30 11 12 - 21:53

Weev has been jailed for revealing a public security hole on an AT&T/Apple web presence. He did not have to gain entry to the machine, but instead manipulated public variables, and at no point gained control of the machine. It just had a logical fault in the design of its software that allowed him to induce it to reveal customer information, which he then did not pass on to others. Unfortunately, a jury disagrees and wants to send #weev to jail.

Life won't be complete until every shred of available corporate advertising has "Free Weev" and a penis drawing scribbled on it.


Ancient Romans wore trousers

25 11 12 - 13:53

In school, they told us that pants were a Mongol invention that the West appropriated.

That idea faded almost instantly when the casts revealed that the victims were heavily clad, wrapped in cloaks and thick dresses, heads covered and some of them even in trousers. (Although I have never quite understood why those 19th Century historians were so certain that the garments people chose to wear in the middle of a volcanic eruption were a good guide to their usual day-to-day attire.) - BBC

If the Romans also invented peanut butter, I want my money back from the educational system.

Ideology is oppression

24 11 12 - 18:40

Ideology by its nature must be contrary to reality. It is a substitution for reality by what we wish reality was, in the hope that our idea is as internal coherent as nature's and thus will stand the test of time (it almost never does). The result is that ideology creates within society like a tornado an inner group who make oppressive their wishful thinking.

Only through the right of association can humanity truly progress. Indeed, Dawson wrote, all of history is the struggle between the right of individuals within community and the imperialism of politics.

The modern state, Dawson continued, resembles really nothing in history. Instead, through the institutions of education, the military, and the bureaucracy, the modern state in all of its forms has become something new under the sun. Whereas the pre-modern state might achieve absolutism, the modern state can achieve totalitarianism. Whether democratic, communist, fascist, or national socialist, the modern state most resembles the medieval church in its ability to inspire purpose but antique in its understanding of God-kingships in its politics. Thus, rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s has gone well beyond what Christ warned about. The new state has destroyed the "commonwealth of free citizens" into a "hive or an ant-heap." In all of its forms, Dawson warned, the new state is "the totalitarian Anti-Christ." - The Imaginative Conservative

What Dawson fails to note is that the true Anti-Christ is a balance to Christ's overwhelming sappiness and beta-style preemptive submission.

What we have here is not deliberate evil in the form of a Satan, but evil by lack of paying attention to what's real, or delusion leading to disorganization.

The culprit is individualism. People get caught up in their wants, which like materialism itself seem more real than reality. They abandon a collective goal in pursuit of desires, judgments and feelings.

The result is that society loses its standards, and becomes relativistic and pluralistic, and in this "anything goes" environment, people always opt for the greatest short-term reward at the greatest long-term expense.

In other words, they defer reality. That just makes its eventual arrival certain to be a bloody mess.

Antifa hides racism behind media shield

20 11 12 - 19:40

Zero Tolerance Magazine published an expose of how anti-fascist group ANTIFA shuts down black metal gigs in Europe and the US.

They promptly retracted it after it was found to be less than 100% neutral to ANTIFA.

They say antifacist of yesterday will be the facist of tomorrow and boy do the stormtroopers of Germany’s Antifa (more and more questionably an antifascist movement) do much to prove it right. On their neverending quest to fight with non-existing enemies the brainless scumbags (yeah, fuck off!) have recently caused the cancellation of “Storm of Damnation” show, which was supposed to be held on November 11th in Berlin (the day after Nuclear War Now! Festival), apparently accusing Sweden’s black/death metalheads Kill and UK’s Spearhead of being somehow “fascist”.

The local promoters (Apocalyptic Visions Of Death and Voces de Ultratumba collectives) have issued a very mean statement: “Not unlike the crusades of the Inquisition or to put a more recent example, the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) in the 80′s in USA, we are facing this time a faceless entity taking over the extreme metal underground and turning everyone and everything involved into a fascist. These are the terrorist tactics used by the Antifa: for them everyone from band members and labels to venues, fans, record stores, festivals and organizers, is by definition and by association, suspicious or plainly a nazi. This can’t be more ridiculous an argument! They are turning upside down lyrical content inherent to works of music and art; by doing so, they fall into their own trap. Those tactics of persecution may resemble the methods used by the Nazi government themselves during the banning period of Entartete Musik (degenerate music), the evil the Antifa are supposed to eradicate. With such an agenda in mind there is no wonder they see phantoms all over the place. Enough for freedom of speech and tolerance.
We both VOCES DE ULTRATUMBA and APOCALYPTIC VISIONS OF DEATH, as organizers of STORMS OF DAMNATION have never, nor ever will, choose the bands based on a political basis. The only political content is on the Antifa’s mind, and searching for it, they will always find the evil they are desperately looking for. We are not looking for NS bands, the Antifa has created them, spread the news on their blogs and newsletters, without taking into account nor accepting the statements of band members and organizers. As was the case with this event, we had people coming from all over the world and of the most varied ethnicities; Mexicans, Polish, Russians, Japanese, Italians, Guatemalans, Moroccans or Canadians; yellow, white, black and blue, all united together by the same metal spirit and eager to see and support the bands and the true underground, as our pre-sale list testifies. We could also hark back to our very successful work together with a leftist organization like Kill-Town Bookings, though we never had nor were forced to align to their political sympathies, through which we presented a band from Israel twice (Sonne Adam), or a band from latinos from Los Angeles (Sadistic Intent), we are very far from being called a Nazi, nor supporters in any way of such ideologies. Lyrical content and artwork in a purely artistic context can’t be held as proof for that, even though there is none of it to be found in any of the 5 bands we wanted to present, same as an actor performing on a movie about the Third Reich is not a nazi for taking a role on it.
We also condemn that the Slaughterhouse club, falling prey of the accusations done by the Antifa, has not only cancelled two concerts by us, with all the severe financial damage that we, as private underground supporters have to deal with now, but also accused us publicly of spreading such ideologies with bands supposedly related to it. When in fact, line up, links to the bands and all necessary information had been provided with several months in advance, and they couldn’t find nothing to worry about. When also, the Slaughterhouse had in their own agenda and interest, to present bands from the neo-folk spectrum, something they actually did, and counted on us to succeed and open their own game. Backstabbing of the worst kind.
The concert was moved to Blackland, but then again, the inconsiderate action of the Antifa, that even removing the two bands they were complaining about (Kill and Spearhed), announced a march against the concert towards the venue; plus visits of the criminal police, the green party and a newspaper turned the owners of the location off and the concert got cancelled, on last hours of the Saturday night. Still, against all odds and in face of the frustration, TYRANTS BLOOD and VASSAFOR pulled it off full of determination, and played a spontaneous, historical set on the late hours of the NWN! after party being held there. We are in gratitude with the staff at Blackland for their efforts and for letting 2 bands play a day earlier. Unfortunately, that was an impromptu action, we were unable to inform those having bought a ticket. And also extremely thankful to all three other bands that couldn’t perform in any way, namely KILL, MAVETH and SPEARHEAD, that even facing the disgusting of the situation gave us their support and understanding. Same to ALL the maniacs that bought tickets from us in advance, to the ones that donated the funds to overcome part of the damage, for a concert they never got to see happen the way it was planned. And to the Nuclear War Now! Festival and their staff for hosting us and let us work as a parallel event.
Antifa, the enemy that you sought to fight is in your own mind. Move on and get a life!
Nothing can’t stop the Iron Will. Crush, Kill, Destroy!”

That said, yeah, fuck Antifa! - ZTMag

In the ensuing discussions, it became clear that (a) metal has gone from being a genre where people believed in extreme things and everyone knew it, to being a genre where those extreme things have been formalized into a set of political classifications, and that now metal is waffling about fully inheriting what has always been among it, and (b) ANTIFA are bullies and racists of a different sort; instead of discriminating against a single race, they discriminate against any race that is not a mixed-racial group. Clever sleight of hand.

Finally, some interesting comments:

Conservationist wrote:
Art should explore the unknown, feared, hoped, etc.

N. wrote:
well, it's the same old story, people always going out of their way to point out flaws of others, finding things they dislike and putting their noses in what doesn't concern them.

Extremity is interesting on many levels, whether it's the madness of the Westboro baptist church, a Howard Chaykin comic book or a recording by Nicole 12. I'd rather it be in existence and inform our existence, casting some light on areas of life that repel and appall the herd, than it be extinguished due to moralistic tripe. The irrational behaviour by this brigade of do-gooders is absurd. PMRC similarities stated are correct. - Nuclear War Now!

I am not saying that political classifications do not exist. You are either on the left or the right, because you're either into reality (right) or you like human feelings (left).

That being said, joining some political movement is not the healthiest thing. It is better to be part of a cultural movement changing attitudes, for example endorsing a radical traditionalist agenda instead of cheering for boring two-note bands and their angry "bubble world" audiences.