Proof of eugenics

31 05 12 - 09:38

They're downplaying this, but the proof that genetics works comes from the Ashkenazi Jewish population, one of the highest scorers in the average IQ game:

While several Ashkenazi Jewish mtDNA Hgs appear to derive from the Near East, there is also evidence for a low level of introgression from host European non-Jewish populations. HVS-1 sequence analysis revealed increased frequencies of Ashkenazi Jewish haplotypes that are rare or absent in other populations, and a reduced number of singletons in the Ashkenazi Jewish sample. These diversity patterns provide evidence for a prolonged period of low effective size in the history of the Ashkenazi population. The data best fit a model of an early bottleneck (approx100 generations ago), perhaps corresponding to initial migrations of ancestral Ashkenazim in the Near East or to Europe. A genetic bottleneck followed by the recent phenomenon of rapid population growth are likely to have produced the conditions that led to the high frequency of many genetic disease alleles in the Ashkenazi population. - European Journal of Human Genetics

The good part of this strategy: 100 generations ago, when it came time to choose those who were going into Europe, the Ashkenazis chose to take the top 10% of their population by intelligence. (This may have occurred naturally, as the richest traders took up new homes in their new target markets.)

Where they ran into some trouble was in the rapid expansion since; had they reproduced more slowly, there would have been more time between generations for mutations which would diminish some of those gnarly recessive traits.

If the Western world were to take its top 10% people by intelligence, health, vigor, morality and sense, and kill everyone else, the result would be a smaller Western population of much greater ability. If this population expanded slowly, it would not run into the penalties of inbreeding that we see here.

Either way, the naysayers are wrong. Eugenics works. Unless of course these naysayers want to live in a dumber population.


30 05 12 - 07:47

New social networking site for those who like tradition, philosophy, realism, occultism and/or art.


New penpal: Ted Kaczinski

26 05 12 - 13:34

He needs fan-mail, books, incantations, well-concealed iron files, etc:

No. 04475-046
US Penitentiary—Max
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 8126-8500

Arktos contest

26 05 12 - 09:47

Post this on your blog, Facebook profile, Pinterest, etc.:

You'll not only enter to win their contest by doing so, but be spreading the word of the premiere traditionalist publisher of our time.

Bill White trolling Federal Government

24 05 12 - 14:08

On Faceplant, Bill White asks:

When will the press mention the following:

  1. That White's appellate attorney was bribed by the federal government into not filing his appeal to the Fourth Circuit en banc;

  2. That a group within the federal government was plotting to assassinate White because they hold him accountable for the Lefkow killings;

  3. That all of this is on record with supporting documentation in several cases in the Eastern and Western District of Virginia and in the Roanoke City Courts, but the United States has been fighting desperately to have it all suppressed;

  4. That all of the civil attorneys facing White except Tony Troy and the Judge in the Eastern District, Rebecca Smith, all recused themselves from White's case after reading the file released by the US Attorney's Office, in fear White was going to kill them.

Is that information something the public wants to purchase? No, I don't think so -- they want a superman versus the meanies narrative.

In the meantime, the American press is being useful by re-printing press releases for profit:

White, the former self-proclaimed commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party who is on supervised release after serving 2 1/2 years in prison following a 2009 federal conviction of making threats, left his Rockbridge County, Va., home without the permission of his probation officer, said Ron Donelson, senior inspector with the U.S. Marshal's Office in Roanoke, Va.

"We're actively looking for him," Donelson said, adding that regular contact with supervising officials is a condition of White's probation.

White was convicted of threatening people who unknowingly offended his sense of white superiority, The Roanoke Times said Thursday, including apartment residents in Virginia who sued their landlord for discrimination, a college diversity administrator in Delaware and a Missouri bank employee who handled White's credit card account. - UPI

Tom and Jerry.

Bill White keeps the Feds guessing

23 05 12 - 22:14

He's moved to Tehran, Iran, and left the Federal Marshalls and MSM confused:

Former neo-Nazi leader William A. White is being sought by federal authorities on a probation violation.

White, who is on supervised release after serving two and a half years in prison for making threats, left his home in Rockbridge County without the permission of his probation officer, said Ron Donelson, a senior inspector with the U.S. Marshals Service.

"We're actively looking for him," Donelson said Wednesday. - Roanoke Times

Bill White trolls the Federal Government by forcing them to admit they're essentially riding herd over millions of people and can't keep track of any single one. The press is trolled by their inability to do any actual investigation, only churn over the same data points again and again.

A dying society -- modern society -- tumbles slowly to stillness.

Uplifting or degenerate?

21 05 12 - 18:38

A society with a manic need to invent "meaning" comes up with trite and sometimes fatal solutions:

Climbers are advised not to attempt to reach the summit after 11 a.m. The area above the last camp at South Col is nicknamed the "death zone" because of the steep icy slope, treacherous conditions and low oxygen level.

"With the traffic jam, climbers had a longer wait for their chance to go up the trail and spent too much time at higher altitude. Many of them are believed to be carrying limited amount of oxygen not anticipating the extra time spent," Shrestha said.


Lamba said Shah-Klorfine mortgaged her house to pay for the Everest expedition, at a cost of nearly $100,000.

She trained by walking hills around her home near Dufferin Street and Eglinton Avenue, while wearing a 20-kilogram backpack. - CBC

She didn't train on other mountains? Er...

But this is typically. She has a dream; she mortgages her house, in denial of reality and plausibility.

And then, lacking the requisite experience to make her dream a reality, she dies and possibly takes out others with her.

A society drowning in lies

21 05 12 - 11:24

Late Stage societies tend to be very social, which is why they turn to democracy. Does this make them blind?

People who rate themselves as having high emotional intelligence (EI) tend to overestimate their ability to detect deception in others. This is the finding of a paper published in the journal Legal and Criminological Psychology on18 May 2012.

...Although EI, in general, was not associated with being better or worse at discriminating between truths and lies, people with a higher ability to perceive and express emotion (a component of EI) were not so good at spotting when people were telling lies.

Professor Porter says: "Taken together, these findings suggest that features of emotional intelligence, and the decision-making processes they lead to, may have the paradoxical effect of impairing people's ability to detect deceit.

"This finding is important because EI is a well-accepted concept and is used in a variety of domains, including the workplace." - Science Daily

It could even lead to a soulless, empty society drowning in lies that are substitutes and imitations of once-meaningful activities:

London's Hayward Gallery will gather together 50 ''invisible'' works by leading figures such as Andy Warhol, Yves Klein and Yoko Ono for its display of works you cannot actually see.

...Also in the exhibition will be Warhol's work Invisible Sculpture - dating from 1985 - which consists of an empty plinth, on which he had once briefly stepped, one of many explorations of the nature of celebrity.

Another, 1000 Hours of Staring is a blank piece of paper at which artist Tom Friedman has stared repeatedly over the space of five years, and another by the same artist Untitled (A Curse) is an empty space which has been cursed by a witch. - The Telegraph

For us to be equal, we must call retardation genius and genius retardation. Flipper for me!

Eugenics is natural and beautiful

21 05 12 - 04:15

Infanticide is an often overlooked way of ensuring the survival of the fittest. It has been recorded in a number of species including mammals such as rodents and primates, and fish, insects and amphibians.

Scientific research shows it can provide benefits to the perpetrator, such as increased reproductive opportunities, access to limited resources, direct nutritional benefits, or the prevention of misdirected parental care.

Infanticide is often perpetrated by adult males. - The Soviet BBC

Idiots are a threat to the survival of the species. They become mental zombies. Better to crush their abdomens when young than suffer their effects on the population at large.

Anti-colonialism is worse than colonialism

20 05 12 - 09:58

Where vestiges of local and ethnic identity existed and resisted the hard power of Colonialism, the soft power of Modernity now seeks to homogenize all national and ethnic identities by sublimating them in an egalitarian and Universalist system. - "Rethinking Colonialism," by Siryako Akda, Alternative Right

That's what equality means: destruction of the higher so the lower can feel safe.

Modernity destroys through good intentions

20 05 12 - 09:49

First, the interesting concept that fiction influences us more than we think:

I think it is likely that the stories available in our mass media do have a left-leaning bias, which one may or may not see as a bias toward a desirable morality. But my guess is that this bias has to do primarily with the fact that the people most likely to opt into creative careers are unusually high in “openness to experience,” a personality trait highly correlated with liberal political sympathies. - "Fiction Isn't Good For You," by Will Wilkinson

The whole piece is worth reading. In essence, we position ourselves between past and future by telling ourselves stories. We are influenced by other stories. Normally, we pick stories for only a few traits, such as being minimally interesting. We thus program our brains with a range of propaganda.

The biggest story of our time is the social revolution, which rests in the equality of all people and the deposition of hierarchy including monarchy:

The opposite of genetic determinism is social determinism, or “blank slate” theory, according to which every trait of the finished human personality is molded by parenting, schooling, or life experiences. Tweak those molding forces—on the assumption that you are wise and learned enough to do the tweaking correctly—and you can end up with any kind of human being you like. Social determinism is naturally popular with social engineers, careerist bureaucrats, and every kind of busybody who wants to tell us how to live. Such people include “progressive” economist Glenn Loury:

I rejected then, and still do, Murray and Herrnstein’s claim that profound social disparities are due mainly to variation in innate individual traits that cannot be remedied via social policy.

People sometimes tell me that my own genetic determinism is a darkly fatalistic recipe for despair. I don’t see it, and people who know me testify that I am quite cheerful and busy in person. As a poet said: “To enter in these bonds, is to be free.” Social determinism, by contrast, is for commissars, bullies, and slaves. So it seems to me. - "It’s My Column and I’ll Write What I Want To," by John Derbyshire, Taki's Magazine

It's socially correct to reject the idea that genetic traits determine who we are. Yet all of the evidence points in the other direction.

Why social determinism? Because proclaiming equality means that we live in a human world, and not the natural, objective world.

I've got to go with the traditional means/ends analysis. Conservatives focus on ends, where liberals focus on means. This does not mean conservatives are ignorant of means, but only that they consider ends more important. The goal of equality itself is a means and not an end, unless we consider equality a utopia complete in and of itself. For conservatism to be ends-focused however it must be focused on human actions as they translate to reality, which means it must be realistic in attitude. Liberalism focuses on how its actions look to others, what John Derbyshire calls "social determinism." It seems to me that from this division all others spring. - Brett Stevens comment at Orthosphere

(Note: I will never be a Christian. However, there is an eternal truth called adualism which manifests itself in many spiritual disciplines. Those Christians who can follow along will be welcome. However, I will never condone the pacifism and Crowdist sympathies of Jesus Christ, and would probably shoot him on sight and spell out FUCK EQUALITY with his entrails, preferably on the side of a diversity center, holocaust museum (including the Armenian holocaust), women's studies building, multicultural enforcement bureau, gay rights embassy, or the nearest subsidized Section 8 housing.)

How did we get to this stage?

Doesn’t civilization always advertize itself as concerned with the betterment of humanity and progress? Isn’t there something fundamentally dishonest about a system that repeatedly delivers the opposite of what it promises?

In my opinion, highly organized and long-lived civilizations are the worst offenders in this regard. What did greco-roman civilization really deliver to its unwitting followers? What has Chinese civilization really done for its followers? How has Indian civilization made the life of the average Indian better? Didn’t western civilization only start delivering in the aftermath of WW1 and WW2?

The unpleasant truth is that civilization, as we know it, is incapable of making the life of an average person better. It is, if anything, a hindrance to making the life of such people better as most of what you call civilization is essentially a series of endless zero sum games involving continual strife, conflict, lies and bullshit. Nobody wins in the end, as even the so-called “winners” pay a much higher cost for their lifestyle than they otherwise would have.

Civilization, as we know it, is a disease. - "Highly Organized Civilizations Lack a Purpose for Continued Existence," by Advocatus Diaboli, Playing the Devil's Advocate

I think he's got it entirely backward. Civilization rewards everyone, but at some point, it penalizes the productive by subsidizing the unproductive. It does this because it loses sight of purpose (ends) and replaces those with upkeeping-the-status-quo (means), which includes buying off its citizens with benefits including equality (means) to keep the peace, stability, etc. Civilization only works when it's a manic warlike drive toward a goal, and then it gets fat and lazy and tolerant, and allows the idiots take over. The idiots promptly import more idiots from third world countries (poorer = by definition dumber, and third world nations have lower average IQs than first world nations; no one disputes these facts, but many people try to explain them away).

This is how nations die. In addition to the death-grip of diversity, there's also a rise in promiscuity, cluelessness, bureaucracy, etc. all stemming from the breakdown of a common goal and agreed-upon values system, or consensus.

2.7 metres square with 1.4m high walls. The ‘Universe’ was surrounded by 16 tunnels leading to food, water and burrows. No predators, no scarcity, the mice would have to be blind to not see the utopia around them. At least it began as Utopia. Four breeding pairs of mice were introduced into Universe 1. After 104 days they adjusted to the new world and the population began to grow, doubling every 55 days. By day 315 the population reached 620. Then is stopped. The population grew much more slowly as the mice came against the limit of space, their only limiting frontier.

Society broke. Young were expelled before they had been properly weaned and were arbitrarily attacked by excessive aggressive male mice. Females became more aggressive, non-dominant males became passive, not retaliating to attacks. The last healthy birth came on the 600th day. Then there were no new mice. Then there were none. - "Death by Utopia," by Alexandre Coates, Mostly Odd

The message of this is simple: society needs a goal other than itself.

This goal must be ongoing and transcendent, or it relapses into having its means be its ends.

Liberalism is a symptom of this decline and afflicts the weak-willed first. Like a zombie movie. You can shoot a lot of them, but ultimately you need to get The Remnant who aren't insane to a place of safety. Because like zombies, liberals seek to consume all that's happier than they.

It starts with stories. Our story right now is that our society is the BEST EVAR because it takes care of us all equally and we have freedom.

A new story: a society always needs a struggle and imperfection, or it becomes entropy. Allahu ackbar!

Death to the under-120s

19 05 12 - 10:26

The basic laws of stupidity:

1. Always and inevitably, everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.

2. The probability that a certain person be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.

3. A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons, while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.

4. Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular, non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake. - The Guardian

The people under 120 commit most of these. Some, who should know better, commit them even when over 120 IQ points. These are people with past trauma or mental problems.

Prole-Run Society (PRS) has been a massive failure because it insists a stupid person is equal to a smart one. This is a sabotage of the basic process of selection, and removes our choice to have something better than permissive anarchy and dominance by markets.

Biological basis of liberals

19 05 12 - 08:47

But sometimes tapeworms take a wrong turn. Instead of going into a pig, the eggs end up in a human. This can occur if someone shedding tapeworm eggs contaminates food that other people then eat. When the egg hatches, the confused larva does not develop into an adult in the human’s intestines. Instead, it acts as it would inside a pig. It burrows into the person’s bloodstream and gets swept through the body. Often those parasites end up in the brain, where they form cysts.

The tapeworm larvae often get stuck in ventricles, or fluid-filled cavities, in the brain, sprouting grapelike extensions. In this way the worm actively cloaks itself from immune cells. Protected and well fed, its cysts can thrive there for years.

As a tapeworm cyst grows, it may push against a region of the brain and disrupt its function. - Discover Magazine

Liberalism, SUV driving, etc. explained.

Brutal truth

19 05 12 - 07:04

Those who think they're doing something "good" often become self-righteous:

If cyclists want to share the road, they need to follow the same rules as cars, many said. Obey traffic lights, go in the same direction of traffic and ride single file when traveling in a group.

"Bikers need to follow the rules of the road, too. I cannot tell you how many times I'm at a four-way stop, etc., and they fly right through," Michelle Having said. "Also, keep in mind if you're biking, you're not Lance Armstrong. Watch out for pedestrians. I'm sick of seeing walkers hit by bikers." - PNN

Also: stay on the sidewalks if you're going slower than traffic.


18 05 12 - 15:00

Swedenborg, for example, could be easily dismissed as a crank. Many people today would be dubious of the story, which Swedenborg promoted, that he had flabbergasted the queen of Sweden by relaying a message from her deceased brother. They would be even more skeptical of Swedenborg’s claims that he could visit souls in heaven. There, he said, he could see angels performing domestic chores, or ask about their sex lives.

But Swedenborg also had a rigorous scientific mind. He predicted the advent of airplanes and cars, he discovered the central canal of the spinal cord, and he recognized the existence of neurons. His keen curiosity about the relationship between mind and body fueled his interest in dreams — he went through a period of vivid, ecstatic dreams — and his interpretations presaged the work of Freud and Jung.

Many people considered Swedenborg’s claims to have traveled to heaven and hell blasphemous. But he was writing during a tremendously exciting time for science — he was a bit younger than Isaac Newton — as well as pseudoscience, like alchemy. Actual physical exploration of the spirit realm thus seemed, to some, a realizable ambition, given the pace of human progress. - "Spiritual Seeker’s Quest, From Blondie to Swedenborg," by Mark Oppenheimer, The New York Times


I understood how it was that music came into the life of a musician; like a friend. Always present and always available, but never pushy, in a sense. But always there and available. As a working musician, as a professional musician, the way in which I worked changed because of that insight. Instead of rushing around looking for other bright ideas – Robert is going to create some music – it would be truer to say that the music creates the musician than the musician creates the music. The quality of music is always present. So I work on craft. For example I continue to develop my attention to be relaxed, to be in a place where music can more freely play the human instrument. There is a creative impulse, and if I were insensitive, I wouldn't be aware of it. So, I have to develop my sensitivity. If I were tight and tense, I wouldn't be able to respond to that impulse, so I train to respond very quickly to an impulse. And this becomes simply the way in which one lives one's life. Can one live in a relaxed fashion with sensitivity and attention present? And, if one can, one is on the way to being a successful carpenter or musician or book seller or whatever. It doesn't matter what. It comes back to the quality at which we function as a human being. A musician has hands, a head, and a heart. How do they function? How do they work together? The discipline of being a musician and the discipline of being a human being are exactly the same. There's really no contradiction. - Interview with Robert Fripp in Guitar Player (1981)

An ideal revealed by eroded materiality

18 05 12 - 00:37

But some of the planned talk, at 5 p.m. in Chapman's Irvine Lecture Hall, will focus on one of his other strange results: that a long series of gentle or "weak" measurements can reveal information many physicists consider off limits, forbidden by the nature of physical reality.

These weak measurements, Aharonov said, suggest that the present is a kind of collision between information from the past and from the future.

And it could well explain another bizarre effect in quantum physics. Subatomic particles can appear to be in two or more places at once; in reality, Aharonov said, a given property of the particle, say, its spin, might be separated from the particle itself.

He calls it it the quantum Cheshire cat effect, a reference both to Lewis Carroll and to a famous physicist, Erwin Schrodinger. - OCR

If an order exists between impetus and event, it might well look like a bridge between past and future.

Arranged marriages: better than chaotic divorces

17 05 12 - 12:37

Most Westerners may think the concept of arranged marriage is backward or antiquated -- and if you watch the old Indian movies, it can come across that way: two people meet once, or not at all, before their wedding day and then are forced to make a marriage work without even being consulted about their partner. In my family, at least, that was rarely the case. My parents met and spoke before their wedding day in India and were asked whether they each saw a future with the other. - CNN

Not as demonic as portrayed.

Entitlement and its discontents

17 05 12 - 12:34

The common denominator among compulsive shoplifters is an acute sense of deprivation, whether or not money is scarce, according to Terrence Shulman, an attorney, psychotherapist, and author of Something for Nothing: Shoplifting Addiction and Recovery. A former shoplifter himself, Shulman also runs a recovery Web site at Through exchanges with almost 3,000 shoplifters, he has found that "people who steal have this feeling of: I have been taken from. The question they're asking is, 'How can I make up for what I feel has been taken from me?' Stealing offers—at least momentarily—relief, peace, and completion. For a few minutes, they've made life fair again."

This is true even among the rich and famous. "I can only speculate about Winona Ryder's personal issues," says Shulman, "but shoplifting is rarely about money." A celebrity is as capable as anyone else of feeling life hasn't treated her fairly, he explains. The content of the distress may be different from that of an ordinary person—"If I were just a little prettier, I would have gotten that role" or "Why didn't I win the Oscar?"—but the underlying feeling of being wounded, being deprived, is there. - OWN

Excellent metaphor for liberalism.

I'm addicted to heron.

17 05 12 - 09:04

Watch live streaming video from cornellherons at

The death of Easter Island

16 05 12 - 09:49

A signed stone recently discovered beneath one of the heads held a petroglyph of a Polynesian style canoe, and a clue: It was meant to signify identity, Van Tilburg said.

“It was meant to identify that statue either to a family group of people or a subgroup, either carvers or the family unit the carvers came from, or beyond that, to the chief,” she told The giant sculptures were most likely relatives and not guardians, in other words.

Later sculptures were far more realistic and individualistic, she noted, which also reveals something about the changing culture, as native peoples moved from highly controlled fiefdoms to a society allowing for more individual expression.

Read more:

When a society has identity in an idea, like culture or heritage, it lives; when it resorts to collectivism (social in-group) or individualism, it fragments and dies. The two are sides of the same coin.

New Monarchist commuity

16 05 12 - 08:09

For all those who support the monarchist, aristocratic, and/or feudalist worldview.

Organic Society

15 05 12 - 09:35

What might its founding principle be?

I believe in the benefits of localism as a more traditional economic model. We’re trying to revive an understanding of the dignity and capacity of the person who becomes a steward of free-market principles. Localism is natural to agriculture. In Nebraska, we have a growing desire among the next generation to farm, but some don’t have access to the types of capital and landholding necessary to get their foothold. We should encourage an entrepreneurial movement that gives young people the chance to work the land without a lot of overhead getting in the way of their start-up. We need to reconnect farmers to families, urban to rural, and strengthen local economies, while upholding the extraordinary success of production agriculture as well. - TAC

And so:

Conway ends by quoting Mill’s Representative Government in which the philosopher observed: “Free institutions are next to impossible in a country made up of different nationalities. Among a people without fellow-feeling… [e]ach fears more injury to itself from the other nationalities, than from the common arbiter, the State. Their mutual antipathies are generally much stronger than [their] jealousy of government.”

Mill is one of the most important figures in liberalism, yet one rarely hears this paragraph quoted today. One of the strange things about "diversity" is that, as it has become a moral cornerstone of people's worldview, people who call themselves liberals will sacrifice almost any freedom to defend it. - The Telegraph

Liberals want absolute individual freedom. This requires no standards; if there's a standard, including reality, the individual is restrained by it. The ego wants more, and more.

Denial of truth about nationalism

14 05 12 - 11:19

This isn't about race -- it's about a peoples' right to exist without being ground into grey, cultureless, neurotic, oversocialized drones like the rest of them.

Look, there is no need for Americans to stop living in denial. Race has been in the DNA of America since its founding. Slavery. Formation of our precious U.S. Constitution. The Civil War. Reconstruction. Jim Crow. The turbulence of the Civil Rights Movement. Integration. Busing.

Pick the subject and we've had to contend with the issue of race. I was only speaking truthfully to what so many Americans love to ignore.

But hey, don't believe me. Here is what Republican star and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had to say about race in America on CBS's "Face the Nation" in 2011:

"It is a birth defect with which this country was born out of slavery; we're never really going to be race blind. I think it goes back to whether or not race and class -- that is, race and poverty -- is not becoming even more of a constraint.

"Because with the failing public schools, I worry that the way that my grandparents got out of poverty, the way that my parents became educated, is just not going to be there for a whole bunch of kids. And I do think that race and poverty is still a terrible witch's brew." - CNN

Oil and water don't mix, so blame water or oil. Don't blame the mixing.

Wong's career at the Globe came to a screeching halt in the fall of 2006, after she wrote a front-page article for the Globe in which she posited that the fatal shooting at Montreal's Dawson College, as well as two other school shootings in Quebec, may be related in some way to the fact the shooter was not of pure Francophone stock.

She suggested that while the shootings were carried out by mentally disturbed individuals, "all of them had been marginalized, in a society that valued pure laine," using an antiquated term for French racial purity in Quebec. - CTV

Attempt to tell the truth and society goes into a panic until the witch is driven out.

Born bad

12 05 12 - 16:27

Is the soul in the mind, or in the body? And if so, when the body breaks, does the soul go bad?

Does it even exist?

Michael’s problems started, according to his mother, around age 3, shortly after his brother Allan was born. At the time, she said, Michael was mostly just acting “like a brat,” but his behavior soon escalated to throwing tantrums during which he would scream and shriek inconsolably. These weren’t ordinary toddler’s fits. “It wasn’t, ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I’m frustrated’ — the normal things kids do,” Anne remembered. “His behavior was really out there. And it would happen for hours and hours each day, no matter what we did.” For several years, Michael screamed every time his parents told him to put on his shoes or perform other ordinary tasks, like retrieving one of his toys from the living room. “Going somewhere, staying somewhere — anything would set him off,” Miguel said. These furies lasted well beyond toddlerhood. At 8, Michael would still fly into a rage when Anne or Miguel tried to get him ready for school, punching the wall and kicking holes in the door. Left unwatched, he would cut up his trousers with scissors or methodically pull his hair out. He would also vent his anger by slamming the toilet seat down again and again until it broke. - The New York Times

Either way, when someone is born broken we can see it.

Why do we tolerate them? Anesthetize, euthanize, try again.

Mix It Up at Home

12 05 12 - 15:49

Did you need more insanity?

"Mix It Up At Home" is a new program designed to make people stop being hypocrites. We want to mix up the neighborhoods, so there are no "white" neighborhoods and so the Trayvons of the future can go anywhere without being racially profiled as "not being from around here."

We're watching and we're counting. If all your neighbors are white, and you don't have many who are of a different skin color, religion, gender or sexual preference than you, then you're not mixing it up. - Mix It Up At Home

Famous Anus User "Dave" may be behind this.

Alternate history

12 05 12 - 15:42

Wonder if it's true?

Or -- how much true it is.

In 1880, Harvard University’s Peabody Museum of Natural History published The Auriferous Gravels of the Sierra Nevada of California, by Dr. Josiah D. Whitney, state geologist of California. In this book, Whitney documented extensive discoveries by California gold miners of advanced human artifacts and anatomically modern human skeletal in undisturbed Tertiary deposits. According to modern geological reporting, most of the discoveries occurred in Eocene river channels, capped by solid layers of Miocene latite several hundred feet thick. The discoveries attracted the attention of scientists worldwide, but were rejected primarily because they contradicted the then emerging Darwinian picture of human evolution. With the discovery of prehuman Pithecanthropus in the early Pleistocene of Java, a human presence in the Tertiary was considered theoretically impossible. For archeologists and historians of archeology operating from the Darwinist perspective, the California gold mine discoveries make no sense at all. But for archeologists and historians of archeology operating from the alternative perspective of the Puranas, ancient India’s historical writings, which posit extreme human antiquity, the California gold mine discoveries do make sense. Further investigation is possible, because several of the artifacts remain in the collections of the Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology, and from old records, it has been possible to relocate some of the mines from which the artifacts were originally taken. - Michael A. Cremo

It makes sense that humans were around and advanced far longer than we narcissistic moderns like to think. But how long? That's the degree of truth question.

Good definition of liberals v. conservatives

01 05 12 - 08:57

Contemporary American-style conservatism and liberalism are merely two faces of that intelligible beast, (Eighteenth Century) Classical Liberalism. Its vision says the substantive unit or entity in politics is strictly the individual, and the freedom of the individual is the primary good after which society and government seek. Since, therefore, the term “society” indicates nothing more than a numerical aggregate of the individuals in a given area, then the only purpose of government must be to defend the potentially infinite number of “private” interests of these loosely gathered individual freedom-maximizers.

American-style liberals and conservatives simply emphasize two distinct elements intrinsic to this vision: one insists that the “right” to unlimited wealth accumulation follows naturally from the freedom of the individual and that this right is only expressible if certain other freedoms are limited so that the literal place of the market can be stable and reliable (and therefore a relatively predictable place in which wealth — the value of a dollar — can be relied upon); the other insists that the individual’s freedom consists primarily in self-fashioning and that the self can only enjoy this free play — its individuality — if it can know that society is stable, ”equal,” and reliable enough that the products of the individual’s free play (the self made by the pure, autonomous will of the individual) will not have any material consequences. - Letter from a Traditional Conservative

Useful division: moderns are all liberals, but they take two approaches to liberalism.

Breivik needs you as a pen pal

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Anders Behring Breivik
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Trayvon died for our sin

01 05 12 - 07:33

How many people know what Trayvon died for?

He died for our sins. Our sins of talking up diversity in public, then running away to white suburbs in private.

You can't tell me that our leaders are living out their ideals. They all send their kids to white private schools, live in white neighborhoods, go to white churches...

"Mix It Up At Home" is a new program designed to make people stop being hypocrites. We want to mix up the neighborhoods, so there are no "white" neighborhoods and so the Trayvons of the future can go anywhere without being racially profiled as "not being from around here."

We're watching and we're counting. If all your neighbors are white, and you don't have many who are of a different skin color, religion, gender or sexual preference than you, then you're not mixing it up.