Parasite of the Day

31 12 11 - 09:23

A blog we all can appreciate:

I've written asking if they'll include parasites of humans that are humans, and just got the following response:

Regarding your suggestion - oh I have heard that many a times. I will give you the same reply that I always do when confronted with that suggestion: to lump the human low-lives you mentioned such as apathetic hipster douchebags, cynically self-serving politicians, hateful corporate-sponsored media talking-heads with what we scientifically (as opposed to socially) classify as "parasites" is to besmirch the fascinating organisms that make a living inside other organisms.

Parasites hail from multiple and disparate taxonomic group across the tree of life and they have evolved all kinds of fascinating and downright ingenious ways to ensure they complete the perilous journey which is their convoluted life-cycles, bypass the lethal gauntlet of their host's defenses, and navigate through and make a living in or on the milieu of their host's body. I hope one of the message that I try to get across through the blog is that being a parasite is really hard work! I would not want to taint the title "parasites" with those countless douchebags who take such a drain on our lives and our societies.

It's hard to argue with that. Quite elegantly written as well.

Anal sadism

31 12 11 - 07:42

Definition of ANAL SADISM

the cluster of personality traits (as aggressiveness, negativism, destructiveness, and outwardly directed rage) typical of the anal stage of development - Merriam Webster

This might explain some of those death metal lyrics. Or just be more psychobabble to keep you from ever blaming the external world for its failings. After all, the above constitutes a "one size fits all" diagnosis of any dissent. Typical of psychiatry.

Proctological humor

31 12 11 - 07:26

This was our communication to the owners of said sign:

Greetings from,

We love your sign.

As fellow fans of proctological puns, we named our website ANUS for "American Nihilist Underground Society."

Your sign is quite inspiring. As a sign of solidarity, we are all wearing latex elbow gloves into the New Year.

They were kind enough to write back:

I'm humbled by your tribute. Thank you for recognizing humor, some of the others don't get it.

Feel free to send messages of support to Tampa Proctology.

Win free books

29 12 11 - 13:12

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  1. Go to the Arktos Facebook page.

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Free Weev

29 12 11 - 09:52

Free Weev: Andrew Auernheimer, security researcher under attack.


28 12 11 - 15:37


Instigator: Are you open-minded?

Well-intentioned Zombie: Yes...

Instigator: Blow this goat!

Well-intentioned Zombie: OK...


Instigator: Are you open-minded?

Nihilist: I'm what I appear to be.

Instigator: If you're not open-minded, you're a racist.

Nihilist: I am what I am; you're the one calling me a racist.

Instigator: I never called you anything!

Nihilist: Then why did you bring up racism? I didn't mention it.

Instigator: I'm going around testing people for racism.

Nihilist: Please leave me out of your witch hunt.

Instigator: But racism is bad!

Nihilist: It may be. But I don't want to be part of persecuting people for their beliefs.


They try to control your mind through binary morality.

The correct response is to deny not all morality, but the binary nature.

I do what is right -- it is not as you define it -- thus I keep focus on the bigger notion, which is doing what is right.

Let them burn in the bitterness of their own souls while you go do something fun.

Obituary's charity saves cats

28 12 11 - 14:57

Donald and Heather are committed to caring for feral cats in more than 20 spots or ‘colonies’ each day, 365 days a year. This also involves continually practicing Trap-Neuter-Return and using spay/neuter to control the population of free roaming cats in our area.

The ASPCA endorses Trap-Neuter-Return as the ONLY Humane and Effective manner of managing free roaming cat populations, and so do we! In caring for so many cats on the streets, we find many abandoned cats, especially in the current economy and college area that we are working in. Often they are in need of health care, some need extensive treatment. The MM works with our vet and local clinics to the sick and injured cats we find, and networks with the wonderful rescues and shelter in our city to help find homes for friendly, adoptable cats and kittens. We strive to provide medical care as needed to sick or injured feral cats so they can be returned to their outdoor homes to live happily and comfortably. The MM embraces a no-kill ideology and strives to treat sick and injured cats without euthanizing cats based on financial considerations or testing positive for infectious diseases. We also believe that any cat or kitten whose life will be impacted by the results of a "positive" test deserves to be retested as these results are not always correct the first time, and sometimes with a time a cat will clear the antibodies or virus. They don't euthanize MLB players for testing positive!

We believe all cats deserve a second chance as much as it is possible, keeping the cats quality of life & prognosis of course in primary consideration. - Obituary


Realism about re-production

28 12 11 - 04:24

Every now and then, realism intrudes from an unexpected source:

You ask people what are the factors that influence their attraction to someone and they think in terms of body type, appearance and personal traits. But the circumstances and the context in which we live play an enormous role in who we are attracted to.

Proximity is first and foremost. Whether we are talking about romantic relationships or our close friends, most of us would have very different intimate relationships if we had gone to a different college, worked in a different building, lived in a different apartment or joined a different gym. Similarity is another one. There is this “opposites attract” theory but there is not a lot of support for it scientifically. Similarity seems to influence who we end up with both in terms of similar interests and backgrounds, but also similar appearance level and similar physical characteristics. If we look at online dating, people don’t just send emails to the most attractive profiles. Instead, people who are highly attractive tend to send emails to other folks who are highly attractive. People who are more moderate in their levels of objectively rated attraction tend to send more emails to other people who are in that moderate level. It’s like we have an implicit sense of who is “in my league.” Similarity and proximity are hugely important, but I’ve actually gotten booed before in class when I’ve said that. People think that conclusion renders love less real and meaningful, but that’s not what I’m arguing. - Salon

People find others like them so that they can be more like themselves. Or in other terms, to evolve into being a higher level of what they are.

Don't cry about your dead kid

27 12 11 - 15:13

For all the hype, this paragraphs tell you all you need to know:

A state website shows that 15 registered sex offenders live in the park that numbers about two dozen homes. Plumadore is not on Indiana's registered sex offenders list. He has a criminal record in Florida and North Carolina that includes convictions for trespassing and assault. - Yahoo

There's so much wrong with this that I can't even begin to process it. Over half of the trailer homes in your trailer park have sex offenders, and you're keeping your kids around there? As always, the sins of the parents are visited onto the children, often through inconvenient orifices.


27 12 11 - 07:47

Don't fall for it.

If every generation has a moment where they adopt a rose-colored perspective of the people and pop culture of its past, the 20-somethings had their turn in 2011.

Those who came of age in the '80s and '90s now span the demographic that's exiting college or creeping into their 30s. As they do so, various cultural outlets are recreating or referencing the TV shows, movies, fashion and music on which they were raised. - TPNN

Nostalgia is crazy for many reasons:

  • Backward-facing. When you admit nostalgia, you are expressly denying "the best is yet to come." There is a time for denying that; when you are elderly. Then you enjoy what you have done. Until then, while nostalgia "feels" like it has great emotional significance, it is a deception like the emotions of advertising.

  • Mind control. When others get you to repeat their symbols, jingles and ideas, they are re-enforcing these ideas in your head. It's no different than what they do in boot camps around the world, or in torture chambers. They are replacing your mind with their agenda.

  • Pure marketing. They took you the first time around because you were a child and children are not fully mentally formed. This time, they'll get you when you're weak and longing for how simple (and illusive) the world of childhood was. Fool you once, shame on me; fool you twice, shame on you...

  • You're missing out. While you throw your time, money and emotional energy into a giant trash can marked NOSTALGIA, stuff is happening right now that you want to be part of. Possible new avenues or discoveries; even possible greatness. And yet you voluntarily deny it, for a few trinkets.

Generation X got saddled with nostalgia because their childhoods were shattered by the rise of divorce, loss of family unity, the collapse of modern civilization and other problems. They learned over time: nostalgia just takes your time, replaces it with warm fuzzy feelings, and in the morning like a light frost they melt away.

You can learn from this and avoid it.

Individualism versus Unity

27 12 11 - 07:19

From a time past:

For employees at Perkin-Elmer, the vow of secrecy was considered a mark of honor.

"We were like the guys who worked on the first atom bomb," said Oscar Berendsohn, 87, who helped design the optics system. "It was more than a sworn oath. We had been entrusted with the security of the country. What greater trust is there?"

Even wives — who couldn't contact their husbands or know of their whereabouts when they were traveling — for the most part accepted the secrecy. They knew the jobs were highly classified. They knew not to ask questions.

"We were born into the World War II generation," says Linda Bronico, whose husband, Al, told her only that he was building test consoles and cables. "We all knew the slogan 'loose lips sink ships.'" - AP

Not today; we're too individualistic.

To us, expressing ourselves is more important than doing anything.

And unity? Outdated, say twenty million useless hipsters.

Instead, we're all going to do our own thing.

And hope no one else gets their act together, because they'll have us for lunch.

Happy Holidaids!

25 12 11 - 08:04

From "Happy Holidaids"

I can haz Merry Christmas?

25 12 11 - 05:05

Whether or not you are Christian, it makes sense to enjoy what is now a cultural holiday that brings many people joy.

Of course, I may want many if not most people dead, but that's immaterial -- for now. Perhaps Santa will bring me a worldwide intelligence and character filter.

If I have one spiritual statement, it is adualism. There is no separation between this world and any others. They are logically contiguous. This statement is not in opposition to any religious belief except dualism, which means all religious interpretations that can be monistic are speaking my language.

With that in mind, I can echo the words of Meister Eckhart, namely that if you wish to offer a prayer, a simple "thank you" -- for the amazing experience of life itself -- is enough. And if you are a non-theistic monist as myself, you can offer it to the trees and spirits and other progenitors of life.


23 12 11 - 08:38

The outrage over SOPA is stupid and foolish. SOPA is a bigger version of the DMCA, which allows copyright holders to yank content from sites. In this case however, SOPA allows copyright holders to point out that some domains do nothing but serve up pirated material. Is SOPA a stupid idea? Yes, in that there are better ways of handling this. What is SOPA primarily? Government pandering to lobbyists who don't want to pay for the high cost of enforcement otherwise.

However, the whole debate misses a huge point:

Major Internet companies have formed a united front in their opposition to the Protect IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act. Well, almost. One exception has been the domain registrar GoDaddy. In an op-ed published in Politico shortly after SOPA was introduced in the House, GoDaddy applauded the bill and called opponents “myopic.”

Now furious Internet users at reddit (owned by Advance Publications, which also owns Condé Nast) have organized a boycott of the registrar. - Wired

First, Redditors are stupid. If life has failed you and you want to make excuses, you go to Reddit, which occasionally attracts intelligent users for the news content but is almost entirely populated by teenage burnouts who refuse to take responsibility for their own slop-ass failed lives.

Second, there is no single webhost or registrar in America who will not succumb to this simple hack: make up a plausible name of a law firm, buy a disposable cell phone, and send yourself a registered letter in the name of that law firm claiming that a web site has pirated material on it. The webhost will remove the material or more likely, close the account; the registrar will freeze the domain name.

In fact, GoDaddy has been known to yank domain names from a simple phone call.

Our problem here isn't SOPA, but the fact that in general, our society pays attention to complainers and uses that as an excuse to yank a range of content. Who really cares about the pirated content? It belongs on darknets anyway. The true censorship occurs when "outraged citizens" use "people power" to cause public-attention-wary companies to yank any potentially "offensive" content.

SOPA will at best interrupt piracy for six months before being rescinded.

Broad rules

21 12 11 - 05:46

We see a problem, and then the lobbyists for that problem get in our faces, so we cave and grovel and pander, and the result are broad rules that miss the actual point:

The U.N. General Assembly on Monday adopted a resolution condemning the stereotyping, negative profiling and stigmatization of people based on their religion, and urging countries to take effective steps “to address and combat such incidents.”

No member state called for a recorded vote on the text, which was as a result adopted “by consensus.” - CNS

How much longer can the charade go on? We act as if all ideologies were the same, which is our way of saying that soon we'll make them the same. We take complex mixed elements and convert them all into the same flow of McDonald's, Coca-Cola, hippie ethics, pornography, political correctness and consumerism.

The basic statement of this resolution is "Tolerate all religions, so we can mix them all and thus destroy them." Only the fools think it means that their religion will be respected, but that's not even what they want. They want the ability to pull out the magic AH-HA! GOTCHA! card that calls the other party racist, sexist or worse, and thus lets the perceived victim get away with whatever they were doing. It's a get-out-of-jail-free card for parasites.

Overly broad rules fail for two reasons. First, they don't distinguish between the parasites and the honest religious people out there. Everyone gets a free pass. This will be most used by the dishonest. Second, they ignore that differences exist. If we were all the same religion, we wouldn't "need" such rules. By treating all as one, we force a gray norm where brilliant colors once stood.

Massively Affective Computer Inexorably Nourishes Theatrical Overtures of Self-Aggrandizing Hipsterism (M.A.C.I.N.T.O.S.H.)

19 12 11 - 07:40

Point. Click. Fail.

It's interesting that Apple has segued into making touch-tablets and other forms of adapting the video game interface to simple tasks from daily life.

They're getting away from what they're terrible at, which is letting people use complex interfaces for complex results.

In their path, they leave massive wreckage: emosexuality, indifference, hipsterism, glamour drama, and other forms of effete modernity.

It's not enough to simply call them emosexuals. They wish to rape your soul. And for only twice market price.

A great man fallen

18 12 11 - 22:52

Here at ANUS, we love all dictators.

They understand a divine wisdom: humanity is a means to an end.

Humanity as an end in itself is an unterminated question. It asks itself perpetually in tautological form what it wants to do. It doesn't know. So it manufactures internal drama and the cycle goes on, circular logic ad infinitum.

Genius minds like Josef Stalin recognized that people were like clay to be molded into greater things. And if you trimmed some extra clay, so what? The normal person does nothing that particularly binds them to this life. "Not wanting to die is your (only) reason to live."

King Jong-Il was another spectacular dictator. Like other critics of the society of humans-as-the-goal-of-humanity, such as school shooters, Ted Kaczynski, Pentti Linkola, Friedrich Nietzsche and others who truly saw that society was a massive failure, Kim Jong-Il shaped his people like clay. He made an empire where none was before. And if they starve? The piercing pains are just that much more meaning to life, much more than they would find while sitting in a Brooklyn apartment getting obese on fast food and imported wine between scintillating stints at their day jobs as designers or press release supervisors or whatever make-work crap passes for important in capitalism these days.

We will miss you, Kim Jong-Il. You were one of the few who understood. We must oppress ourselves or we degenerate. In this way alone, all dictators are closer to heaven than the average human could ever dream of being.

Why nationalism?

17 12 11 - 14:43

The problem here, as always, is liberalism.

Liberalism has demonized honest nationalism, or the desire to have one's own people ruled by an ethnic-cultural entity instead of a managerial state.

As a result, you get ongoing racial antagonism -- brought on by diversity, which in any form (race, ethnicity, religion, values, culture and even class) produces divisive communities that eventually fragment -- which becomes racism, or the substitute for honest nationalism.

If liberals in metal had any brains (they don't) they would stop demonizing nationalism, which before the rising tide of liberalism from 1789-2009 was the dominant force in world politics, and allow it to take over and purge racism from our lives.

Of course, that does not mean that every person is welcome every where at every time. Some of us will prefer to live among the people most like us, for a number of reasons, the first being that identitarian societies are the most stable, the least divisive, and the most conducive to retaining positive genetic traits.

That's fine. The world has always had places for mixed-race societies, however, they're all in the third world. If you look at places like Brazil, Mexico, Iraq, and the former Soviet republics, you can find plenty of areas that accept liberal ideologies and the corresponding manic need for "equality" including ethnically-mixed societies.

The rest of us, who have read history and realized that diversity of any form is a society-wrecker much like liberalism is, are not insistent on equality. We would rather just rise above than have society force others to approve of us and treat us as equals just because we're human.

As world liberalism reveals that it, indeed, is merely a shadow pawn for globalism, more people are dropping out of the politically correct mentality. These people are interested in honest nationalism, not racism, and to demonize them is to eliminate some of the best people of earth from your potential friend group. - originally posted on some blog

Retardation is equal too

16 12 11 - 23:42

If we were really enlightened... -- no, wait, that's not it.

If we were really cool fellows... -- closer, still not it.

If we were Christlike social mavens... -- colder.

If we were part of the herd, we'd be telling you all about how (a) you are a victim of society (b) it doesn't understand you (c) the situation is rectified by fewer obligations to you with more gifts by society for you. And if that doesn't work, we're all going to agree that reality is different from how it is, form a political group and take power, then crush those who point out that our new Emperor has new clothes that don't exist.

The sacred cow of democracy, freedom, liberalism, etc. is equality. Not just of end result, but in how we approach others. We are supposed to treat them as if they are all so equal that all ideas are the same and therefore no one is ever wrong. That's true freedom.

The result is that we have popped the idiots, charlatans, manipulators, retards, liars, perverts and cruel bastards to the top of the stack, and deprecated those who have any depth of intelligence, long-term vision, or profund integration to their thoughts.

Contrary to the ideal of a completely engaged electorate, individuals who have the least interest in a specific outcome can actually be vital to achieving a democratic consensus. These individuals dilute the influence of powerful minority factions who would otherwise dominate everyone else, according to new research published in the journal Science.

"The classic view is that uninformed or uncommitted individuals may allow extreme views to proliferate. We found that might not be the case," said lead author Iain Couzin, a Princeton assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology. He and his co-authors found that even a small population of indifferent individuals act as a counterbalance to the minority -- whose passion even can cause informed individuals in the majority to waver -- and restore majority rule. - Science Daily

And we have the proof daily:

The study most often cited by behavioralists was undertaken in 2007 and published in 2008. Two researchers at Texas A&M Corpus Christi decided to test the mental-accounting theory. They recruited 141 students and asked them to pretend that they had received a tax refund. Then the researchers​—​one an accounting professor, the other an economist​—​gave them all a questionnaire (or “the instrument,” as social scientists call it, sounding scientific). The questionnaire asked the students how they would use the rebate if it was given in a lump sum. Would they invest in stocks, pay off their credit cards, use it for monthly bills, buy furniture or some other durable good, or save it up so they could blow it on a vacation later?

Then the students were asked to pretend the refund had been given them in monthly increments. How would they spend the money then?

And there the experiment ended. The two researchers pored over the answers their students gave and concluded that they had established a truth about the behavior of the human animal. People will spend different kinds of income differently. They keep mental accounts!

They got up a paper and published it in the Journal of Economic Psychology. “Results confirm,” they wrote, “that monthly refunds stimulate current spending significantly more than yearly refunds.”

And so the Obama administration designed its tax cut accordingly. “It’s a policy that works with people as they are,” the New Yorker columnist wrote, “rather than as we imagine they should be.” - Weekly Standard

We don't spend much time Obama-bashing here because it's like stealing candy from children. Facts:

  • He is the least-qualified president in American history.

  • We know the least about him of any president.

  • He is connected to shady underworld figures like Reszko and Blagojevich.

  • He embraces an ideology that the majority oppose (cultural Marxism).

  • Most people voted for him out of novelty: he's black!

  • He and his wife are effectively disbarred lawyers.

It's pointless to bash Obama because it's not his fault he's in over his head and arrogant. He's arrogant because our Affirmative Action educational maniacs gave high praise for relatively non-important work. He's over his head because his experience is as a community organizer and advocate. He's not the right guy to be president and never was, but the voters disagreed with this relatively obvious observation. But why blame him? He just took advantage of the stupidity. Blame the stupidity instead!

Listen carefully to the Republican debates, and you get a view of the type of society many Republicans seek. The last time we had it was in the Gilded Age of the late 19th century.

It was an era when the nation was mesmerized by the doctrine of free enterprise. It was also a time when the ideas of William Graham Sumner, a professor of political and social science at Yale, dominated American social thought. Sumner brought Charles Darwin to America and twisted him into a theory to fit the times.

To Sumner and his followers, life was a competitive struggle in which only the fittest could survive - and through this struggle, societies became stronger over time. A correlate of this principle was that government should do little or nothing to help those in need because that would interfere with natural selection. - SFGate

This article is a hit piece on Social Darwinism, which is a cornerstone of the right. It's not in any way a mis-interpretation of Darwinism, unless we assume that society magically stops the natural selection process. It states that we should favor the most competent over the rest, and design economic and social systems to do that for us, so that we don't get swamped in incompetents.

In other words, so we don't get swamped with the kind of reckless idiots who would elect the unqualified Obama.

People aren't turning to Social Darwinism out of some kind of inner cruelty, although the SFGate article tries to make sure you don't come to that conclusion. People are rejecting the opposite of Social Darwinism, which is liberalism, in which we replace natural selection with forced equality. In forced equality, no one has to be the loser. Everyone is OK. And so, why be smart at all? Idiots thrive under equality and die out under Social Darwinism.

You can imagine which way they're going to vote on this issue.


06 12 11 - 19:27


Logical fallacies

05 12 11 - 06:49

When I look back over the kids who went into higher education, the ones who went to top schools never bothered memorizing logical fallacies.

The ones who went to second-tier state schools seemed to spend a lot of their time doing it.

In general, the smarter the organism, the fewer rules you have to teach it -- you teach it goals and a vocabulary of argument.

If it's dummyland, you teach lots of rules -- it's a compensatory behavior.

Suppose Fred glances out the window and says: “The ground’s wet outside. It must have rained.” He’s given an argument. What should we think of it? We could say:

Oh dear, what a mediocrity poor Fred is. He is evidently arguing as follows: If it rains, the ground gets wet; the ground is wet; therefore it has rained. If he’d ever taken a logic class he’d know that he’s just committed the fallacy of affirming the consequent!

Yes, we could say that, but (to paraphrase Haldeman paraphrasing Nixon) it would be wrong. It is simply unreasonable and, indeed, unjust to accuse Fred of committing so blatant a fallacy when an alternative construal of his argument is easily available. For while Fred could have been reasoning deductively and committing the fallacy in question, it is more likely that he was reasoning inductively, along something like the following lines:

When the ground is wet outside, rain is the usual reason, though occasionally there are other reasons, such as flooding. The ground is wet outside right now and there is no reason to think these other causes are operative, and good reason to think they are not. So it is very likely that it has rained.

Obviously this is a perfectly respectable piece of probabilistic reasoning, and what logicians call the “principle of charity” requires that we assume that Fred had something like this in mind rather than the fallacious alternative interpretation, unless we have strong evidence to the contrary. If we fail to do so, we are guilty of the sort of illogicality of which we would accuse Fred. - Edward Feser

Logic does not exist outside of context, nor does anything in this universe. It's all connected. Deconstruction is the hobgoblin of little minds.

More Christmas/Hannukkah/Kwanzaa/Solstice (CHKS) shopping

05 12 11 - 05:51

You have to do it, and you'll wait until the last minute. What can help you? Mail order.


Holiday Shopping: Black Front Press

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Butt chugging

02 12 11 - 12:17

In addition to using tampons, the broadcast also stated that teens are taking part in "butt chugging" where alcohol is consumed rectally with a beer bong or beer funnel. "Butt chugging" seems to be done to avoid having alcohol breath. - KPHO

See the video also.

First person to butt chug while huffing jenkem wins a prize.

Original edition of "Against Democracy and Equality"

01 12 11 - 09:45

This is the book that made Tomislav Sunic well-known in the New Right, now on sale for an absurd price.

USians, this works out to about $19. I think this is the hardcover edition. It's a bit more hardcore than the recent media-friendly edition.

Men's Rights articles

01 12 11 - 09:43

Almost reads like a poem.