Israel, Nationalism and US foreign aid

29 09 12 - 14:17

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Gwendolyn Toynton

28 09 12 - 06:32

Gwendolyn Toynton is the official pen name of author Gwendolyn Taunton, and is the Old English version of the surname Taunton, named after a region in the United Kingdom where her family are descended from.

Gwendolyn Toyton is a writer on the topics of Hinduism, Nordic/Teutonic and Hellenic Traditions. She also writes on topics such as Tantra, Alchemy, Philosophy, Esoterica and Mysticism. More recently she has returned to writing horror fiction and poetry. Gwendolyn is also a multimedia artist and graphic designer.

Gwendolyn Toynton is also an advocate of rights for indigenous peoples, animal welfare and the preservation of the natural environment. She firmly believes in the restoration of arts, humanities and culture.