Awash in the Unwashed

30 06 11 - 12:25

John Russo's chemical lab in North Kingstown has been growing in recent years, even despite a deflated economy, and he expects to add another 15 to 20 positions to his 49 employees over the next year.

But the president of Ultra Scientific Analytical Solutions has found himself in a vexing spot, struggling to fill openings that require specialized training in a state where the jobless rate is close to 11 percent, the third-highest in the nation.

"It's very difficult to find the right person, and there's all walks of life trying to find jobs. I honestly think there's a large swath of unemployable," said Russo, whose firm manufactures and supplies analytical standards. "They don't have any skills at all."


Educators and business leaders say that a "college for all" mentality is no longer realistic, if ever it was. Many positions - known as "middle-skill" jobs - don't require a degree from a four-year institution. The Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce estimates there will be 47 million job openings in the decade ending in 2018. Nearly half will require only an associate's degree. - MSNBC

We are awash in the useless. There is no shortage of need for those with actual skills. The bulk of the unemployed are those without any skills, those we keep forcing into colleges who don’t belong there and who are devaluing college degrees for the rest of us.

Cities won't save us

30 06 11 - 11:07

Here’s another reason that the love of money is the root of all evil: a new study from Aalto University in Finland shows that spending is not just bad for your pocketbook, but for the environment too.

In a paper released earlier this year, researchers discovered a strong correlation between the consumption of goods and carbon footprint, noting that as income increases, so do greenhouse gas emissions.

For years, it has been widely accepted that living in a city – with its public transportation systems and closely-spaced housing - is more environmentally-friendly than living in the countryside.

But when the scientists compared the greenhouse gas emissions of people in Finland living in concentrated metropolitan centres and those in less dense surrounding suburbs, they found that, contrary to popular belief, there’s little difference.

In fact, there’s nearly no correlation between where someone lives and their CO2 emissions, according to Jukka Heinonen, the lead author of the study.

What matters is how often they open their wallets. -

I wonder if this applies to poor people buying a ton of junk at Wal-mart, using social services and driving junkers.

Not very PC, if so.

Two views of the universe

30 06 11 - 09:53

Person 1: It's unfortunate things are that way, but we have to plan for them to be that way.

Person 2: It's not right that things are this way, so let's insist they change.

Liberals and other Crowdist-dominated people (including most conservatives) think that our best policy consists in manipulating people toward the right answer.

Conservatives realize that not only does human nature not change, but it varies from individual to individual, and natural selection to improve human nature is our highest priority.

Well, here's one from the Archives of Internal Medicine that most certainly did get published. It's an analysis of an old clinical trial, STEPS, which was conducted for Neurontin (gabapentin) during the 1990s.

But that's not quite right. The authors find, by analyzing a large trove of documents released during lawsuit discovery proceedings, that STEPS was not really intended to be a clinical trial. Instead, it was a marketing program:

Documents demonstrated that STEPS was a seeding trial posing as a legitimate scientific study. Documents consistently described the trial itself, not trial results, to be a marketing tactic in the company's marketing plans. Documents demonstrated that at least 2 external sources questioned the validity of the study before execution, and that data quality during the study was often compromised. Furthermore, documents described company analyses examining the impact of participating as a STEPS investigator on rates and dosages of gabapentin prescribing, finding a positive association. None of these findings were reported in 2 published articles.

Here's more at Medscape. STEPS was allegedly a Phase IV post-approval trial, but it was unblinded and pretty much uncontrolled. Instead of taking place at a small number of centers, it seems to have been set up to enroll as many physicians as possible (they ended up with 772!), with each of them bringing in a handful of patients.

This is an extremely foul technique, which brings the companies who use it, the entire drug industry, and the whole idea of clinical research into disrepute. For money. I feel like spitting on the floor. - In the Colon

He is a delusional liberal.

If you make something profitable, it will be gamed. You therefore need a better system of self-control than "it's science, so it must be sacred, so occasionally we should poke around to see if cheating is occurring."

If you concentrate power, cheating will occur.

The conservative view is simply that cheating will occur, so we need to be very skeptical about science and make it jump through a lot of hoops to prove both accuracy and relevance.

Divinity hiding everywhere

29 06 11 - 13:59

Hide it in plain sight, and they'll never guess:

Crows remember the faces of threatening humans and often react by scolding and bringing in others to mob the perceived miscreant, according to a new study published in the latest Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Since the mob members also then indirectly learn about the threatening person, the findings demonstrate how just a single crow's bad experience with a particular human can spread information about this individual throughout entire crow communities.

Given that crows have impressive memories, people who ruffle the feathers of these birds could experience years of retribution. - And sodomy? And sodomy.

The universe is an unsolved equation.

Some parts are deterministic... 4 = 4, for example.

But on the whole, it's growing, a plant stretching toward the sun.

As a result, it blooms intelligence everywhere, if only us intelligent (yee haw) beings are able to witness it.

Bad science

28 06 11 - 20:50

They tell us the key to bad science is finding cause/effect, not correlation.

Statistics tell us that one out of every four girls aged 14-19, and one out of every two black teenage girls has an STD. Each year, almost 750,000 teen pregnancies are reported, and 82% of those pregnancies are unplanned. Clearly, we have reason to worry. But telling girls not to have sex - our approach for so long - is a useless and, let's face it, insulting effort. When you deny an entire segment of the population an essential part of who they are, a part they have full right to, they often wind up using it in a self-destructive manner rather than as a natural part of their development. In other words, if teenagers getting STDs and becoming pregnant and acting out sexually is a cultural problem, then stigmatizing teenage sex only makes it worse - much worse. - Too Much Psychology Today

Like most liberal blather, this is incoherent, but there's so much wrong with it most people don't even bother to explain.

It's like talking to a six-year-old who wants to get to the moon on his tricycle.

Her first assumption is that sex is natural and we need to do it all the time, and that what's natural (including urges like rape) should be celebrated because it's natural. Tautological natural law is good by liberals, but actual natural law is a "fallacy" according to their propaganda.

Her second assumption is that the results of sex by teenagers -- by definition clueless -- are somehow ameliorated by acceptance.

Her final mistake is assuming that encouraging people to promiscuous or other short-term-mindset behavior does not wreck a society. It does.

In short, this woman is an overeducated retard. Speak in short sentences.

Source of the Crowd: narcissistic parents

28 06 11 - 20:33

Proles follow a basic pattern: demand rights, breed until beyond carrying capacity, then blame the leaders/business/God for their failings.

Despite all the fond notions you see in movies, read in books, or hear from friends/internet morons, this is the pattern proles always follow unless oppressed.


When proles go down this path, they create social chaos and Idiocracy. They start this by destroying any values, goals, ideals or even customs held in common by people. Proles do this so they are not accountable, because if there are no standards, nothing a prole does is wrong, and nothing is their fault.

It's like using society as the ultimate crap job, where you steal all the office supplies, waste all the time and still get paid. Proles think that doing this is really brilliant, even though it's a complete waste of everyone's time.

The problem with cutting the center of society out however is that people become lost. They no longer have a guideline that says what is right, to be socially appreciated, but they've got a big popularity contest in which the competition is fierce. Most people, even good people, lose out to the dramatic types.

This whole situation puts two pressures on children:

  1. Coldness. The world is an uncaring place in which even doing good is unnoticed. Doing popular is noticed, but that's guesswork to some degree.

  2. Social competition. People are externalized into needing social affirmation, and without it, they are considered lost.

This produces bleak people who need social affirmation; because they're bleak, and have no hope of actual reward, they manipulate for short-term reward:

A parent can be a mixture of these types and often that is the case.
Although brief, the following will explain each type.

The Flamboyant-Extrovert: This is the mother about whom movies are made. She's a public entertainer, loved by the masses, but secretly feared by her intimate house partners and children. She's the show biz or stage mom and is all about performing. She's noticeable, flashy, fun and "out there." Some love her but you despise the masquerade she performs for the world. You know that you don't really matter to her and her show, except in how you make her look to the rest of the world.

The Accomplishment-Oriented: To the accomplishment-oriented mother, what you achieve in your life is paramount. Success depends on what you do, not who you are. This mom is about grades, best colleges and pertinent degrees. But... if you don't accomplish what she thinks you should, she is deeply embarrassed and may even respond with fury and rage.

The Psychosomatic: The psychosomatic mother uses illness and aches and pains to manipulate others, to get her way, and to focus attention on herself. She cares little for those around her. The way to get attention from this kind of mother is to take care of her. This kind of mother uses illness to escape from her own feelings or from having to deal with difficulties in life. You cannot be sicker than she. She will up the ante.

The Addicted: A parent with a substance abuse issue will always seem narcissistic because the addiction will speak louder than anything else. Sometimes when the addict sobers up the narcissism seems less but not always. The bottle or drug of choice will always come before the child.

The Secretly Mean: The secretly mean mother does not want others to know that she is abusive to her children. She will have a public self and a private self, which are quite different. These mothers can be kind and loving in public but are abusive and cruel at home. The unpredictable, opposite messages to the child are crazy-making.

The Emotionally Needy: While all narcissistic mothers are emotionally needy, this mother shows the characteristic more openly than others. This is the mother you have to emotionally take care of which is a losing proposition to the child. The child's feelings are neglected and the child is unlikely to receive the same nurturance that he or she is expected to provide for the parent.

If your parent had some of the above traits, it is important to note that they were not born that way. They likely had their own insurmountable barriers to receiving love and empathy when they were children. - Psychology Today

The above is in lieu of the excellent article on narcissism and pickup artists/men's rights activists that's in the August issue of Psychology Today.

Notice what these people described are like: focused on the self, as seen through the eyes of others.

This produces people who use society for their own purposes, with no intention of contributing to the group. They are, in other words, free riders.

So, of all the negative emotions, anger is different. As some researchers have noted, anger is, in some ways, more like a positive emotion than a negative one because anger can make us feel bigger, stronger, and more capable. Thus, it is not surprising that people find it easier to deal with anger than to deal with sadness, guilt, anxiety and other negative emotions.

What this translates into is: when a negative outcome occurs (e.g., failing an exam, a financial loss, break-up with a significant other), we find it easier to blame others than to take the blame because it is easier to deal with anger. Over time, the habit of blaming others leads to what may be called the "entitlement mindset."

At first, it can feel good to adopt the entitlement mindset. It can lead you to feel powerful and strong. Further, those with an entitlement mindset may find it easier to get their tasks accomplished. As the saying goes, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." So, if you have an entitlement mindset and you express anger and frustration and complain a lot, others will cooperate-but only for a while. Sooner or later, the entitlement mindset becomes your trap.

People will discover that you are difficult to deal with. So, they won't cooperate with you. But because they are afraid of invoking your anger, they won't tell you to your face that you are difficult to deal with; they will just talk behind your back. So, on the face of it, nothing will have changed. People still listen to you politely when you get angry and worked up. But, you will find it increasingly difficult to get things done; obstacles to your progress will seem to appear from nowhere and from unforeseen quarters. - More Psychology Today

Entitlement types are like narcissists or sociopaths "lite"; either in training, or not fully gone over to The Dark Side, they nonetheless exhibit the same behavioral tendencies.

You can see how the above leads to Crowdism: a bunch of entitlement types get together, and get sick of other people pulling away, so they decide to force them to interact with the entitlement types. That requires forming a Crowd, and making laws about equality.

The end result is that everyone decides to be every man for himself, and they sabotage the society they have in common:

Results of public goods contribution games in the laboratory seem robust (start at 50%, decline to 0% over time). I run this test every semester in my classrooms to explain the conflict between self-interest and the social good. Looking at the problem from a distance, students have a hard time understanding why people fail to contribute. But once they are in the shoes of the decision-maker, they under provide the public good themselves.

How we play this game is as follows: Let say there are 20 students in the classroom. I give each student 4 cards, 2 black and 2 red. The black cards are worthless. What counts will be the number of red cards.

Every student will make a "contribution" decision. Red cards determine the level of contributions. I go around and collect two cards, face down, from each student. They have 3 options: They could give me 2 red cards (contribute totally to the public good), 2 black cards (contribute nothing to the public good) or 1 red, 1 black card (contribute half of the endowment to the public good).

Each red card they keep in their hands is worth 10 points. This is like a dollar left in our pocket instead of in the musician's hat. Each red card contributed to the common pool is worth 5 points. Once the contributions are collected, the total sum is given back to everyone to enjoy.

On the one hand, if everyone contributed both red cards, the common pool would have 40 red cards (20 people, each having given 2 red cards). That is 200 points for everyone's consumption, and that's the social maximum.

Remember, though, that there is no exclusion from the consumption of the good. So an individual will be able to consume it even when she hasn't contributed to it. Unfortunately this leads to the free-riding phenomenon: individuals want others to contribute, and they want to keep the red cards to themselves.

From an individual's point of view, the other 19 people giving both red cards up will be worth 190 points. With 2 red cards at hand, the individual collects 210 points. But people catch up on free riding, and everyone starts keeping the red cards in their hands instead of contributing, and everyone ends up with 20 points. - Even More Psychology Today

As the game goes on, we all game the game.

The result is a society falling apart from the center outward.

Narcissistic parents, who raise narcissistic kids, are products and perpetuators of this decline.

Everything disgusting in the world -- scenesters, poseurs, hipsters, con men, sociopaths, parasites, predators and Crowdists -- has the roots of its justification in narcissism.

To a narcissist, it's most convenient if we see everyone as equal and every decision as equal.

That way:

"It's my choice, and it's equal, so it's your job to clean up the mess"


"That's just your opinion, man, so let me keep doing this stupid stuff so you can clean up the mess"

Are such common refrains in our inward-looking, self-aggrandizing, pointless society.


28 06 11 - 13:51


With the "Shift-Key Mod", you use the shift key to signal the software from an unused part of the Apple II Game port. The Port can address four separate hand controls and three hand-control pushbuttons of which only two of each are used by the standard game paddles and joysticks. This leaves unused two hand control inputs and a hand-control pushbutton input. The "Shift-Key Mod" exploits the address of this remaining pushbutton input. In practice, software supporting the modification first reads the character value at the address of the keyboard. Then, since joysticks use pushbuttons #0 and #1, the software reads the state of the address of pushbutton #2 (PB2). If the PB2 address is operated then the software simply makes the keyboard value represent uppercase.

To keep things in perspective, please note that this does not modify the Apple II to display lowercase nor enter lowercase characters into your programs when the II is in its native 40-column mode. To read the shift key's new address, the Apple II must have special software; without it, the II stays in 40-column mode. Most 80-column cards have firmware to read the address and display lowercase when in 80-column mode. When coding, you can easily enter lowercase characters into your own program's output strings with 80-column cards supporting the modification. However, when the program runs in 40-column mode, lowercase characters will appear as "garbage" characters. Adding the reasonably-priced "Lowercase Character Generator" on the motherboard allows proper display of lowercase characters in 40-column mode. Apple Writer also supports lowercase character generators. - APPLE COMPUTER, INC. NO HOMO


Open Office blows

27 06 11 - 14:25

People love to bitch about those who do something right.

While Microsoft Office is far from perfect, there is no easy substitute for it. Nothing comes close, and nothing comes close to Microsoft Word for all-around usefulness.

You'd think that from the way people talk, it would be easy to make a program better than Microsoft Word. Yet... we have lots of free alternatives, and none that come even remotely close.

Every time I say this, some idiot pipes up with, "But haven't you tried Open Office?"

Yes, yes. Everyone has tried Open Office. Somehow, computer science geeks think it's great; everyone with any actual experience in writing long documents knows it's an unstable turd.

"But I've never had any problems?"

So... what do you write? Long docs, formal docs?

"Yeah, I wrote a few papers, some recipes, a letter and I've got my science fiction novel in the works! I'm up to chapter 2.5!"

OK, then. Never really tested the software. That's why you like it: you like the idea of it (free Microsoft Office replacement, oh wow) but you have not paid attention to the reality, which doesn't live up to that.

Now others are discovering this too:

The IT department of the city of Geneva in Switzerland is about to stop its four-year use of open source email clients and OpenOffice, an open source suite of office productivity tools, and revert to the previous, vendor dependent solutions.

According to the 20 Mins news item, the city's IT department, the Department of Urban Environment and Security (DEUS) explained that the decision to migrate back to proprietary IT solutions followed a review that concluded that replacing OpenOffice was the best solution in terms of efficiency and sustainability." - OSOR

Open Office flaked out on them, and so they're replacing it with something that costs money. When you pay people $50 an hour or so, suddenly that $500 program is not all that expensive.

After all, they've probably spent many nights trying to hammer documents into working shape using Open Office, only to find a lack of technical support, an application that's broken, developers who are hostile to investigating questions and blame the user, etc.

Remember this the next time some brightly helpful idiot recommends "Just install Open Office, problem solved!" to you.

I don't know, yet I know

27 06 11 - 07:41

We have divided society from government, and so we hope to keep society in line by restraining or enabling government.

What if we know something is just wrong, and would rather fix it without government?

Watching violence on television or TV before bedtime can lead to sleep problems for preschoolers, according to a new study in the journal Pediatrics. Experts have known for some time that too much TV time can negatively impact our sleep, but this new research finds that what young children watch and when they watch it can make a difference as well. - PNN

OK, that makes sense. Their explanation makes less sense: violent images seem to either disturb people or make them numb.

Imagine if we lined the streets with giant TV screens showing alternately hardcore porn and execution videos?

People would be all screwed up in the head.

Then there's this:

The Supreme Court has struck down a California law that would have banned selling "violent" video games to children, a case balancing free speech rights with consumer protection. - PNN

Yeah, no one likes the idea of censorship. You've all been provided copies of George Orwell's 1984... at your state-run or state-regulated schools. Whoops.

But the point is, if something is destructive, when do we as a society -- not necessarily government, but all of us working together, or at least the smart ones -- do something about it?

Or do we keep bickering about my-right-to-everything versus geez-guys-this-is-a-bad-idea-i-think?

Common sense is fascist

26 06 11 - 18:00

They call anything with consequences fascist.

Two groups that are dominating our society: those who care about consequences (fascists) and those who care about feelings (anarchists).

The feelings people want warm fuzzies, happy days, etc. just because they say so. They don't realize that you make happy by making stable, sane, clean, wholesome and good. Or rather they do, which is why they try to destroy such things. "I cannot have your pleasant world, so I will smash it!"

The consequences people are fascists, all the way from the moderate democrats to the Nazis to the extreme super-far right, which is the Platonists, Hindus and Schopenhauerians like me. We read Aldous Huxley and realize that no event is too small to have wide impact, and we either crush all delusional insanity and replace it with clear thinking, or we get taken over by morons.

The morons have banded together to oppose us. They fear any logic that demands we pay attention to the consequences of our actions, not just happy feelings about what might happen.

Receding into ourselves

25 06 11 - 11:14

Igarashi has a new identity (and plenty of company among young Japanese men) as one of the soushoku danshi—literally translated, "grass-eating boys." Named for their lack of interest in sex and their preference for quieter, less competitive lives, Japan's "herbivores" are provoking a national debate about how the country's economic stagnation since the early 1990s has altered men's behavior.

Shigeru Sakai of Media Shakers suggests that grass-eating men don't pursue women because they are bad at expressing themselves. He attributes their poor communication skills to the fact that many grew up without siblings in households where both parents worked. "Because they had TVs, stereos and game consoles in their bedrooms, it became more common for them to shut themselves in their rooms when they got home and communicate less with their families, which left them with poor communication skills," he wrote in an e-mail. - Slate

No mention of not wanting to deal with a dying culture or its commercial parasites.

Why recede into self? The outside world is a horror. Inside, we can control it, so we withdraw to the within.

The problem with this is that it mirrors the process that got us into this mess in the first place.

When do the mature people mature?

25 06 11 - 03:19

Dunno how it was for you, but when I was a kid, adults always whacked us with the "maturity" thing:

  • When you're mature, you'll understand this.

  • It's an acquired taste, you know, for mature people.

  • You're so immature. Just grow up and (do whatever sucky thing they want).

  • A mature person would see it differently.

Of course, we knew it was a con job. "Mature" was their way of saying what I want want, God Damn It, and Right Now or you're grounded.

My question is: when do all these "mature" people grow up and start dealing with, instead of blowing off, the issues of our time?

The Texas Senate early on Wednesday passed a measure pushed by Governor Rick Perry aimed at cracking down on cities that provide sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

"Drug traffickers and transnational gangs should think twice before they step foot in Texas," Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, who presides over the Senate, said in a statement. "Prohibiting sanctuary city policies will make the apprehension, detention and deportation of dangerous criminals more uniform -- keeping us all safer and Texas more secure."

The measure now heads to the House, which passed a similar bill during the regular legislative session that ended May 30. That measure died because Senate Democrats blocked it. But lawmakers are now in a special legislative session, and since different rules apply, Senate Democrats were unable to stop it this time. Both chambers have Republican majorities. - Hemorreuters

Gosh golly, what could this be about?

Rick Perry's possible presidential campaign, for one.

But even more, the knowledge by white voters that they are being replaced by imported voters:

Across the USA, white voters know they're being replaced if they let it happen.

Since the 1965 Hart-Celler act, immigration from non-white countries has begun to demographically supplant the white American population:

They also know that, whether he's succeeding or failing, black support for Obama does not waver, suggesting that identity politics plays a higher role.

In fact, the worldwide pattern is that ethnic and/or cultural groups vote for and support "one of their own." Samuel Huntington portrayed this reality in his brilliant Clash of Civilizations. - Houston Conservative Examinerrhoid.

This is from an article I posted on, which is a "more mainstream" (and probably mature) site than this one, thus reaches a lot of people we cannot reach through

The point is, dear mature adults, that immigration depletes the source countries of a population they need. It's also a tool of one political party to dominate the other here. As usual, every person is aiming at personal profit and ignoring the consequences. The truth is that people would be happier without immigration. But that's not officially matureTM so we'll never hear that.

Instead, it's more maturity with the Democrats telling us we're racist if we don't go along with their "one people, one world, one giant mall" order, and Republicans talking to us about freedom and liberty and why we need more nuclear weapons.

If this is maturity, let me out.

You can read the whole article here.

Crush the skull of a baby boomer

23 06 11 - 07:09

Actually, someone just about did:

The owner of Boardtown Bikes in Starkville is in stable condition after being struck by a car while cycling Sunday in Clay County.

Jan Morgan, 57, was cycling with a companion on Highway 50 west of Highway 46 in Clay County around 10:30 a.m. when she was struck from behind by a car.


The Mississippi Highway Patrol identified the driver of the car involved in the accident as Robbie Norton, 44, of Cedar Bluff. No charges have been filed against Norton. - The Dispatch

Before you make like the greebos gathering at blogs and social networking sites to "protest this injustice!!1!," consider this:

Bikes don't belong on highways.

Highways are designed for cars and trucks. We let motorcycles on them because we need the donor organs (I guess). A bicycle on a highway is taking a huge risk, especially if the rider is a self-entitled self-righteous Baby Boomer who thinks that just because she wants to ride her bike on a road, everyone should wait for her!

Even if traffic is moving past at 55 mph.

Let's looker deeper:

He said the accident happened with the women traveling under the speed limit and in her lane. She did violate the 3 foot law but that is just a misdemeanor. She will be charged with the misdemeanor in the county court and it carries a max of 1 year in county jail and maximum $1000 fine.

He said the witnesses were deposed and they all confirmed that the women did not run from the scene. When she ran over Mrs. Morgan the second time she was trying to pull the car to the side of the road to get it out of the road. He said the defendant was panicked. So, she wasn't drunk, speeding, nor did she run from the scene. Those are the felonies she could have possibly been charged with if the witness's portrayed the events differently. - The DA's response

Now you could get all emotional about this, or look at the facts:

On highways, cars go by at 55 mph.

A bike in the lane forces everyone to slow down and carefully edge past the bike; in other words, the bike is a traffic hazard.

For this reason, most bicyclists do not ride on highways. They use other roads.

Only a stuck-up idiot with a sense of entitlement would choose to do so anyway. It's contrary to reason.

But you could get emotional about it, instead of being logical:

Jan Morgan remains sedated in the Tupelo hospital, unaware of all that's happening around her.

She's unaware of the Clay County prosecutor's investigation into Robbie Norton, the woman who allegedly struck Morgan with her car while Morgan was cycling with a friend on Highway 50 near Pheba in Clay County May 22.

She's unaware of all the gaudy, high-visibility yellow worn Friday by Starkville residents and friends across the country in her honor and as a reminder to motorists to share the road with cyclists.

She's unaware of the concern, outrage, fear and activism her accident has inspired, but she'll be able to read all about it on Facebook when she wakes up.

Dr. David Morgan, Jan's husband and her co-owner of Boardtown Bikes in Starkville, has documented every step of Jan's unfortunate odyssey on the social networking website Facebook. He's using his wife's Facebook page, which is available for all to view, to provide daily updates on the condition of his "Little Darlin." - The Times Dispatch

This is the kind of crap that morons think is "good writing." It's like TV; it plays to your most surface emotions, the kind you share with a crowd at a football game.

In fact, most of the article lacks something... facts. It's a popularity contest, designed to get you riled up about an issue without knowing anything about it.

The fact remains: don't passive-aggressively force other people to slow down, delaying their daily commute, because you as an entitled baby boomer feel that others should make way for you.

Someone might accidentally call you on it. Here's to Jan Morgan never recovering, thus helping rid this planet of parasites.


Death to Jan Morgan. Death in pain. Death for being an entitled Baby Boomer.

None shall help her.

All who do help her are the enemy.

All who pretend to help her, and instead help her die, are blessed in the eye of Allah (forever holy may be his name).

More daily gross

22 06 11 - 12:41

Biology is brilliant. But humans are not the center of the universe, so it's not designed for our convenience. It has one goal: make sustaining life which tends toward intelligence..

A study suggests pillows used at home and in hospitals have been underestimated as carriers of infection such as potentially deadly super bugs.

After only two years, more than a third of the weight of a pillow is comprised of allergens made up from dead skin, bacteria, dead dust mites and their faeces. - The Daily Failololol

Nature's nihilism is that we must adapt to our environment, including "active" adaptation like cleaning our damn pillows.

Otherwise, opportunistic organisms -- which then have more will than us -- come in and make things icky.

Plus, faeces.

Crush the skulls of hippies

20 06 11 - 21:06

This bastard logic has infested our entire society because it is popular, only because like to think nice things about themselves, even if those have no bearing in reality:

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross once wrote: “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

My mother was beautiful in this way, and helped move me to compassion. World Refugee Day is a reminder that there is no "us" and "them." There is only us, one human family, connected in ways we sometimes forget. - MSN

This New Testament (after Souls of Black -- oh wait, not that Testament) horse shit is popular because it implies that those who suffer have some divinity we can all appreciate. In reality, it's a way of saying that misery loves company, especially those with a more profound kind of misery. If those more miserables are accepted, the regular miserables can feel accepted too.

Even more, we start seeing emotional solutions to life instead of practical ones. It's terrible you got gang raped and had your rectum used as an ashtray by a visiting army, but now you've found a deep inner peace and love. We are all one! How silly are these little things that divide us. If we could just realize -- vacant, soul-searching, stoned expression -- that we're all just ONE, man, we wouldn't need these stupid wars and shit. We'd all just work together.

If you haven't had enough stupidity yet, here's a hipster version of it:

Bringing a stone grasped firmly by the top
In each hand, like an old-stone savage armed.
He moves in darkness as it seems to me~
Not of woods only and the shade of trees.
He will not go behind his father's saying,
And he likes having thought of it so well
He says again, "Good fences make good neighbors." - Some I Live in New England. You Probably Haven't Heard of It guy

The implication is that it's neanderthal to build fences. We should all just get along instead. We erect barriers that divide us, and so we're perpetually the bad guys, feeling that other people are bad.

We're not one because we need to differentiate in abilities so that some become more intelligent than others. This entire universe is a filtration system to produce and retain intelligence; it shapes us with a reward system that benefits those who study reality, adapt to it, and then improve it. Until our ancestors learned to find shelter at night, it was bleak indeed; even better was when they abandoned leaf-nests and started living in caves or making permanent habitations. Even better was when they learned to produce fire, and then soap, finally modern plumbing and housing with hot water and climate control. Like a video game, life/nature/al-Jehovah set out a series of obstacles for us to master and rewarded us with more comfort in return.

But for growth and change to happen, some need to rise above and go make something better. That doesn't happen when we're all committed to tolerance and understanding. Indeed, being committed to tolerance and understanding is a full-time job. It leaves no room for anything but minimal technological innovation. Society stagnates while we try to be nice to each other, like a great cocktail party in Heaven.

The moronic hippies are just the most recent incarnation of this view. Its roots are far, far older. When we confront suffering and sadness in life, we either find a way to ignore them, or we find a way to make them significant -- such as seeing them as goals to beat, or means to an end that is bigger than ourselves. Crowdists, liberals, hippies, shopping addicts, prostitutes of all stripes, keep-up-with-the-Joneses MBA assholes, "banksters," and stoner doom fans all fit into the first of those two views.

The future belongs to those who transcend that. If we're lucky, life will reward us with a chance to crush the skulls of hippies and convert their miserable lives into a few moments of amusement (for us) and mortal terror (for them), which will in turn purify their souls of the fundamental negativity toward life that blighted their existences.

Unintentional trolls

20 06 11 - 13:17

Some of us spend large chunks of our lives trying to figure out how to drive other people into panic and rage.

Others just do it effortlessly without seemingly meaning to:

"Foreskin Man" is not a typical comic-book superhero, and neither is his choice of adversaries: doctors who practice circumcision and Orthodox Jews who support the religious ritual.

San Diego activist Matthew Hess says he conceived the Internet comic series last year as a way to boost his budding national effort to outlaw circumcision, an effort that has led to a measure on San Francisco's ballot in November that would make it illegal to perform a circumcision on a boy under 18.

Recently, though, the series has drawn criticism from those who deride Hess' imagery as anti-Semitic and liken Foreskin Man's confrontation with a sinister-looking Monster Mohel to 1930's Nazi propaganda.

In the comic's second issue, the mohel (a specialist in Jewish ritual circumcision) barges into a San Diego home, snatches a baby boy from his mother, and proceeds to circumcise the infant on a pool table before being stopped by Foreskin Man.

"The (Monster) mohel has a dark complexion, hook nose and is practically drooling at the thought of apparently doing harm to a child," said Nancy Appel, associate director of the Anti-Defamation League. "He even has claws on his fingertips. He is blood thirsty just like the grotesque Jewish stereotypes that appeared in Nazi propaganda. It's absolutely a direct parallel." - AP

This has comedy written all over it.

The left, who truly hate Jews for their disproportionate success, have been letting pro-Palestine and critical of Israel meld ever-so-gently with their hate the rich people vibe directed at Jewish-Americans.

The right may have used Jews as a mythological example of the undoing of their culture, but it was seen as a role in a vast grand drama, a vast tragedy. The resentment was practical and based on proximity in a nation-state when a national state was needed. When that condition lifted, the enmity did as well.

With the establishment of a Jewish nationalist state in Israel, much of the tension has reduced, but only over there. Here in the diverse (and thus, constantly failing) USA we're still fighting out 1943. Or 1861. Maybe 1789. Definitely 1968.

Over and over and over again!


The crowd scene

20 06 11 - 02:52

Life is life.

People who don't want to deal with it want to believe that life is whatever they imagine it to be.

They think this is empowering, beautiful, creative, compassionate and enlightened (etc).

The point is however that without a sound basis for that belief, it becomes a delusional addiction.

The delusional addicts form in crowds, hating those who may be succeeding in life without the illusion.

They reject all logical thought, and instead substitute emotion. Who cares about the consequences? Right now we feel good.

Jón has found the role highly stressful, becoming ill as he struggled with complex issues. He left school at 16 after a troubled adolescence, during which he was a heavy glue sniffer and was sent to a special boarding school. Giving a mayoral speech at an award to a social worker, he burst into tears, wondering if he was cutting the sort of services that helped him as a teenager. He was relieved to find he wasn't.

He describes himself as an anarchist, inspired by Gandhi, Tolstoy, Bakunin and the British punk band, Crass. His radio shows have included crank calls to the CIA and the White House, but he claims to have known nothing of politics beyond what he had seen on The Wire. "I just love fucking with narrow-minded people who take themselves too seriously. I really like to irritate arrogant people, all those authoritarian people who want to control what we say and do."

He has banned religious groups from city schools, dressed in drag to mark gay pride, and had the city's sky-blue crest tattooed on his left forearm. After his summer holiday, he plans to paint his nails, wear lipstick and campaign for great apes to be given human rights. "I might try resigning on a really minor issue that I get wrong, since no one here has resigned for all the huge things that went wrong."

Such tactics infuriate the traditional parties, who deride them as jokers and amateurs. "Because of their lack of experience, the officials have gained power, which is not a good thing," said Kjartan Magnússon of the conservative Independence party. "Also they said they would never raise taxes, which persuaded lots of people to vote for them, then put them up. They're just another old-fashioned socialist party." - The Retardian

Of course they are. Not all Crowdists are socialists, but all socialists are Crowdists. You have to be, to believe that taking competence out of the equation is beneficial. That's what socialism means -- no matter how incompetent you are, we'll make sure we support you.

Let's form a political party of rejects and freaks and claim we're doing things differently. We'll get a little break because our country just failed, which suggests it should be ruled by the Norwegians. But there is no accountability for a few years.

So out comes the freaky, the voters being dumb saps who are suckers for a gimmick fall for it, and these clowns goof around for a few years until they find someone to blame their failings on.

It's not really any different than what happens in the USA or any other democracy. The USA elected its president with the fewest qualifications ever in Barack Obama. He had literally done nothing except waltz through some government-enforced quotas. It's showing now.

Back in the 1970s, they elected Jimmy Carter, a true scholar with no concept of reality. Again we wonder what the voters were thinking. They weren't. They were reacting and so they got suckered by image and got a disaster of a president.

Europe is in the same fix. If someone shows up to promise them entitlements, they click the yes vote and go home feeling very empowered. Ten years later when all those entitlements bankrupt their country, they riot in the streets.

It's someone else's fault. It must be. Everyone in our crowd thinks so.


Copyright is babysitting for morons

19 06 11 - 05:35

The true right is a geek's best friend.

However, most geeks are oblivious to the humanities, and most "right-wing" politicians are neocons, or right-flavored leftists.

But the fact is, no one law for the ox and the raven will be fair.

In fact, it will be tyranny.

Mike and I shared disks at first. It wasn’t much of a bother. But in a moment of clumsiness his brother spilled a Coke on the stack of game disks. Most survived but a game we were currently playing became a sticky mess and would no longer turn. In desperation Mike cut open the outside plastic and carefully unstuck the magnetic disk inside. He washed the now very floppy bit of plastic under the sink and hoped it wouldn’t effect its magnet fields. I sacrificed a blank disk by carefully opening its shell to make a new home for the cleaned floppy. It worked! We were elated!

There was no doubt left. We needed backup copies. I bought a box of blank disks and we set out to make copies of the games we didn’t want to lose. Most of the early games copied easily. Going through the disks, however, made us realize that some of the two year old floppies were already worn out. They simply wouldn’t boot anymore.

None of the newer games, including the rehabilitated disk were copyable. The publishers called them “protected” disks. We saw them as unprotected from wear or another “Pepsi Syndrome.” Every time a protected disk failed I felt the publishers stealing from me again. - Geek nostalgia for early 1980s "wild west" hacker-style computing

Why does software need to be protected? Because most people will steal it.

But not all thefts are alike.

For example, I owned Immortal's "Pure Holocaust" on tape for over a year before I could purchase the album. During that time, I made... 50? 100? ...maybe more copies of parts or all of it.

When the CD showed up at the local record shack, it was a joy to buy.

Same way with many CDs I've downloaded in MP3 form. "I can't wait to get this in hard copy," has been the refrain.

In the same way, I've bought a fair amount of software over the years. Luckily Uncle Sam makes that easy if you're a business.

But spend $400 for Microsoft Office for the home? Not so certain.

Dish out $800 for Photoshop? Well, now this is getting insane.

The computer cost $900 in parts. Asking me to double that again is, well, stupid.

The $800 price is designed for businesses, and everyone else is going to steal the damn thing. Everyone knows that, including the software manufacturers. They in fact encourage it to a degree, since that's how they get new users.

A power user -- or an influential computer user, someone who knows what's up before others, and so they emulate him or her -- may "steal" the software, use it and talk it up and spread it around, and in so doing, convince another 50-100 people to use it, many of whom buy it.

It's sort of like flowers and pollen. You put out all this tasty nectar so that bugs come to raid it, snag your pollen and spread your raging seed through the plant kingdom. (The human equivalent of nectar is cocaine, apparently.)

Not all thefts are equal, because some thefts are a gateway to more use.

And some legally-defined "thefts," like making backups of your own software, should be rights. You bought the damn thing; you should be able to copy it.

Thankfully, we're past the days of disk-based copy protection routines. Now we have software that "phones home" for authorization codes. Each time you boot it up, it checks in with the manufacturer to make sure you're a paid owner. It's the same principle: what if I'm transitioning machines, and need the software on two machines at once for a few months? Somehow, law has come to oppose normal usage.

The truth is that there's a difference in users. Some people will steal anything they can, and never do anything constructive with it. They steal hubcaps, they steal taxes, they cut in line, they drive aggressively, they take advantage of drunk college women. These people are mild sociopaths, just entirely selfish. No society needs them. A sane society would exile or kill them. (Our society, in contrast, piles them up like bowling trophies.)

Other people "steal" as a means of making constructive use. This is how it was back in the 1980s: the hobbyists who tinkered wanted to explore all the software in the world. They had a good reason to -- they were the vanguard of computer users, and if they found something good, they passed it around. Many software empires were built on this very principle.

In the chaos it took almost a half-hour to find the kid who invited us. True to his word he brought over his EDD disk. Then said, “You only brought one disk drive? It’s going to take a lot longer to copy stuff that way.” I mumbled a little thinking, crap the first drive was $600! But he was right. Everyone had at least two drives. Still in shock I asked him the 80′s equivalent of WTF! He said it was just a group he didn’t know who started it but they meet once a month anywhere someone will volunteer their house. This month was his turn to host.

I asked him how one went about trading software. He looked at me like total noob but he smiled anyway. “See those lists.” he said pointing to 8 foot tall listings of fan-folded paper hanging ceiling to floor behind most of the computers. “Just look down the list, find the disk number, go to the box and take the disk. Then copy it and put it back.”

That was when I noticed the boxes. Big plastic shoe boxes from Target. Not the little desktop floppy boxes I was used to. Each person seemed to have two or three of these shoe boxes each with a hundred fifty or more floppies. The blank disks alone were worth more than the computers. But none were blank. They contained literally everything ever published for the Apple II.

I heard a guy looking down a list ask, “What’s VersaForm? I don’t have that.” The lists owner responded, “It’s a business thing. Never bothered to boot it though. If you have any trouble let me know.” In polite response he said, “I’ll copy it and make sure it works. Who knows, someone might need it.” Then off he went with the disk.

It was an odd exchange to witness the first time. The second time I simply smiled at the deja vu. Hearing the theme for a third time I noticed myself thinking, “Maybe I should copy PIE Writer just-in-case Dad wants to make a chart.” - A Macintosh will NOT give you AIDS, scientists say

Technically, it's stealing.

In reality, THESE people should be trusted -- their results is good, even if their methods are bad. Their intent is constructive, and they follow through on it, by stealing software and applying it to new and interesting concepts -- that's hacker culture. Ends over means.

Other people should not be trusted, because they're going to steal the software and use it for themselves, and do nothing else. Means over ends: people like this can ONLY be regulated by method, because their intent and results are always bad.

We need two different moralities in this society. One, for hackers, is that they can do whatever they want so long as they achieve good results; the other, for the people who cannot control their own selfishness, should regulate methods because their intent is always bad.

In the meantime, I'd like a "get out of copyright free" card please.

The modern fetus

18 06 11 - 12:05

At some point in every life, one accepts mortality and thus that one's time must have significance, and so journeys into adulthood.

In theory, this shouldn't be a bad thing; among other reasons, it's an INEVITABLE thing, as much a part of life as youth. Yet in our image-worshipping, youth-fellating, market-driven and shallow insincere society, we find it hard to admit we're mortal, that we age, and that we now are more responsible toward end results. That's associated with icky things like conservatism, civilization-building and other grand notions that deny the supremacy of the individual.

One other way to look at it is a transition from consumer to producer. When you are a little fetus, others produce and you receive. At some point, you leave behind that role and start shaping the world after your own mental ideals. You produce things that others consume because they are not yet ready to produce. Ideally at least, it would be this way.

You do that until you earn a rest in old age, and then vegetate for a couple decades before they compost you. During this time, you revert to being a consumer, but now you have the knowledge of the difference between the two, and so it seems consumption is not as much desired by those in old age.

The modern fetus comprises those who want to remain consumers for life. The hipster, for example, wants to talk about his favorite music and the projects he participated in, but never intends those things to be great. They're passing the time; he is the real show, the center of events. The irresponsible impoverished person is a perpetual child, never having figured out how to produce, thus wandering between "jobs" where his lack of initiative keeps him dependent on others for instructions.

Occasionally, these people band together and decide that, as consumers, they should dictate how a nation is run. We call this liberalism. The end result is that they stop looking foward, and cease thinking about leadership, and instead focus on dividing up what they already have. Time marches on, and soon they're irrelevant, at which point all that holds their little empire together is its shared belief in the supremacy of consumers over producers.

The cycle then begins again.


17 06 11 - 15:14

Japanese researcher Mitsuyuki Ikeda has developed a new kind of meatless burger made from soy, steak sauce essence, and -- brace yourself -- protein matter extracted from human excrement.

Ikeda's poop burger is literally derived from "sewage mud," which is just a nice way of saying that it was created from human waste. By extracting the protein and lipids from this "mud," Ikeda was able to take these components, add a reaction enhancer to them, and process the slurry into a meat-like product. Ikeda then added a steak flavoring agent, soy sauce, and food coloring to the mix, and voila, an imitation meat product that he says tastes just like real beef.

According to reports, the final meat-like product is 63 percent protein, 25 percent carbohydrates, nine percent minerals, and three percent lipids. - Fermented News


Global warming: saving us from ice ages

17 06 11 - 06:46

Nature loves irony. Not the kind of irony the hipster likes, which is the illogical dressed up as the novel, but irony as in a reversal of fate that becomes a gift:

Three independent studies of the sun's insides, surface, and upper atmosphere all predict that the next solar cycle will be significantly delayed—if it happens at all. Normally, the next cycle would be expected to start roughly around 2020.

The combined data indicate that we may soon be headed into what's known as a grand minimum, a period of unusually low solar activity.

The predicted solar "sleep" is being compared to the last grand minimum on record, which occurred between 1645 and 1715.

Known as the Maunder Minimum, the roughly 70-year period coincided with the coldest spell of the Little Ice Age, when European canals regularly froze solid and Alpine glaciers encroached on mountain villages.


"With what's happening in current times—we've added considerable amounts of carbon dioxide and methane and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere," said Pesnell, who wasn't involved in the suite of new sun studies.

"I don't think you'd see the same cooling effects today if the sun went into another Maunder Minimum-type behavior." - National Geographic

So, uh, ...why aren't we hearing more about this in the mainsteam media?

It doesn't fit the narrative, for starters. (The narrative is always: the rich fucked us, even while we overbred past carrying capacity. We're all equal; if anything went wrong, it was the people in charge, not us.)

But also it's too brain staggering for us to think. A great irony -- perhaps.

Even more, we're still afraid to admit that global warming is a symbol, a surrogate. We want one thing that symbolizes all of our mistreatment of the environment.

Of course, we forget to include slash and burn agriculture and overpopulation -- doesn't fit the narrative.

It's not global warming we should fear. That's a paper tiger. What we should fear is OVERPOPULATION which results in LAND OVERUSE which results in species depletion, destruction of natural ecosystems, and interruption of air/water/nutrient supplies.

But that's too much for TV, newspapers, magazines and political candidates.

Better to go talk about carbon caps -- it's just money, after all -- instead.

"Tasty mushrooms from dirty diapers"

15 06 11 - 11:29

For lunchtime reading!

Changing a dirty diaper isn't a fun job. Eating a diaper is even less fun, but luckily there is a fungi that can do just that.

Oyster mushrooms, Pleurotus ostreatus, can devour 90% of a disposable diaper within two months, observed Alethia Vázquez-Morillas of the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City in the journal Waste Management.

What's more, the mushrooms grown on diapers are edible. Vázquez-Morillas has dined upon them herself.

“They are cleaner than most of the vegetables you can find in the market, at least in Mexico,” said Vázquez-Morillas in an interview with the Economist. - Thrilling

While this is a nifty move, it only appeals to the dogmatic greens. Better to compost those diapers and grow the mushrooms elsewhere, and reduce land use. That last part alone is the only needed step.

At what point are we adults?

15 06 11 - 08:22

From the bleating terrified herd:

Sales of suicide kits, like the do-it-yourself asphyxiation hood used by a man to kill himself late last year, could soon be outlawed in the state of Oregon.


The newly passed Oregon bill was sparked by notoriety surrounding an elderly California woman who sells self-asphyxiation kits through a mail-order business, and the December suicide of one of her customers from Eugene, Oregon, 29-year-old Nicholas Klonoski.

Sharlotte Hydorn, 91, a retired science teacher and great-grandmother who lives near San Diego, says her product is intended to help people with incurable, fatal illnesses end their lives with dignity in their own homes.

The kits, which sell for $60 including shipping, consist of a plastic hood that closes around the neck and tubing that connects the hood to a tank of helium or other inert gas the patients supply themselves.

Critics, including Klonoski's brother, have faulted Hydorn for not screening potential buyers of her kits, which they say she peddles indiscriminately to customers who may be emotionally fragile, rather than terminally ill. - People Who Can't Code News

OK, let me ask this:

At what point are we adults?

I understand banning destructive substances. Meth should be illegal, and I don't want Sarin for sale at the grocery store.

However, we need to be able to buy guns, rat poison, knives, and chemicals for our lab kits. We need plastic bags.

At some point, we're going to have to be trusted as adults.

You trust us to vote, even though most of this population is mentally incompetent; you'll let us join the army.

You won't let us kill ourselves or terminate our own children. What? Why?

Human life is sacred, true, and death is scary. The best way to deal with that is to honor human life by clearing out the failed dead-wood, and to make death something we talk about honestly, when we do talk about it, which should not be constantly in bleating neurotic tones.

Instead, we've put the proles -- the food service workers, barristas, clerks, web designers and bureaucrats of the world -- in charge of this decision. Are you kidding?

We have seven billion, soon to be 12 billion, people on this earth -- and very few of them are over 115 IQ points, nice and decent people, with any kind of practical intelligence. We are worrying about the death of m

Let her sell the suicide kits.

Suicide sucks when someone good kills themselves; however, there is only one way to fix that: Our society is a nuthouse with the nuts in charge. If you want to stop unnecessary suicides, fix society. Then give more attention to the interesting but edgy cases.

But that takes real work, and real risk, while banning "suicide kits" is just great publicity for free.

Besides, a determined person will just find the methods file or read any of the books on the subject.

Kill off the baby boomers

11 06 11 - 12:40

When modern society becomes hell, people disengage.

Men refuse to consider marriage.

Kids don't leave the home.

People take menial jobs instead of having careers.

It backfires, of course; all that happens is they end up broke, bored and miserable living in their shitty one-room apartments, sending all their money to be someone else's profit. It's a dead-end game.

But in the meantime, we have created a truly self-hating society. Jewish self-hatred? It has nothing on modern society. We hate ourselves for being successful, but mostly we hate ourselves for being big saps who can't say no to anyone.

Not saying no means you have to hire every idiot out there, have to respect every mouth-breather for being human (and they usually have no other accomplishment than being born human), and have to wait in lines and in traffic while stupid people fumble through.

A dying civilization hates itself, and the children suffer the most:

So if my children — like so many of their generation — are lazy and feckless, then I concede that in many respects my solicitude and mad generosity have only encouraged this.

My liberal ways may have backfired, but perhaps the real problem is that being grown up doesn’t look very enticing. Out of a combination of kindness and indifference, my parents concealed the full horrors from me. But in my easy-going way, I’m afraid I could never disguise from my own brood the fact that the responsibilities of adulthood are offensively ordinary; tacitly to be avoided.

I scream most days about insurance premiums, broken washing machines, brown envelopes, insolent tradesmen, cleaning the kitchen floor, brown envelopes, picking up clothes, luncheons with Rotarians, brown envelopes.

Adulthood is when the lights go out. There is not an ounce of pleasure in it — this is the underlying theme of The Wind In The Willows and Peter Pan, of course. - The Daily Fail of Cock Huffer Island

What a miserable web we weave. And then we take it out on each other, instead of simply facing the truths we fear and fixing our society.

A story will abduct our consciousness

10 06 11 - 22:03

Bitter humans specialize in hating all of humanity instead of just hating the human failures.

"Hate everyone equally," they say -- that way, they are not judged for their individual failings. It's all or nothing.

Anyone saying that has something to hide.

On the other hand, there are those who demonstrate the best in humanity:

In one respect, the corpse flower truly is the living dead. Cultivated individuals almost without fail begin dying hours after the spathe unfurls. The titan arum here in BBG's conservatory is no exception. Around 10 p.m. on 29 May, its spadix collapsed. That devastated Niu, a BBG horticultural specialist, who had raised the titan arum from when it was a mere tuber. "She cried all night" after the spadix crumpled, Guo says. "It was like it was her baby." - Science Fag

This is for a corpse flower.

A story will abduct our consciousness; we get lost in the struggle of other life forms for adaptation and supremacy. Or just to live.

It's one of the things that keeps me liking humanity: that we give a damn, on some level, that all the good guys win.

At least, the good humans think that. The rest are too busy telling us how equal we are.

Paltrow normally tackles nothing more controversial than the latest macrobiotic diet or where best to erect a yurt in Southern England.

But Gwyneth says she felt compelled to address the provocative topic because of a statement her seven-year-old daughter Apple made one day when she came home from school.

'When my daughter came home from school one day saying that a classmate had two mommies,' she recounted in the newsletter, 'my response was, 'Two mummies? How lucky is she?!'

The Hollywood star - who is married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin, 34, also voiced her distress at a wave of homophobic attacks and teen gay suicides that occurred in America in recent months. - The Daily Anal Violation

Repeat after me:

We're all equal = I am afraid I am not equal

Quacks like Gwyneth Paltrow have too much money and time and no real purpose in life. Actors are, after all, whores. They mimic the emotions of others for money. If faking an orgasm is prostitution, acting is anal prostitution to the ninth degree.

They are like full-fledged versions of the drama queens most people become when they fear they are no longer, you know, "relevant."

Claudia Smith, 66, went into an Everything A Deal store in Oceanside, California and bought $2,200 worth of clothing for other customers.

She said that she had lived in San Felipe, Mexico, for several years and wanted to buy things for 'poor Mexican women'.

The San Diego Union-Tribune said some women blushed at the swear words Ms Smith used during her time at the store, while she also criticised men and dispensed nonsensical advice.

The 66-year-old did not reveal where the money had come from or why she decided to be so generous.

She told crowds outside the store: 'Here I am -- happy, joyous and free!' - More Daily Rectum-Finger

What a wonderful... nutjob.

Instead of investing that money in infrastructure, she gives it away in a method that makes her feel the most dramatic.

While using offensive language, because it's her moment... it's all about her.

These poor Mexican women are just her tools. She's using them as symbols of how free and generous she is.

In her neurotic failed life, which certainly includes a divorce and lots of drama, she has nothing.

So for a moment, she will feel like Jesus on the cross, and will put it all on the credit card she'll flake out on soon.

These are the people who want us to know we're all equal.

And then, there are those who simply want to root for the corpse flowers that gave it their all.

I know which group I always want to side with.

Distracting, irrelevant political scandals

08 06 11 - 15:23

If you find out a politician's a whore, it should take all of a half hour to depose them.

Or is democracy not the freedom we thought it was?

Handouts encourage parasitism

08 06 11 - 15:20

It's not Christian morality; it's not liberal morality; it's a state underlying both.

The proles in the West feel they are victims, which is a way of saying that want out of the stress of making decisions, yet they brought that stress on themselves by overthrowing a traditional order.

Seeing no solutions, they simply project onto others, as if trying to ensure that every other place is ruined in the same way they ruined their own native lands:

The locals were starting to pester us good style now. It happened almost every time we went into a place where Westerners had been working; people would be expecting us to give them stuff, and if we didn't, they hassled and poked. They were given so much aid from so many sources that in the end it wasn't something that they were grateful for; it was just something that they expected as of right. The best aid foreign nations could have been giving them was education, to show them how to be productive themselves. Instead all we did was give them six hundred tons of wheat to salve our consciences. But in doing so, we created a nation of takers, who were not contributing to their own country, their own economy. - A. McNab, Immediate Action, Bantam Doubleday, New York, 1995, p. 289

How wholly neurotic.

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Or even better: leave everyone else alone and let nature sort it out.

I've noticed a few things:

  1. Charitable types. Are there any of these that are not either bored stay at home Moms, simpering beta males with a deep inner hatred for their mothers, or people from completely broken backgrounds trying to "make a difference"? Notice that all of the above have something in common: their own lives are disasters. They want to tell you what to do, because you might be ignoring someone who is equal and therefore has every bit the same right as you to exist, except that they're failing at existing. So you should fix it, because it will distract all of us from our own inner failure. Our bodies are OK, our hands are busy, but neurotic souls inhabit these bodies, and that's why the West is full of people who want to "help."

  2. The internet is awash in the bitter. These take two forms: the well-intentioned and highly emotional types who want to make sure everyone is happy and everything is positive, and the bitter people who criticize everything they see unless it is their own thing. The first group hopes that they can find meaning in life by making others as neutered as they are; the second group hopes to cut your balls off with the threat of social ostracism, yet they tend to be people who are self-ostracizing because of their bitterness, tyrant attitudes and general lack of going anywhere in life. Ever notice these people are on the internet all the time? And doing nothing but expressing themselves? So what parts of life did they skip to be able to do that?

Beware the parasite. Not just out there; in yourself, lest you breed more of them.

Grace Bonney is a chimpanzee

07 06 11 - 20:06

We can tell our society is ruled by "false elites" and faux taste-makers when they cannot even complete a logical thought.

Grace Bonney, "celebrated" (by hipsters) author at Design Sponge, is one such case.

Recently a truth activist posted this on one of her threads:

I think all opinions should be heard, the good and the bad. Why does everyone have to like this? Why are positive comments the only acceptable comments? Shouldn’t there be some honest discussion about design standards on this “design” blog?

I think there is often an overly positive response to some fairly aesthetically dubious content on this website.

Summary: people here are too accepting of mediocrity, which they justify on the basis of the "positivity" of their comments.

Intellectual turd Grace Bonney responds with:

i’m not sure why you’re under the impression that negative opinions aren’t being heard. yours are both being published and read, no one is trying to stifle them, or your trademarked freedoms.

Summary: I'm going to pretend you were complaining about censorship, because that I can claim is not going on.

Except that she committed a logical fallacy here, of the type non-sequitur: she did not address the original point.

The original point was that a sick groupthink pervades the community where hipster idiots are praising each other's worthless projects.

Grace Bonney, in a stupor of her own creation, chose to interpret that as somehow about censorship.

That's a typical passive-aggressive hipster tactic, Grace. If you'd done that even in my intro philosophy classes, people would have suggested a PE major for you.

But probably like most other hipsters, you either faked your way through a "name" university by capitalizing on someone you knew or a special political exception category, or are hiding your own paltry education behind memorized "facts" that you claim show you can think.

However, the above example shows in black and white that you are a dishonest doofus.

Here's the original thread, in case anyone is interested.

International Day of Slayer -- June 6, 2011

06 06 11 - 12:16

Celebrate the Inter-National Day of Slayer on June 6, 2011.

Slayer is an emblem of metal: fast, powerful, still alien to the mainstream after 28 years.

If every other religious, ethnic and political group gets their own holiday, we deserve one too.

How to Celebrate

* Listen to Slayer at full blast in your car.
* Listen to Slayer at full blast in your home.
* Listen to Slayer at full blast at your place of employment.
* Listen to Slayer at full blast in any public place you prefer.

DO NOT use headphones! The objective of this day is for everyone within earshot to understand that it is the National Day of Slayer. National holidays in America aren't just about celebrating; they're about forcing it upon non-participants.

Taking that participation to a problematic level

* Stage a "Slay-out." Don't go to work. Listen to Slayer.
* Have a huge block party that clogs up a street in your neighborhood. Blast Slayer albums all evening. Get police cruisers and helicopters on the scene. Finish with a full-scale riot.
* Spray paint Slayer logos on churches, synagogues, or cemeteries.
* Play Slayer covers with your own band (since 99% of your riffs are stolen from Slayer anyway).
* Kill the neighbor's dog and blame it on Slayer.

Inter-National Day of Slayer Task Force

Intelligent design

05 06 11 - 18:46

Does intelligent design predispose an intelligent designer? I favor the notion of a systematic test system instead.

Quantum phenomena, it is generally agreed, take place in extremely tiny systems -- single atoms, for instance, or very small molecules. To investigate them, scientists must usually cool their material down to temperatures approaching absolute zero. Once such a system exceeds a certain size or temperature, its quantum properties collapse, and "every day" classical physics takes over. Naaman: "Biological molecules are quite large, and they work at temperatures that are much warmer than the temperatures at which most quantum physics experiments are conducted. One would expect that the quantum phenomenon of spin, which exists in two opposing states, would be scrambled in these molecules -- and thus irrelevant to their function."

But biological molecules have another property: they are chiral. In other words, they exist in either "left-" or "right-handed" forms that can't be superimposed on one another. Double-stranded DNA molecules are doubly chiral -- both in the arrangement of the individual strands and in the direction of the helices' twist.


The researchers fabricated self-assembling, single layers of DNA attached to a gold substrate. They then exposed the DNA to mixed groups of electrons with both directions of spin. Indeed, the team's results surpassed expectations: The biological molecules reacted strongly with the electrons carrying one of those spins, and hardly at all with the others. The longer the molecule, the more efficient it was at choosing electrons with the desired spin, while single strands and damaged bits of DNA did not exhibit this property. These findings imply that the ability to pick and choose electrons with a particular spin stems from the chiral nature of the DNA molecule, which somehow "sets the preference" for the spin of electrons moving through it. - Science Daily

Sit something in the dark for four billion years, and let it test itself exhaustively in all dimensions, and you get something brililant.

But that presupposes we're talking about events only after the creation of time and space, matter and form, subject and object.

Before that, an acausal space where many things are simultaneously true. A space of infinite intelligence.

It is unlikely to have a personality, per se, but a pervasive desire for harmonious order? Perhaps that.

And, of course, sodomy.

Planarian Nations

05 06 11 - 15:58

The Planarian Nations

Most people are probably too young to remember who they're satirizing.

Humanity are hamsters

05 06 11 - 14:49

After you're done driving around your blockhead-designed city today, dodging other people who can't drive although it's simple, idiots who must turn everything into a sales pitch even if it requires no such thing, governments administering contextless rules, and hordes of obese buying disposable consumer products while talking in loud voices, you probably need even more retardation to make you feel really human:

The Smurfs, the cuddly blue comic strip creatures loved by generations of children, are anti-Semitic and racist, treating blacks like moronic primates, a new book claims.


Under the guise of a "critical and political analysis of Smurf society", Mr Buéno's 'Little Blue Book' ruthlessly deconstructs the world of Smurfs (Schtroumpfs in French).
His stark conclusions are that the blue men created in 1958 by Belgian artist Peyo, real name Thierry Culliford, represent an "archetype of totalitarian society imbued with Stalinism and Nazism".


In the story, a Smurf gets stung by a black fly that turns his skin jet black, drives him insane and deprives him of speech. Soon the entire village has changed colour.

Mr Buéno said the story was clearly racist, as when the Smurfs turn black, "they are reduced to the state of primitives who get around by jumping and crying: 'Gnap! Gnap!'"


Mr Buéno also contends that The Smurfs' arch-enemy, the wizard Gargamel, comes across as a classic anti-Semitic caricature of a money-grabbing Jew, the book claims. "Gargamel is ugly, dirty, with a hooked nose (who) is fascinated by gold". - The Daily Retard

Well. That just slaps itself with a flipper while screaming A BA TA DID, doesn't it? Let's take a few incidents out of context, oversimplify them, and read lots of crazy stuff into a cartoon. Yes, cartoons can be propaganda injections. But maybe you'd better turn on the other 99.99% of them and see what they're preaching: everyone is equal (none shall rise above), everyone can get along, we all just need to love one another and sing kumbaya... while those who made the cartoons run away with the profits. Aha.

But it gets even dumber:

Planting trees to combat climate change is a waste of time, according to a study by ecologists who say that most forests do not have any overall effect on global temperature, while those furthest from the equator could actually be making global warming worse.


"To plant forests to mitigate climate change outside of the tropics is a waste of time."

The carbon dioxide used by trees for photosynthesis helps cool the Earth by reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. But forests also trap heat from the sunlight they absorb. - The Guardian

Yes, morons, forests trap heat. They also convert carbon dioxide and reduce the amount of land which is covered with concrete and reflecting heat into the lower atmosphere. Did they include this in their models? Hell, no.

Why did both of these utterly retarded studies/books get published?

For the same reason anything gets published:

There is a market for it.

A nice ironic news story! Stop planting trees, that's too hard -- buy green condoms and recycled rectal mats instead!

What makes us morons? That we're all scamming each other for bucks, and no one has an eye on the road.

Uselessness: you probably haven't heard of it

04 06 11 - 15:04

Hi, although some might call me a hipster (rolls eyes) I of course am not that, but I am an artist.

You probably haven't heard of it. We all need our place in this world, and you look like someone in one of those exciting material provider industries. Let me guess... agriculture, maybe? Or banking. You could be in finance. Nothing gauche like fixing pipes, or electrical wires, or woodworking, which is great in high school but I mean really not for me. I work in the arts and it's different.

I am also different. Where others lounge around thinking nothing profound, I make art from the unexpected fragments of a busy life.

Yes, it's true, you discover creativity in the damnedest places. A few scraps of modern life, and you have a whole new thing.

I was thinking about how much I like to be outside if there is something artistic there to accompany me.

So I had this cobbler's hook from one of my thrift store visits, where I bought it to spite my boyfriend at the time, and I had this flash of insight. I could use it as a candle holder.

The best way to do this is to hang the candle from flammable gauze -- that's edgy! -- and bolt the cobbler's hook to a fucking book, because of course that makes sense.

Voila! It's art and if you disagree, I'll have to unfriend you on Facebook.

Utterly Useless HIpster Art Project Whore

Kant, Plato, Schopenhauer, Krishna, Heisenberg

04 06 11 - 13:57

Modern science is a brilliant retard. It toddles on its little trisomy-21 twisted legs, grimaces its underdeveloped face, and then constructs a brilliant exposition of detail.

Then it wants a treat.

As we suffer through yet another round of the cosmic horseshit navel-gazing that passes for physics these days, this little nugget (ahem) catches the eye:

TWO of the strangest ideas in modern physics - that the cosmos constantly splits into parallel universes in which every conceivable outcome of every event happens, and the notion that our universe is part of a larger multiverse - have been unified into a single theory. This solves a bizarre but fundamental problem in cosmology and has set physics circles buzzing with excitement, as well as some bewilderment.

The problem is the observability of our universe. While most of us simply take it for granted that we should be able to observe our universe, it is a different story for cosmologists. When they apply quantum mechanics - which successfully describes the behaviour of very small objects like atoms - to the entire cosmos, the equations imply that it must exist in many different states simultaneously, a phenomenon called a superposition. Yet that is clearly not what we observe.

Cosmologists reconcile this seeming contradiction by assuming that the superposition eventually "collapses" to a single state. But they tend to ignore the problem of how or why such a collapse might occur, says cosmologist Raphael Bousso at the University of California, Berkeley. "We've no right to assume that it collapses. We've been lying to ourselves about this," he says. - NewScientist

I mentioned this stumbling mental cognition block earlier:

This Kantian data field corresponds to Plato's world of forms, Myattian acausal space, and illustrates the importance of Schopenhauer's principle of sufficient reason: that which is informationally different is unique, and thus outside of placement in the spaciotemporal, has a secondary role which may be more or less importance than its position in context. - The root of disregard that; I suck cocks

Here we must cite another source:

Relativity: no thing exists except as defined by other things. You do not have darkness without light, or cold without heat, because without the potential for the other, the one cannot exist. It is not distinguished from the mean enough. If all temperature is a gray 74 degrees, there is no need for extremes like hot and cold. It just is a temperature.

On a more practical scale, this means that space and time only exist relative to their contents. Time is defined by the variations in matter; space is defined by the proliferation of matter. The two are inextricably linked, because without time we cannot have space, as without iteration all things remain static.

Taking that further, we have to ask ourselves: what were the relative ingredients that had to separate themselves to make the matter/form/energy division that is an apparent precursor to spaciotemporal existence?

Immanuel Kant argued that we are relative agents like any other interactive force. Our interaction with our world, like its own existence, is relative to what it contains and what is around it. In other words, because we are here, we find time and space waiting for us. Because material had to exist, it found spaciotemporality and form waiting for it. But what was the origin state of that?

Schopenhauer sort-of-sidesteps this by saying that without time, you do not have causality. Almost true: you do not have linear causality. Without time, you may have logical causality so long as it does not depend on linear events; this is like the relationship between two objects as near one another, or of being the same color. This does not require a time-dependent causation.

Thus the precursor state is not so much a precursor as an enclosing state, or a groundwork for the state of matter/form/energy. This is like the idea of a philosophical groundwork to God being Godhead; or the ancient tales of aether... or even our thoughts being formed of the same type of logical circuits as the universe itself. It is pure related-ness, or relevance.

As Kant suggested, this enclosing state is much vaster than what we know as matter/form/energy, which because it is relative is like a worm burrowing through dirt. Wherever it goes, it creates a space for itself; around that is enclosing state, to use a goofy spatial metaphor. Schopenhauer then suggested another piece of the puzzle: with his "principle of sufficient reason," he argued that all objects which were mathematically/informationally different from others existed in a singular state. This is a way of saying that nothing exists without context, but also a way of explaining what this enclosing state -- what we might call an acausal, associative, informational state -- uses to organize itself: the exclusivity of patterns.

This leads us directly to Plato and his Forms. When he speaks of forms, it seems he speaks of two things: (a) a logical definition of what an object, say a chair, is; (b) the unique informational pattern that causes that to make sense or to come to be, and its origins in an enclosing state to matter, form and energy.

For us to make greater sense of that, we must turn to the ancient god Krishna, who like Schopenhauer argues that all we know of existence is changes in configuration of pattern, but not creation or destruction; it's more like making sculptures out of sand, and the sand returns. He also hints at something else however: the pattern, once expressed, is in harmony with its originating form in the acausal state. The uniqueness means that it serves a role beyond the material and that material interactions, while they seem to have material causes, may have preexisting causes in the acausal state, e.g. the material fulfillment of patterns that originate elsewhere.

In this view, we see the wisdom of Heisenberg: the observer changes the results of an experiment because the observer is an interacting pattern. This puts the experiment into a different state of complexity, and shows us what we should intuitively know: our consciousness does not have a physical or mystical root, but is most likely a pattern which exists independently in matter, form and energy, and thus expresses itself through the material but obeys logical laws beyond what our limited spaciotemporal, biological and self-reflective (solipsistic) viewpoints can grasp. - From "Futurist Traditionalism by Brett Stevens

Disregard that, I... uh...

Stop voting for the best option

04 06 11 - 08:57

You get handed five options, and two are not abysmal, but aren't great, so you pick one of those.

Screw that.

This year, vote for a maniac.

Brett Stevens for President in 2012 Campaign

Face the Nature

04 06 11 - 06:17

Ponder on this: nature is cruel, detached, brutal, and yet produces the beautiful.

If that does not imply a greater sublime, it must imply a will toward cruelty.

Either a benevolent force underscores your world... or its intent is pure murder, sodomy, hatred, torture and cruelty.

Fighting the narrative

02 06 11 - 21:06

"Let me tell you what's going on, and why this one is so touchy. We are fighting the narrative. You do not fight the narrative. The narrative will destroy you. The narrative is all-powerful. The narrative rules. It rules us, it rules Washington, it rules everything. Now ask me, 'What is the narrative?'"

"What is the narrative?"

"The narrative is the set of assumptions the press believes in, possibly without even knowing that it believes in them. It's so powerful because it's unconscious. It's not like they get together everyone morning and decide, 'These are the lies we tell today.' No, that would be too crude and honest. Rather, it's a set of casual, nonrigorous assumptions about a reality they've never really experienced that's arranged in such a way as to reinforce their best and most ideal presumptions about themselves and their importance to the system and they way they've chosen to live their lives. It's a way of arranging things a certain way that they all believe in without ever really addressing carefully. It permeates the whole culture...And the narrative is the bedrock of their culture, the keystone of their faith, the altar of their church. They don't even know they're true believers, because in theory they despise the true believer in anything. But they will absolutely de-frackin'-stroy anybody who makes them question all that." - I, Sniper, by Stephen Hunter (183)

Where postmodernism and paleoconservatism meet: there is reality, and then there is liberalism, which is an advanced form of cognitive dissonance.

In reality, life is a hierarchy where everyone has a place, and the best move up. We adapt to nature and we formulate goals that will have positive outcomes.

To the damaged ego, this is something the mind is too disorganized to understand, so they take it personally and retaliate by forming a band of reality-deniers.

This Crowd then seeks to legitimize its delusion through academia, law and popular opinion.

When they are done, they create a Soviet state: an official dogma trumps reality, until it bleeds the place dry. Bodies pile up in forgotten corners.

They did it in France, and they did it in Russia, and they've done it in a hundred third-world nations. Always the same result.

Ask yourself: is reality so bad we need anthropomorphic denial?

Or can we do away with the narrative, be good nihilists and just perceive reality as it is?

The root of human failure

02 06 11 - 12:57

The Sympathetic Fallacy is the one that goes: “I feel like this, therefore the world is (or should be) like this too.”

- Sympathetic Fallacy Definition, from "The Last Days?" by John Derbyshire, The National Review

We have giant brains. Our tendency is to fall into them.

We know the world through our mental objects. We can mistake those mental tokens for reality itself.

This leads to a state alternately called fatalism, narcissism, and solipsism: finding the world bad because it is not our own minds.

To a nihilist, this is the fundamental human fallacy, parallel to the "sympathetic fallacy" mentioned above (note: sympathetic fallacy was once taught in most literature classes; with the decline of literature, it is no no longer taught and replaced with the "affective fallacy," which is the notion that emotion in a story is important; we wonder why such a neutering occurred).

People want the world to be part of their own minds. They want their thought-objects to replace reality. The thought objects are under their CONTROL, while reality is not.

Most people who become dissidents, activists, etc. in our modern time take another path. They believe that belief itself is a problem, so they limit themselves to a anthrocentric perception fo the world, where humans are in control and entirely unrelated to nature.

Materialism denies any patterning in common between humans and the world. It seems to deny solipsism, but provides a handy shortcut back to solipsism by making the world's patterns of organization entirely foreign to our minds.

Luckily, idealism rectified this situation to some degree by pointing out the harmony between thought-process and the natural laws of the world.

However, that in turn is abused by populists, who know what their audience wants to hear: "The world is anything you imagine it to be."

This reality-optional view -- called relativism, pluralism and equality -- is very popular with those who have trouble with the world. It is not what they wanted, so they wish to revert to solipsism, so they create it out of idealism.

Enter nihilism.

If you want the boneyard bottom line of philosophy, it's nihilism. Nihilism is like philosophizing with a sawed-off shotgun.

In nihilism, we are entirely subject to the world, including from inside.

This means that the world is not inscrutable, but our thoughts about it are often confused.

Further, the two are not separate. Events occur in the world, and we react to them like animals aware of their own mortality and risk at play.

So we must adopt the principle of nihilism, and develop it to its logical extreme.

This is a worldview that is more complex, and most people who try to approach it in a linear fashion will fuck it up. In addition, 4/5 of even our brightest populations will fuck it up by lacking the circuits to comprehend it (doubly screwed up by the Dunning-Kruger/Downing effect, whereby the stupid are confident and the smart, underconfident).

Futurist traditionalism adopts the Kantian idea that we move through a vast field of data, and through our relative interaction with its parts (and their interaction with each other), create a spaciotemporal dimension. Time and space are "relatively" consistent owing to the interaction of parts that are not us; however, our experience of them is intensely internal and we must be skeptical of it. Even more, this shows us that by the nature of relativity, time and space have a precursor. For objects or forces to be defined in a relative space, they must have an opposite to create their boundaries. This means time and space are not defined by each other, but are each effects of another state.

This Kantian data field corresponds to Plato's world of forms, Myattian acausal space, and illustrates the importance of Schopenhauer's principle of sufficient reason: that which is informationally different is unique, and thus outside of placement in the spaciotemporal, has a secondary role which may be more or less importance than its position in context.

The populists will fuck all of this up of course, and turn it into absurd fantasies about heaven and a moral balance where the meek inherit the earth. If you're an idiot, by all means endorse such ideas.

For those who are looking for more interesting fodder, this opens up possibilities, and yet remains coherent with the nihilism that keeps us from confusing our thoughts with reality and thus drifting into crowd-pleasing, ego-flattering and drama-inducing solipsism.