, when we interview their employees, here’s what they tell us:

  • More than 30% believe they’ll be working someplace else inside of 12 months.

  • More than 40% don’t respect the person they report to.

  • More than 50% say they have different values than their employer.

  • More than 60% don’t feel their career goals are aligned with the plans their employers have for them.

  • More than 70% don’t feel appreciated or valued by their employer.

So, for all those employers who have everything under control, you better start re-evaluating. There is an old saying that goes; “Employees don’t quit working for companies, they quit working for their bosses.” Regardless of tenure, position, title, etc., employees who voluntarily leave, generally do so out of some type of perceived disconnect with leadership. - "10 reasons your top talent will leave you," by Mike Myatt

For employers, like society at large, the goal is no longer the goal. The goal is now to get everyone to make nice with each other. The problem with this is that you sacrifice the good for keeping the not-so-good inline. Employees like a situation, akin to capitalism or natural selection, where they get rewarded for what they do right. This de-emphasizes penalties on screwing up because it's an opportunity-based system. On the other hand, incompetents like a system that's based on penalties. That way, all they have to do is not make certain errors and they're OK, even if they don't contribute anything positive. A Utopian society is based on an ideal that is universally applied and thus it is penalty based, for those who are too equal or not equal enough, and not opportunity-based, or rewarding those who rise above mediocrity. This happens on every level: socialism/liberalism/anarchism/communism/leftism (same thing, different degrees) in politics, tolerance in socialization, universal love in spirituality, utilitarianism in design, promiscuity in sexuality, etc.

To counter this, I submit Plato's rule: to each as he/she deserves.

Smite the bad, raise up the good, and do nothing for the mediocre.

Only this is the path to healthy in results; liberal ideology will temporarily make you feel better because it implies that our failings are not our fault, but the result of a vast conspiracy. But the results of liberalism are, like the results of progress and Utopian thought, to reward the bad along with the good and thus to decrease the good in the world.

Here's that viewpoint from another angle:

With our knowledge of the complete unalterability both of character and of mental faculties, we are led to the view that a real and thorough improvement of the human race might be reached not so much from outside as from within, not so much by theory and instruction as rather by the path of generation. Plato had something of the kind in mind when, in the fifth book of his Republic, he explained his plan for increasing and improving his warrior caste. If we could castrate all scoundrels and stick all stupid geese in a convent, and give men of noble character a whole harem, and procure men, and indeed thorough men, for all girls of intellect and understanding, then a generation would soon arise which would produce a better age than that of Pericles. - Arthur Schopenhauer: Heredity and Eugenics, by assorted internet neckbeards

Nature's order is supreme: pick the best by their own actions (i.e. opportunity-based) instead of selecting everyone and trying to raise them up.

This is consistent with the moral nature of a conscious but indirectly active God or gods: good is union with the order of the universe, and bad is reversion into personal chaos, greed, doubt, deception, delusion, appetites, moral incontinence, etc.

Modern society has, in its quest for universal tolerance as a means to egalitarianism as a means to pacifism, destroyed the ability of natural selection to operate. As a result, we are rewarding mediocrity and making that the new ideal.

When you think about Utopianism, this is the clearest way to see it: instead of making success the ideal, it makes (universal) success the method by which to make universality the ideal, which flips-around and goes backward as a concept to mean that we must approve of everyone and everything, thus have no standards, thus make mediocrity our ideal.

Which do you want: better, or average? Those are your perennial choices.

New heroes

13 12 12 - 14:23

Investigators say two would-be hit men from Albuquerque may have had their sights set on the teen mega star; Justin Bieber.

They had it planned down to the ties they were going to use to strangle to the pop star and three other people. A warning, the details are pretty graphic. - "Police: NM men plotted to kill Justin Bieber"

If all celebrities died tomorrow, what would we actually lose?

CIA agents tortured a German citizen, sodomising, shackling, and beating him, as Macedonian state police looked on, the European court of human rights said in a historic judgment released on Thursday.

In a unanimous ruling, it also found Macedonia guilty of torturing, abusing, and secretly imprisoning Khaled el-Masri, a German of Lebanese origin allegedly linked to terrorist organisations. - "CIA 'tortured and sodomised' terror suspect, human rights court rules"

Our society has a rule against cruel and unusual punishments. But what if they're the best deterrent?

Siblings With Benefits

07 12 12 - 06:40

We knew it was only a matter of time.

First, love became sex, because that made people feel more "empowered." (Through birth control, abortion and the "sexual revolution," comrade.)

Then, marriage became extended dating by convenience, with divorce. (Of course, the man pays, just like in dating.)

Finally, we've removed family from marriage and made it about health care benefits and political identity, by legalizing gay marriage.

This page was created to share equality.

Women earned their way to vote. Blacks triumphed over prejudice. Homosexuals have rendered their lifestyle into something not taboo.

The times have progressed for equality. The next step is to unchain incest and let true love flourish.

Spread the word if you agree!

Now the floodgates are open. Who are we to say "no" to incest, sibling love, inbreeding, pedophilia and bestiality?

How do you say "no" to love?

Click the link above to visit the page.

"Love is all you need." - The Beatles.

Unleash your inner troll

05 12 12 - 17:24

Most of the people who come here attempting to troll are in fact humorless weenies who are attempting to justify their embittered lives by being outrageous and ironically ragey. They can't troll at all. A real troll would be able to take one look at this document and write something 500 times more provocative, and that's just before breakfast.

"...was the ass raping over, Christ, I hoped so..."

Unleash your inner troll. Write something good. It's not the national novel writing month (H.I.P.S.T.E.R.) but it's even better. Troll the world. Let it swelter in sodomy, horror, nihilism and violence.

GNAA rips up modern pretense

04 12 12 - 09:27

A PC magazine writer saw a shark, and decided it needed jumping:

Take this particularly nasty bit of Tumblr malware by "anti-trolling" troll group GNAA, which stands for Gay N***er Association of America. According to its Wikipedia entry, this group of dubious activists is on some sort of mission, though that mission is unclear. This is about as close a mission statement as the group makes on its site:

This website is maintained by GNAA, world-famous trolling organization. We do not support and do not promote racism, homophobia, etc.

The most interesting thing about this "look at us, aren't we socially ironic by using racial slurs" group is that its Wikipedia entry is based in Tarzana, California. Tarzana, according again to Wikipedia, is a residential community in California established by Tarzan writer Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tarzan, jungles, n***ers, get it? Funny stuff. Yawn. - GNAA Tumblr Tantrum Is No WikiLeaks

Presumably, she thinks she's bought us over to her side by mentioning wikileaks, which "everybody" thinks is a good thing. It's a typical tactic of dramatic people: compare something you don't like to something you think everyone should like. That way, if they object, you can suddenly accuse them of doing two wrong things and claim a pattern has been established.

While the GNAA are obviously trolls, the article responds with even more racism and race-baiting, including the offensive and pointless last comment in which it conjures up racial imagery of its own and tries to pin it on the GNAA.

It seems to me the point of the GNAA is to poke at the parts of our society which we cannot talk about, including our fragile attitudes toward race, gender, equality and the last 200 years of shifting slowly to liberal democracy.

While GNAA chooses an offensive FORM for their message, the message itself is something useful; on the contrary, the above article uses an inoffensive FORM to convey an offensive message, which is that any dialogue on race will be met with racism and race-baiting unless it is a dialogue based on inoffensive FORM only.

That's legitimate commentary.

What is illegitimate commentary?

'Bradley Manning, 22, had just gone through a breakup. He had been demoted a rank in the Army after striking a fellow soldier. He felt he had no future, and yet he thought that by sharing classified information about his government's foreign policy, he might "actually change something."' - Messages from alleged leaker Bradley Manning portray him as despondent soldier

It's activism when you start out with a goal in mind.

It's vandalism when you have a break-up, slap someone in your workplace, and then because your future at that job is doomed, decide to get all dramatic and thieve a bunch of classified information to draw attention to yourself.

That'll show that ex-lover and ex-boss.

Why on earth are we comparing GNAA's legitimate but offensive memetic activism to this selfish drama queen and the resulting destruction of many lives through leaked secrets?