Something's happening to me!

30 11 10 - 10:31

Our modern society is undergoing two things at the same time: one, a short-term recession that really isn't a big deal; two, and we're only seeing this because of the recession, a lack of options brought on by our long-term inability to plan for anything but equality, consumerism, social subsidies/socialism, and the ever-popular but indecisive democracy.

Global grain production will tumble by 63 million metric tons this year, or 2 percent over all, mainly because of weather-related calamities like the Russian heat wave and the floods in Pakistan, the United Nations estimates in its most recent report on the world food supply. The United Nations had previously projected that grain yields would grow 1.2 percent this year.

The fall in production puts the world “dangerously close” to a new food crisis, Abdolreza Abbassian, an economist with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, said at a news conference last week.

Rising demand and lower-than-expected yields caused stocks of some grains to fall sharply and generated high volatility in world food markets in the latter half of the year. Prices for some commodities are approaching levels not seen since 2007 and 2008, when food shortages prompted riots around the world. - NYT

Hint: to be sociable, act like you're surprised. How could this happen! And to such nice people as us!

When your whole society is an ad hoc system based on the demands of individuals, both through consumer products and government subsidies, instability results because no one is planning for the future or steering us to a sensible goal. It's whatever you want, man. Whatever's easiest is what goes and consequences? Consequences? What the hell are you talking about man?

Modern logic fail

27 11 10 - 05:46

Secondhand smoke kills more than 600,000 people worldwide every year, according to a new study.

In the first look at the global impact of secondhand smoking, researchers analyzed data from 2004 for 192 countries. They found 40 percent of children and more than 30 percent of non-smoking men and women regularly breathe in secondhand smoke.

Scientists then estimated that passive smoking causes about 379,000 deaths from heart disease, 165,000 deaths from lower respiratory disease, 36,900 deaths from asthma and 21,400 deaths from lung cancer a year. - AP

They estimated it, based on assuming that no other factors were important.

"This guy here lives next to a nuclear power plant, and he's got cancer. It must be secondhand smoke! Scientists estimated it!"

They keep you living in fear, forever in fear, of the little things, so that you don't notice the big ones.

The clash of cultures

26 11 10 - 13:12

Why does diversity not work?

Fundamentally, because not everyone agrees, and that is also necessary. When someone starts doing something different, we need them to have the ability to pursue it to see if it works, even if most fail. Repeated failures are of course unnecessary, but legitimate variations are. Because of this climate, people need to group together around ideas that do work to preserve them.

Now, "work" is a difficult word in this context. For example, to get rid of fire ants, setting off a nuclear device works -- but there are other consequences. Burying the ant mounds under concrete works, but only for a little while. Killing them with DDT works but may have long-term consequences that are not immediately visible.

Because of this, it's hard for us to say that any culture "works" until it has been around for several centuries, or longer. Also, cultures are evolving. This is why we have different cultures instead of just one that everyone agrees is right. We're still in the process of figuring stuff out, and it takes a long time for any single part of a culture to be proven "right" as in "it works" not a moral right, or social right (people deserve this, we like it).

The consequence of this is that diversity doesn't work. Culture over time shapes ethnicity, so that people from that culture go abroad and from biological impulse re-create their originating culture. Values match culture, so do customs, as well as language and product preferences. How do you create a true multiculture? Only by creating miniature models of the world in every city, with each each person inhabiting the district corresponding to their ancestry.

Of course, over time you get mixed people, who with no cultural background and no in-built values system, just do what is convenient. They thus require a strong government to ride herd on them, as a group, and keep them from doing what's too selfish. The culture of non-culture thus becomes a linear path to a totalitarian state.

But for now, since we're moving in tiny steps compared to history, we merely have stupid conflicts:

A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred after allegedly burning an English language version of the Koran.

The 15-year-old, who lives in the West Midlands, allegedly posted the video, filmed two weeks ago on her school premises, on Facebook.


Catherine Heseltine, chief executive officer of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, said burning the Koran was one of the most offensive acts to Muslims that she could imagine. - Boylove Broadcasting Company

There is no solution here.

On one hand, this girl is blaspheming, according to Muslims (but not atheists and members of most other religions).

On the other hand, it's her freedom of speech to do so.

You can't have both, and yet in the west, we seem to value both.

The future involves dissolution as a result.

Can we win the drug war?

26 11 10 - 06:51

I wonder how much money two houses and enough labor to quietly dig a half-mile tunnel cost?

U.S. authorities say they have discovered another extensive drug tunnel that stretches from a home in Tijuana, Mexico, to San Diego, California.

The half-mile tunnel, discovered Thursday morning in a warehouse in the Otay Mesa area of San Diego, is close to a similar one federal agents found earlier this month, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said. - CNN

The drug war can be won only if we stop going for the pushers. For them, the situation is infinite: money exists if they just quit their day jobs and go for it.

If we go after the users, on the other hand, we raise the cost of drugs not monetarily but in the sense of "I might spend six months in sodomy camp, so this joint isn't worth it."

Having seen most of my generation obliterate themselves on drugs, I think the War on Some Drugs (WoSD) is a good thing. 99% of the people out there cannot handle drugs. Over a decade, almost 100% cannot. It's too much of a distraction from life: either you live life to win, or you compensate with drug use.

I believe that in the future we'll see a rise of "contract cities" that make a simple trade. In response to your signing away your rights to alcohol, drugs and possibly nicotine, they provide a better service at a lower rate. It's like Costco or Sam's club requiring you to buy a membership card. You give up anonymity and "I can do anything I want!" in exchange for a better product.

There may be other rules, too, like no cars in the front yard, lawns always maintained, etc. Unlike current HOAs, which enforce rules limply on neighborhoods, this would be a binding contract relating to your ability to live in the community. You break it, and they throw you out.

This would prevent all of the blight that turns our suburbs into ghettos and our inner cities into wastelands. The first screwups get thrown out, so their friends don't come, and other people don't relax their own standards.

Such cities might even have rules like "no SUVs" or that you can only produce one huge bag of trash per week. Again, for trading off your right to do whatever you want, and forcing yourself to behave like a reasonable person, you get lowered cost. And of course: smarter people around you, lowered crime, and no blight.

The only people this would appeal to are the upwardly-mobile, entrenched (multiple generations) middle classes. For everyone else, it seems like a real imposition. "No glass of wine with dinner? You fascist!" -- but it's not just about you, dear heart, and your glass of wine. It's about the effect of alcohol on a community. And even if YOUR glass of wine is OK, it's the one that's OK out of 100 -- the other 99 contribute to bad things, so we don't want them in our community.

I bet that community would prosper. Would it be boring? Only if the only way you can have fun is to get ragingly intoxicated, which so far hasn't worked for six generations of American intellectuals. In fact, it has done nothing but allow them to be pointlessly brilliant at their day jobs, having drunk themselves into a pleasant haze the night before.

Most Americans will squeal and yell about the very idea that someone might restrain THEIR right to something on the basis that the community as a whole cannot handle it. But the community affects them, even if they're too dumb to notice how, so you make rules for the community. It's not personal. (Hint: recognizing this fact about the universe is maturity itself.)

If you want to win the drug war, stop looking at it from the "saving lives" and "putting away bad guys" perspective. Instead, be honest: you want a community where drug use and its social consequences are not an issue, so you want to remove drug users. This starts by putting them in prison, and ends with you sequestering them and others with criminal records to the outskirts of society.

Will you spend time enforcing this in Humboldt, California? Hell no... you need an escape valve where people can go to get high if they're the 1% who've decided they're going to shape their lives around this drug, and don't mind re-arranging everything else in their lives to do this. American policy regarding marijuana always was this way, for the record.

They busted in the cities, not the countryside, at least until 1937 when they decided that marijuana, the counterculture and Communism occurred more commonly together than not. They were right because impaired judgment underlies all three. Impaired judgment was a violation of their community standard.

If we look at drugs and other social programs through the filter of community standards, the question becomes easy: gay marriage? not here, go to gay-friendly place. Drugs? Not here. Rusting cars and refrigerators on lawns? Pollution? Not here. And we'll bust you, not the dealer, because YOU made the bad choice. Then the dealer goes back to his day job, and we bust him for something else.

All of human endeavors, politically, consists in creating justice: good for the good, bad for the bad. The bad of course always lie, while the good never do, so there's a layer of complexity. But when a society is healthy, it has no problem blaming the user, removing the user, and then going on about its merry way without much drama.

Praise all good things and the will/effort to make them happen

24 11 10 - 20:14

You want to be one with nature? Fight to preserve it and keep both eyes open for chances:

And then there's this, which could be used as a quick argument for nationalism (or just was LOL), but which mainly speaks to another thing you can do to make earth more like Eden:

Jeong Gi-Young, a 72-year-old South Korean, brought four pairs of shoes for her brother, Gi-Hyeong, whom she said had "been taken away in his bare feet" to the North when he was 19.

The communist army took her brother with them as a porter when retreating to the North in 1950 from the family's home town of Anseong, now in South Korean territory.

Gi-Young, her three other sisters and their parents had never seen or heard from him since then.

"My mother always told me 'Even if I die without seeing him, you guys should meet him no matter what,'" Gi-Young said in tears. Both of her parents have died.

"Now here we are, finally meeting each other," she said.

Ko Bae-Il, a 62-year-old US citizen, flew to Seoul to meet his father, from whom he was separated at age three.

"I will never let you go when I see your soul in the afterlife," Ko said in tears, holding his father's hands. - AFP

Afterlife or no, nature and other people are there to be nurtured, nourished and celebrated. Or you could just sit on that sofa and talk about how the world sucks.

Future spirituality

24 11 10 - 08:13

If history is anything like the past (heh) we will see ourselves go through a series of cycles, revisiting the same conflicts in an attempt to solve them. With each one, we get closer to a solution, sometimes paradoxically by learning what does not work.

One of these cycles will be religion, which is currently recovering from a 2,000-year flirtation with middle eastern dualism.

But religion, even for us skeptics, is tempting. It makes people happier. They seem to be more inclined to live sane lives. It gives them a center and a goal that transcends immediate politics and social pressures. And in pushing back social pressures -- the original form of sick human bullshit -- religion is pure nihilism of the active type.

But where do we find a new religion? Some think in quantum physics:

The second law, one of the most famous in physics, states that order cannot come about spontaneously. Work must be done to create it, and that work (in the technical, physical sense of measurable amounts of energy moving things around) is converted into heat in the process. Since heat is, at bottom, the disorderly movement of molecules, the order created by the work done is more than counterbalanced by the molecular disorder of the newly liberated heat.

Maxwell’s demon, however, overcomes that. The homunculus in Maxwell’s original thought experiment could sort the molecules of air found in two connected boxes according to their velocities. It controlled a trap door between the boxes and allowed only fast-moving (ie, hot) molecules through in one direction and only slow-moving (ie, cold) ones through in the other. When the molecules had been thoroughly sorted in this way the temperature difference between the boxes could, so the theory went, be employed to do useful work in the way that the hot and cold parts of a steam engine do.

The search for real physical systems that behave like Maxwell’s demon has gone on ever since. In 1929, though, Leo Szilard, a Hungarian physicist, added a wrinkle. He realised that Maxwell had failed to consider the energy which the demon would require to decide whether a molecule was moving fast or slowly. This binary decision is equivalent to one bit of information. Storing this bit, so that it can be acted on, requires energy. Szilard calculated that at room temperature one bit of information must take at least three thousand-billion-billionths of a joule of work to store. Not a huge amount, but enough to balance the equations and restore the laws of thermodynamics to their pristine state.

Szilard’s observation had an interesting implication, which was that information is, itself, a type of energy—an observation somewhat analogous to Einstein’s, 24 years earlier, that mass is a type of energy. - The Economist

Rather, information and matter convert to and from energy. This brings with it a number of interesting suggestions.

If the ordering of matter and energy is information, and this information is a counterpart to energy that keeps it from entropy, the transaction of information in the world becomes a primary goal, not one secondary to matter and energy itself. The trade between energy and information keeps the energy in motion.

In this case, the persistence of patterns including consciousness may have more of a role in the universe than we thought, and may be more persistent.

Food for thought.

Echo chamber or signal?

23 11 10 - 09:17

That could be the vital question here. This is a narrative of a woman who, in a clinical setting, took psilocybin:

After a few minutes, instead of getting accustomed to the level of light, I realized the light was getting brighter and brighter and strangely brighter, until I understood that this light was not in the room, it was inside me. At that moment, it was as if all the cylinders in the lock somehow fell into alignment, the door swung open, and I found my consciousness being flooded with brilliant Light. Without notice or fanfare I had arrived at a transcendental state, and was awestruck at the discovery. I felt a sense of joyous expansion as it opened fully to me, like entering a splendid palace, yet the feeling was completely natural and gentle.

With my eyes closed I was overwhelmed with glorious golden light, suffused with every color, prisms and rainbows everywhere like a shining hologram. The Light itself was alive, a radiant consciousness of ultimate intelligence, perfect integrity, singularity and purity. The Light pervaded everything. It composed everything. Its presence was benevolent, calm, and intense.

It was as if the Light were revealing to me the innermost workings of the universe. Without words, It informed me that It, as the Light, was the source of every physical manifestation and that each had its purpose: "Everything is in my perfect control. With this as Cause, there can be no mistakes." I knew It to be the substance of every particle in the microcosm and the overarching essence of the macrocosm. In that moment I intuitively understood how everything is being created anew each instant from Its emanation. Why, then, could we not see the Light completely composing and permeating all of creation? How could the shining substance of all things be hidden? Later I remembered what the sages have always told us. The only possible answer is that our sense perceptions are an illusion.

Faced with the reality and the glory of the Light, there is nothing to do but gape with the greatest reverence. There are no questions in its Presence, no desires, no resistance. I felt suspended in a clear and peaceful state and enjoyed a weightless sense of free-fall, without time and space, though I remembered that they existed elsewhere. Even my physical surges abated, as if their purpose had been accomplished. Occasionally I still felt a faint muscle spasm, like the echo of receding thunder.

As I was poised there, rapt and transparent, the Light addressed me simply, without words: "Is there anything you want?" The question was direct and forthright, yet it seemed incongruous because my whole identity was already absorbed in that Light. To search for an answer, I had to make a deliberate effort to turn my attention to the world from which I'd come, a world now irrelevant and far away. With a moment's focus I remembered that life on earth required healing and guidance and abundance, and that I had a long list of wishes there. But I felt so distant from that personality, and I didn't want to look away from the Light for even an instant. The question was addressed to the one who stood before It in this exceptional experience, and there could be only one response. I breathed the quietest possible, "No, there is nothing I want." - SciAm

It could be simply an echo chamber. The body, stressed and hallucinating, does the best it can to make up a coherent narrative. Dreams could be the same way, detritus of our experience and thoughts, knitted together into a story because what else would a brain do?

Or it could be a connection. That kind of scares the crap out of me. The refutation of dualistic gods would plunge our world into chaos, but the simultaneous shattering of materialism would destroy liberalism. Could be awesome, eh? And awful.

Good intentions lead to hell

22 11 10 - 10:10

There's an old saying that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."

That's because what we see or desire in our minds often has other effects, and often itself needs to be an effect of wider changes.

But we just see what we want, demand it, and then are surprised when it doesn't work.

Now the flipside of these well-intentioned dreams has been laid bare in an incendiary report by South African and British academics which focuses on "Aids orphan tourism" in southern Africa, but challenges many cherished beliefs.

The study reveals that short-term volunteer projects can do more harm than good. Wealthy tourists prevent local workers from getting much-needed jobs, especially when they pay to volunteer; hard-pressed institutions waste time looking after them and money upgrading facilities; and abused or abandoned children form emotional attachments to the visitors, who increase their trauma by disappearing back home. "The more I delved into it, the more disturbing I found it," said Amy Norman, one of the researchers.

Development charities offering professionals the chance to use skills abroad have raised similar concerns; Voluntary Service Overseas even condemned this burgeoning industry as a new form of colonialism. VSO asked what right unqualified British teenagers had to impose their desire to do good at schools in developing countries. And Norman is correct: the more you look below the surface, the more these trips raise profound questions about misplaced idealism and misconceived attitudes. - The Guardian

You see the cute orphan, you want to help, and that creates an attractor -- easy chump money. Now you're subsidizing people to make sure the problem is never fixed because the problem brings in the money.

Oh. We didn't think of that. We saw cuddly orphans, and like fat apples in the supermarket basket, we figured that we could just sign a check...

No. Your wealth has blinded you to reality. To fix the orphan problem, you need to make a local economy that can sustain them and the foster families needed to raise them. You can't just pitch over your $50, think yourself morally superior, and then go on about your business.


It’s not often that the intersection of history and contemporary events pose such a startling and chilling lesson as does the contemplation of the murder of JFK on November 22, 1963 juxtaposed with the situations faced by President Obama today. So far, at least, Obama’s behavior has mirrored Johnson’s, not Kennedy’s, as he has escalated the war in Afghanistan by 34,000. One can’t but help think that the thought of JFK’s fate might not be far from his mind as he contemplates his next move in Afghanistan.

Douglass presents a very compelling argument that Kennedy was killed by “unspeakable” (the Trappist monk Thomas Merton’s term) forces within the U.S. national security state because of his conversion from a cold warrior into a man of peace. He argues, using a wealth of newly uncovered information, that JFK had become a major threat to the burgeoning military-industrial complex and had to be eliminated through a conspiracy planned by the CIA – “the CIA’s fingerprints are all over the crime and the events leading up to it” – not by a crazed individual, the Mafia, or disgruntled anti-Castro Cubans, though some of these may have been used in the execution of the plot. - Lew Rockwell

Death to the Kennedys!

Had Kennedy become interested in peace instead of the Cold War, Europe would have been a Soviet possession. And what did the Soviets leave behind? Wreckage and wrecked countries. Just ask East Germany! Once a prosperous healthy place, it's still mostly a wasteland, after only a generation or two of well-intentioned Communist rule.


Kennedy was about to stop being harsh with the Soviets, like a Republican, and was going to start putting peace before getting the right thing done. That would have made him a Neville Chamberlain, an appeaser, ignoring the deeper problems.

So the CIA killed him and they did the right thing. Ask the East Germans.

It was only when, a few years later, I began work on a comprehensive history of the European “project” that I fully came to see how, for 50 years, it had only ever had one real agenda. As was laid down by its founding genius, Jean Monnet, the sole underlying purpose behind everything it has ever done has been to work stealthily – accreting its powers step by step – towards the creation of an integrated “United States of Europe”, ruled by one supra‑national government.

Monnet realised in the mid-Fifties that the only way to realise his goal was to work towards it gradually, through a series of lesser goals, each of which would serve to focus the energies of his “Europe-builders” until it was time to move on to the next.

The first was to set up the embryonic institutions of his European government by disguising them as necessary for the creation of the Common Market. Once that was achieved, the focus moved on to creating a “Single Market”, as an excuse to take further powers to the centre. The next focus became “Economic and Monetary Union”, complete with that supreme symbol of integration, a single currency. Finally, the Europhiles could move on to the mighty goal – which took them eight years – of giving Europe a “constitution”, thus completing the dream conceived decades before, - The Telegraph

People love to think that if we all just come together and herp-kumbaya-derp ourselves to a pleasant lullabye, we'll be peaceful and everything will be just grand from there on out.

In reality, the more stuff you tie together, the more power you give to the weakest link, so it all falls -- with far worse consequences.

We wanted to blame WWI and WWII on nationalism, when really they were leftovers from the instability of 1789 and the anti-aristocratic wars that followed.

But we're still looking for simple solutions, and all our good intentions somehow make us into the bad guy:

The first tenet was “the self-evident truth” that “racism is endemic in the values, attitudes and structures of British society”.

The training manual then stated “steps need to be taken to promote permeation of all aspects of the curriculum by an anti-racist analysis”. All “racist materials” had to be withdrawn from the syllabus and CCETSW would decide what was racist.

In the rules there would be no freedom of speech for opinions that can be constructed as “racist” or favourable to “racism”, and “anti-racist practice requires the adoption of explicit values”. The first value is that individual problems have roots in “political structures” and “not in individual or cultural pathology”. (In other words, if different groups have different outcomes in terms of education or crime levels, it is all the fault of British racism, not of individuals).

A second value is that racial oppression and discrimination are everywhere to be found in British society, even when invisible. In other words, impossible to disprove!

This is “anti-racism”, and it is heavily influenced by a Marxist interpretation of race. Oliver Cox’s 1948 work Class, Caste and Race presents the idea that race originates in “a practical exploitative relationship” used to justify the exploitation of one group by another as part of capitalism. - The Telegraph

Gosh, how far we've fallen. But luckily for those in power, only about 2% of any society have functional brains, and they're easily drowned out by Justin Bieberchrist and Lady Gagabama.

The utility of religion

20 11 10 - 12:05

Brian writes:

What are we to do if we look at history and we see that every great culture depended on religion or some equally powerful illusion?

Here's a nihilist view on religion:

There is one reality, and we can describe it through many methods.

When people start thinking those methods are inherent parts of the universe, and not descriptions of it, we get into trouble.

So if a Christian says "There is one God and his name is Jehovah," a nihilist would say, "If there's a God, we most likely do not know his name, but we can call him Jehovah."

A true nihilist position is also a lack of inherency to anything; we don't know if there is a God or is not a God, nor do we trouble ourselves with this except where it concerns understanding and adapting to reality.

And there things get more complex.

Regarding religion, it seems to me that religious people are happier and suffer less doubt. The soulless modern last men of course don't need or want religion, but then again, they seem biased against survival itself.

I would like to see a nihilist religion: a reverence for life, an openness to dimensions beyond this one, a belief in transcendental patterns and orders, but no dualistic God. No judging, moral, anthrocentric God and his guilt, debt, usury and passive aggression.

Nail that fucker to the cross. The reverence for life? That we can keep ;)

The "Greatest Generation"

20 11 10 - 12:01

Uh, about that:

Nearly 40% of retired Americans said they've accumulated credit-card debt in their twilight years — and aren't worried about paying it off in their lifetime, according to a survey released by CESI Debt Solutions.


This may come as a surprise to younger generations who thought their parents, the so-called Greatest Generation, were more responsible than youngsters raised in an era of easy money, a culture of credit.

But remember that this is the generation that frowns upon talking about money — and certainly would be embarrassed by any potential money problems.


More than half of those surveyed had saved less than $50,000 — and many of that group said they'd saved absolutely nothing — yet they retired anyway. Just 4% said they had delayed their retirement due to debt.

"They get to a certain age and they feel privileged," Ellington said. "They say, 'I'm going to go on that trip even though I have to put it on my credit card.'" - USAT

The WWII generation, flush with cash from America's win by outnumbering the opposition in WWII, now show that they never were great -- there were just lots of them.

Just as the WWII generation in Russia left their country a ruin, the Americans are doing their best to do so as well.

Watch: the Baby Boomers will be worse. The Tea Partiers are the sane ones.

We hate our origins and biology

20 11 10 - 06:49

Modernity began with The Enlightenment(tm) in which we decided the human individual was above all else. Individualismus ueber alles, we cried.

Now, because we live in a world of the individual (or rather the shared "hive mind" between individuals thinking only of themselves), we are terrified of nature. Of blood, of reproduction, even of our own race and what we eat:

US Senate offices are experiencing a huge backlash of grassroots opposition to the bill -- called the Food Safety Modernization Act -- as virtually every health freedom organization, family farm group and even dietary supplement companies have aligned to oppose this new bill. It is being called "The most dangerous bill in United States history" and would thrust America into a new Dark Ages of FDA tyranny over seeds, foods, herbs, gardens and nutritional supplements. - NN

What, we want to regulate backyard gardens and make sure all milk is pasteurized? Maybe that would cut down on disease, but disease of that nature isn't much of a problem compared to office-borne flus.

Still, there’s a big difference between shopping at a greenmarket and actually dragging a blade across the throat of a living creature.

Out of view of the other birds (so as not to scare them), Imran Uddin, the guy to see at Madani Halal, turned my turkey upside down and placed her, head first, in one of the inverted cones that lined a long stainless-steel table. She seemed calm. I was scared. Scared that I would fail — that at the moment of truth I would hesitate, and thereby hurt the bird, and scared that I would succeed and end up with blood on my hands, literally and figuratively. So I asked Mr. Uddin to hold the knife with me.

Taking the turkey’s head with his other hand, he pronounced, “Bismillah Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for “In the name of Allah the great.” Then, in one swift movement, we cut her throat.

The bird’s body went slack, and her head — still attached — sank slowly into the blood-lined tray beneath. After a few moments, she roused again for a quick bout of flapping, but at last came to rest, head curled to one side, wings tucked around herself, and a single foot pointing straight up in the air.

Stepping out of the slaughterhouse and squinting at the light, I didn’t feel brave. I didn’t feel idealistic. I felt crummy. - NYT

"Idealism" and "bravery" are mental constructs; life, death, cells, blood, sunlight, and cosmic order, those are real.

So is race, which we also fear:

Neely Fuller, Jr. basically says that if you are white and you are romantically/sexually involved with a nonwhite person, you are guilty of being the worst kind of racist. He likens it to an adult being involved with a child, because of the power differential. He says that a white person who is romantically connected with a nonwhite person is contributing to that person's confusion and self hatred , and that any children produced from that union will be hopelessly lost in terms of self identity.

In Trojan Horse, the anonymous authors say that interracial relationships, particularly between Black men and white women, are one of the tools of destruction used against the Black collective by the system of white supremacy. They believe that an increase in interracial relationships will destroy Black society, and lead to the eventual extinction of Black people because the child produced by such a union tends to identify more with white people, and will marry/bear children with white people, thus producing offspring that appear to be white.

Now, as most of you know, I do date Black men. There are two main reasons for this choice. First of all, I am not attracted to white men, physically, mentally, or emotionally. Secondly, I cannot see myself being in an intimate relationship with a white man (whether sexual or platonic) because the fact is that MOST WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACISTS, and I do not wish to spend time in the company of hate filled people. In fact, I do not really associate with white people in general, except for my own family, and even that is kept at a bare minimum. All of my male and female friends are people of color. - BLG

It could be true. We know we are an aimless species, so we hate our origins; we live in a world of the self and its mental constructs, and so we fear anything real. We have displaced the real so we can feel in control and now? And now we are miserable, because we are detached from life.

Just keep blowing it off; it will go away, not you

19 11 10 - 04:43

If you gave a mouse a giant brain, it might immediately confuse its own thoughts for impulses resulting from the world.

In turn, it might then confuse cause and effect, because the nature of a thinking beast confused in impulse/stimulus is to will/wish for an effect, and only later figure out the underlying cause.

This giant-brained mouse then would become even more likely to blow off developing situations that won't turn out well. Where the small-brained mouse has a binary "threat signal received" determination that it imposes stridently on all stimulus, the big-brained mouse has many finger grades of thought, and so is more easily confused. The small-brained mouse will be unaware of long-term or wide-range problems; the big-brained mouse will reason them away.

So it goes:

Matthew Hoffman, 30, who lives in the home where Sarah Maynard was found, provided the information that led to the discovery of the three bodies, Barber said. Hoffman currently faces a kidnapping charge in the abduction of Sarah Maynard, Barber said.

Hoffman has experience as a tree trimmer, the sheriff said.


Asked about Hoffman's criminal record, Barber said he served prison time for an arson conviction in another state.

Dawna Davis, who lives next to Hoffman, said she did not trust him.

"He was just different. He was odd. He just climbed trees and watched us," she said about Hoffman. - CNN

Good liberal: "Don't judge him, he might be an undiscovered genius... just like me."

Conservative: "Why didn't someone do something?" (Answer: they'd be the ones thrown in jail.)

But still, people knew. Enough to worry about this guy, and inform on him (almost surely how he got caught) when they heard about the missing people.

We had to wait for the tragedy. Otherwise, it wouldn't be fair and someone's "rights" might have gotten bruised.

Rights, LOL.

Star: I have a right to this space!

Black hole: Screw you, I've got intense gravity.

( giant sucking noise )

And more from the oblivion files, or Leap Into Life as Mad Magazine used to call it:

A third of the urban population in developing regions lives in slums, according to U.N. Habitat, the United Nations department that focuses on urban development.


U.N. Habitat forecasts that the number of slum dwellers in the world will grow by 6 million a year and reach 889 million by 2020.


Across the developing world, the proportion of city dwellers living in slums has fallen to 33 percent from 46 percent in 1990, U.N. Habitat says, mainly through upgrading slums.

However, while the proportion in slums has fallen, the absolute number of people living in them has risen because of rapidly growing urban populations. - CNN

This is akin to storing napalm next to matches.

Every civilization that has died has collapsed from within. This is why we are often confused about their endings. They don't get obliterated; they stop keeping records, and fade away. Because they replaced themselves with people who don't care because they don't have the brains to care.

Funny how we're all comfy with materialism when it means no consequences after death and an endless pursuit of pleasure and desires when alive. But when it's pointed out to us that our "free will" doesn't exist, that our choices and preferences are products of our genes, and that we can be shaped by history into degenerates, well, we don't like that much.

Tough titty. It's reality.

Piling up slum dwellers guarantees a tinderbox effect. Lots of starving people, watching others thrive? Check. Anger, resentment? Check. Then you just await a spark, like a recession, war or corruption scandal, and it's 1789/1917/1968 all over again.

Russia, thoroughly miscegenated because it was never clearly a European or Asian territory, couldn't stop its peasants from breeding until they consumed all of the food. Then it imploded, and its fortunes have been worse ever since. It's time to nerve gas it and replace it with something functional, like a giant national park (and staging ground for war with the Chinese).

France, which always coddled its peasants more than Brokeback England or Germany, quickly bred them into a giant mass that ate everything in site, shat on everything else, rutted like hogs beginning at age 13, and finally declared it was the fault of the aristocrats that no one paid for a tenfold increase in peasants. Now you can see why English and German gentlemen used their peasants as bullet catchers in war games; they avoided that problem.

But no, let's make sure the people in the slums are equal too. In their case, saying they're equal is like a cruel joke: it's us reminding them that we rule and they drool. That's why they're in the slums, getting paid $0.40 a day to make our trucker caps or fellate our wayward offspring. They're equal, just not equal like us. LOL!

But they bide their time, re-heat that day-old feces for dinner, and await the time when a spark shows up and they can channel all of their rage into blaming someone else for their problems. Then they surge out of the slums in huge numbers, lose a quarter of their people, but then overwhelm the opposition and kill almost all of them. Who wins?

Since after revolutions the slums usually get worse, and the leaders more tyrannical, I've got to go with the bacteria in this case. They at least feast on the fallen.

You cannot blow off problems and assume they'll go away. People do this because they have confused impulse and stimulus. They think their own desires for effects -- more food! -- trump analysis of causes -- too many people! -- and so they act blindly, rashly and destructively. Starting with a sin of omission, which is blowing off problems that will inevitably explode in our collective face.

How to debunk liberalism: just wait a few years

18 11 10 - 13:03

Liberals are fond of telling us that we've got it all wrong, and life needs to be "humanized" (made delusional) to "fix" its inherent unfairness.

To them, "fair" means that every human gets the same thing. That's the sound of thousands of voices demanding things they want but do not understand.

They are often glad to tell you -- as happened recently, when Portugal legalized some drugs -- that their policies are "working." That's an old trick, equivalent to waiting five minutes after finishing construction and saying, "Well, the house didn't fall down -- guess we did an A+ job!"

Liberals don't like to hear that whatever temporary advantages their policies may have, there may be better options. So they're busy telling us about how legal drugs in Portugal is the new way and we should all just switch over now, because for a sliver of time, nothing bad has happened.

Back in the 1990s, they were telling us the exact same thing about legal pot/hash/shrooms in the Netherlands:

While marijuana is technically illegal in the Netherlands, it has been sold openly in designated cafes for decades, and police make no arrests for possession of small amounts.

Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten said that in the future, only residents of Dutch cities will be allowed to purchase cannabis. "Not tourists. We don't like that," he said on state television in remarks broadcast Wednesday.

His spokesman Wim van der Weegen said Thursday Opstelten intended to "give a political signal." He said details of the plan are still being worked out and it will be presented to parliament sometime next year.

"This Cabinet wants to bring marijuana cafes back to what they were once intended to be: for people who live in the immediate area, not large-scale criminal trade and not tourism," he said. - AP

For every one Hunter S. Thompson or William S. Burroughs (it's the S. that does it) there are 120 million clueless slacker, fat-jawed layabouts, who love to take drugs and then commit crimes. Not exciting crimes, petty crimes. Not crimes of creativity; crimes of sabotaging more intelligent, productive, interesting people.

This is why most nations keep drugs illegal: 99% of the people who use them are criminals or retards. And a healthy society filters such people out. Even more, drugs are a surrogate for having an actually happy life, so wherever they go, there are soon large crowds of depressed people.

But you won't hear that from the liberals. I hear Portugal has sprouted wings and become an angel.

Why we say modernity distances us from reality

17 11 10 - 06:03

From today's news of the dysfunction:

Nye appeared determined to finish his presentation, but began slurring his words and stumbled against his laptop, Camacho said. At first, Nye refused the offer of a chair and continued taking sips from a water bottle. Camacho said Nye was eventually removed from the stage.

"Nobody went to his aid at the very beginning when he first collapsed -- that just perplexed me beyond reason," USC senior Alastair Fairbanks said. "Instead, I saw students texting and updating their Twitter statuses. It was just all a very bizarre evening." - LAT

Everything is an image projected on a cave wall.

Everything is a TV show, a twitter fart, a blog post, a video game. They are all extensions of us, not effects on us corresponding to causes in a big world out there.

Give a mouse a giant brain, and it pretends its giant brain is the world.

For a few centuries, thanks to a philosophy of transcendental idealism and royalism, Europe pulled itself out of this human soul-ghetto.

No more. RIP honesty, sanity, hope, joy and courage.

A world of wonder

17 11 10 - 05:22

If you have no other spiritual practice, make it a habit to stare on the amazing creatures and plants of our world:

Were I a Christian, in these I'd see the hands of a loving God who doesn't attend to the details -- disease, death, injustice -- but has set up a system, like a computer program, that consistently churns out the beautiful and shuns the pointless.

You can also help out instead of buying another shitty Lady Gaga or Opeth CD:

The non-innocent innocent

17 11 10 - 05:18

For the pleasant-sounding notion of fairness, we indulge the extremes, and every time we pay, we pay:

Chambers was 19 when he and Clarence Ray Williams kidnapped Mike McMahon and his date from the parking lot of a Dallas nightclub, then ordered them down the embankment of the Trinity River, according to the Texas Attorney General's Office. The two men robbed the couple and, after shooting at them, left them for dead.


On December 18, 1975, a jury found Chambers guilty of capital murder and a judge subsequently put him on the state's death row.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals twice set aside his conviction -- once because he wasn't read his Miranda rights after being interviewed by a state psychiatrist -- but both times he was retried and convicted again.


Texas, which has executed more prisoners since 1976 than any other state, pays $86.08 to execute a death row inmate, or the cost of drugs used in a lethal injection, the state's Division of Criminal Justice reports. That compares to the $17,338, on average, that it costs to jail a Texas inmate for 12 months, according to 2009 data from the National Institute of Corrections, which is below the national yearly average of $28,689. - CNN

The 35 years at the cost of a college education each is not the real expense here. It's the court costs. For each hour in court, the state has to pay a dozen people, and hire others to keep order for the media frenzy, if it exists.

In the meantime, there's no doubt that this guy perpetrated a horrible crime on truly innocent people -- we're just arguing over the details. Why? So we can claim we're fair and didn't violate his equality by, you know, calling him out on murdering an innocent couple.

He spared us even further drama by dying in jail, but his case was scheduled for another review in 2011.

In the meantime, about his victims -- well, nothing. They've been dead for 35 years. And other crimes have been committed because even if they catch you, you can just keep living on in prison while your rich lawyers fight it out.

The man accused in the killing, Melvin Forte, 60, who represented himself, argued that the "foreign" sperm proved his claim that he had consensual sex with Sailer, 23, early on New Year's Day in 1981. He argued that Sailer was kidnapped from San Francisco and then raped and killed in the East San Jose carport of an apartment complex on Poco Way by someone else.

But his account -- that he had sex with Sailer in the booth of a San Francisco night club -- doesn't fit the timetable laid out by prosecutor Brian Welch. The club closed about 2 a.m., while Sailer was still out with friends at a New Year's Eve party, witnesses testified.


Forte is currently serving life in prison on a murder conviction out of San Francisco, but the jurors have not been told about the conviction because it could prejudice their decision. - MN

Thank un-God that we're fair to them! Don't tell the journey that the person who might be her murderer is already a murderer. That might bias them. It also might not be fair to His Equalness, the murderer, because even though all the evidence points toward him, we need to prove beyond "a shadow of a doubt" (a phrase that changes every generation, as common sense and ability to perceive reality shift more toward the "TV" setting than the "frontier and farm" setting) that he did it.

And so you pay. For court costs. For security. For prisons. For a nanny state to be strong enough to enforce all this on us unruly types who might simply want to make him dangle outside the courthouse.

My, how civilized we are! Pat yourself on the back. And keep those checks coming. The smart kids we don't send to college will be thankful for our meticulous system of justice.

Hipsters as affirmation of Weberian Social Darwinism

16 11 10 - 06:54

Over several years in the 1960s, Bourdieu and his researchers surveyed 1,200 people of all classes and mined government data on aspects of French domestic life. They asked, for instance, Which of the following subjects would be most likely to make a beautiful photograph? and offered such choices as a sunset, a girl with a cat or a car crash. From government dietary research, they took data on the classic question: Do you think French people eat too much? The statistical results were striking. The things you prefer — tastes that you like to think of as personal, unique, justified only by sensibility — correspond tightly to defining measures of social class: your profession, your highest degree and your father’s profession.


Once you take the Bourdieuian view, you can see how hipster neighborhoods are crossroads where young people from different origins, all crammed together, jockey for social gain. One hipster subgroup’s strategy is to disparage others as “liberal arts college grads with too much time on their hands”; the attack is leveled at the children of the upper middle class who move to cities after college with hopes of working in the “creative professions.” These hipsters are instantly declassed, reservoired in abject internships and ignored in the urban hierarchy — but able to use college-taught skills of classification, collection and appreciation to generate a superior body of cultural “cool.”


All hipsters play at being the inventors or first adopters of novelties: pride comes from knowing, and deciding, what’s cool in advance of the rest of the world. Yet the habits of hatred and accusation are endemic to hipsters because they feel the weakness of everyone’s position — including their own. Proving that someone is trying desperately to boost himself instantly undoes him as an opponent. He’s a fake, while you are a natural aristocrat of taste. That’s why “He’s not for real, he’s just a hipster” is a potent insult among all the people identifiable as hipsters themselves.

The attempt to analyze the hipster provokes such universal anxiety because it calls everyone’s bluff. And hipsters aren’t the only ones unnerved. Many of us try to justify our privileges by pretending that our superb tastes and intellect prove we deserve them, reflecting our inner superiority. Those below us economically, the reasoning goes, don’t appreciate what we do; similarly, they couldn’t fill our jobs, handle our wealth or survive our difficulties. - NYT

The writer gets it nearly right, but has to drop in all of this idiotic Marxist propaganda about equality.

The interesting story is in the different types of hipsters and what they represent as social climbers.

Parallels to:

Thorstein Veblen invented the term “conspicuous consumption” to refer to the showy spending habits of the nouveau riche, who unlike the established money of his day took great pains to signal their wealth by buying fast cars, expensive clothes, and shiny jewelery. Why was such flashiness common among new money but not old? Because the old money was so secure in their position that it never even occurred to them that they might be confused with poor people, whereas new money, with their lack of aristocratic breeding, worried they might be mistaken for poor people if they didn’t make it blatantly obvious that they had expensive things.

The old money might have started off not buying flashy things for pragmatic reasons – they didn’t need to, so why waste the money? But if F. Scott Fitzgerald is to be believed, the old money actively cultivated an air of superiority to the nouveau riche and their conspicuous consumption; not buying flashy objects becomes a matter of principle. This makes sense: the nouveau riche need to differentiate themselves from the poor, but the old money need to differentiate themselves from the nouveau riche.

This process is called countersignaling, and one can find its telltale patterns in many walks of life.


So my hypothesis is that if a certain side of an issue has very obvious points in support of it, and the other side of an issue relies on much more subtle points that the average person might not be expected to grasp, then adopting the second side of the issue will become a signal for intelligence, even if that side of the argument is wrong. - Less Wrong

Hipsters adopt their viewpoints to socially climb; in fact, all people do this status climbing.

And the godfather of it all...

Weber was well known in academia for his essay "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism," written after he toured the United Sates in 1904. It was the origin of the unfortunately non-Protestant cliché, "the work ethic." He introduced the terms "charisma" and "charismatic" in their current usage; also "bureaucracy," which he characterized as "the routinization of charisma." He coined the term "style of life," which was converted into the compound noun "lifestyle" and put to work as the title of a thousand sections of newspapers across the United States. But what caught my imagination was the single word "status." In a very short, very dense essay called "Class, Status, and Party" he introduced an entirely new concept.

I was by no means the first person to get excited over Weber's "status." The concept was well known within the field of sociology, although it was more often expressed in such terms as "social class," "social stratification," "prestige systems," and "mobility." Six years later Weber's terms "status-seeking" and "status symbols" began showing up in the press. Soon they were part of everyday language.

The great American sociologists of the 1950s, W. Lloyd Warner, the Lynns, August B. Hollingshead, E. Digby Baltzell, C. Wright Mills, David Riesman, were turning out studies of how Americans rated others and themselves, often unconsciously, according to race, ethnic group, address, occupation, vocabulary, shopping habits, bill-paying habits (personal checks in lump sums as opposed to installment payments in cash), bureaucratic status symbols (corner offices, fine wooden desks as opposed to metal ones, water carafes, sofas as well as chairs, speaker phones, etageres of brass and glass), education (the great divide existing between those who had bachelor's degrees from a respectable four-year college as opposed to those who didn't), even sexual practices. The upper orders made love with the lights on and no bed covers. The lower orders--in the 1950s--found this perverted. Sociologists never rejected Karl Marx's brilliant breakdown of society into classes. But his idea of an upper class--the owners of "the means of production"--and their satellites, the bourgeoisie, in a struggle with the masses, the working class, was too rigid to describe competition among human beast in the 20th century. Weber's entirely novel concept of "status groups" proved to be both more flexible and more penetrating psychologically.

Within the ranks of the rich, including the "owners of the means of production," there inevitably developed an inner circle known as Society. Such groups always believed themselves to be graced with "status honor," as Weber called it. Status honor existed quite apart from such gross matters as raw wealth and power. Family background, education, manners, dress, cultivation, style of life--these, the ineffable things, were what granted you your exalted place in Society. - NEH

We are first animals competing for power, as Nietzsche said, and only secondly moral/social actors.

- Steve Harris

Equality makes you meat

16 11 10 - 06:44

In a truly equal society, you are assumed to be as equal as anyone else.

This means you need to gild yourself with some kind of adornment, or added incentive, to stay above the rest. Otherwise, other people get ahead to the friends, potential mates and business partners you need.

On the other hand, in a society with specialized roles, you would need to fulfill your role well and become eligible.

A 2009 poll revealed that an alarming 95 percent of females between the ages of 16 and 21 want to change their bodies in some way.


While the common perception is that “body bullying” or “body bashing” — which I define as the teasing, ostracizing or threatening of a person because of how she looks, specifically with regard to weight — is committed by external sources, such as teachers, family members, friends or strangers, more often than not, it begins with an even harsher critic: the girl herself.

The inner body bully tells a girl she’s not good enough the way she is. It tells her to diet. She listens. She skips meals and pats herself on the back. Or she berates herself when she fails to stick to the diet plan, making her vulnerable to eating disorders, or worse. Being overweight—or simply believing they are overweight — might predispose some teenage girls to suicide attempts, according to a 2009 study that appears in the “Journal of Adolescent Health,” which looked at more than fourteen thousand American high school students. The girl in the mirror never measures up. - Voice of the NWO

Welcome to our perfectly equal society. By the way, everyone here is miserable, because with equality comes no limits to us competing with each other.

We don't compete only on the important stuff. We fight like chickens over the stuff unrelated to our jobs or the content of our character and our abilities. We squabble over appearances, and punish ourselves.

Is there an alternative?

Dutch women are not like me. I worry about my career incessantly. I take daily stock of its trajectory and make vicious mental critiques of my endeavors. And I know—based on weekly phone conversations with friends in the United States—that my masochistic drive for success is widely shared among my female friends. Meanwhile, the Dutch women around me take a lackadaisical approach to their careers. They work half days, meet their friends for coffee at 2 p.m., and pity their male colleagues who are stuck in the office all day.


It's hard not to wonder: Have we gotten it all wrong? In the United States, the race for equality has gone mostly in one direction. Women want to shatter the glass ceiling, reach the top spots in the hierarchy, and earn the same respect and salaries as men do. But perhaps this situation is setting us up for a world in which none of us is having any fun. After all, studies of female happiness in the U.S. find that even as our options have increased and we have become financially more independent than in any previous time in our history, American women as a whole are not getting any happier. If anything, the studies show that we are emotionally less well-off than we were before. Wasn't the whole point of the fight for equality in the workplace to improve our wellbeing?


"We look at the world of management—and it is a man's world—and we think, oh I could do that if I wanted," says Maaike van Lunberg, an editor at De Stentor newspaper. "But I'd rather enjoy my life." Jacob Vossestein's book Dealing With the Dutch echoes that sentiment. He argues that people in the Netherlands view the hierarchical work environment with skepticism and do not generally envy those who climb its ranks. - Thlate

Men and women are different, so we'll each do our thing. Oh, and by the way, competing in a workplace is stupid because it puts those who "work hard" ahead of those who "are competent and content." So it's totally neurotic. But at least we're equal, God Damn It.

Why I endorse a contrary religious thinking

15 11 10 - 05:26

While I'm critical of the modern religion as well as the egalitarian, victim-revenge nature of Christianity and liberalism, I think there is a place in post-modern times for a kind of religion.

It's a type of reverence, or worship of life itself, and one that says a good but possibly wrong belief trumps an incomplete but scientifically "right" belief. After all, science is statistics; if 81% of people who are married are miserable, science thinks marriage is bad, forgetting that those 81% were probably miserable before they were married, and the 19% who are not miserable were happy before they were married because they have IQs 20 points higher, and so have a happier life in general.

They call us conservatives, throw-backs, and reactionaries, but the fact is that science doesn't return complete answers. It attacks our existing knowledge, and replaces whole concepts with partial ones:

Consciousness, of course, is one of the great, unsolved conundrums of modern science. Where, if anywhere, does awareness reside? How, if at all, can it be explained? Is the mind separate from its body? Or does everything, ultimately, reduce to biochemistry and quantum physics, including our private, inner-most experiences of the world?

From the time of Aristotle and Plato, these questions have largely been the preserve of philosophy. But the past several decades have witnessed the steady rise of cognitive neuroscience, which maintains that all human faculties, including consciousness, can now (or one day will) be explained by neural oscillations in the cerebral cortex – accountable by simple measurements of neurons and synapses.


Science can document all the processes involved in vision – electromagnetic waveforms striking the retina and proceeding electrochemically along the optic nerve to the brain's occipital lobe. But where does the felt experience of what is seen – let's say the colour red – come from? Says Mr. Chalmers: “There is an explanatory gap between the functions and experience.”

And the problem is hard, cognitive scientist Steven Pinker adds, because no one knows what the answer might look like “or even whether it is a genuine scientific problem in the first place.” - Rainbow Daily

Good points. We know the physical counterparts to our thoughts, but the mind examining itself still cannot figure out where it is.

There isn't even a necessarily metaphysical answer; possibly our brains are our minds, but there's more in the software than in the hardware.

Either way, we need to be wary of reductionism -- we lose whole concepts and instead get the classic scientific passive-aggressive: "It's not what you think, but I only know a small part of what is true, so wait on me for an indeterminate period of time and I'll get back to you with what you should believe, or be considered ignorant."

Yeah, no thanks.

Why Christianity succeeded: mobilize the peasants

15 11 10 - 04:30

We know Christianity is a mixed bag: composed of re-cycled Greek, Pagan, Hindu and middle eastern myths and philosophies, it attempted to channel them all into the simplest possible doctrine.

We also know that religiosity -- or reverence -- is a trait of conservatives, while liberals tend to prefer the simple bedtime story that is materialism. On either extreme, too much dualism or too much materialism, you get a simplistic view of the world that dumbs down the greatness and beauty of life.

But here's an interesting perspective on the political dimensions of Christianity:

"Christianity is the sole key to their success. It is a truly evil and base religion, barely worth discussing. But its main doctrines are simple to grasp and well-contrived; they can easily deceive stupid commoners with it. Using clever words and subtle phrases, they would have commoners believe that to deceive Heaven is to revere it, and that to destroy the Way is needed for ethical understanding.

-1825 Aizawa Seishisai, son of a low-ranking samurai in the domain of Mito, was one of the leading figures in the so-called Mito School, a highly nationalistic brand of Confucianism. (as quoted in JAPAN STUDIES REVIEW, Volume Eleven, 2007 and contributed by S.M.)

Christianity gives us a simple narrative and, as a meme, unites the peasants, proles and other masses toward a simple end. That is why it is effective.

We should consider this when re-designing Christianity, which makes more sense than "fighting" it (especially as it gains ground on the neurotic, miserable, centerless urban liberal). Instead, we should consider how to keep this simplicity but use it to oppress peasants, because when they get control, they ruin everything.

Here's a good case of redesign within the system:

A German judge has shot to popularity after letting 42 speeding drivers off without charges in the last week because he thinks speed controls merely serve to fill the state's coffers rather than prevent accidents.

Bernd Kahre, spokesman for Herford court in northwestern Germany where judge Helmut Knoener works, told Reuters the 62-year-old wanted to make a stand against the current practice of prosecuting speeders.

He said Knoener believed speed controls were not conducted to ensure greater road safety, but rather to provide the cash-strapped state with an additional source of income. - Reuters! Crikey.

Most people can only approach the travesty of government in a binary: either I'm "for" the government, or against it. Most of the latter are liberals, although their ranks are now swelling with well-intentioned Libertarians and Republicans.

But what about instead viewing government like we might a blog entry or other document, as a work in progress which we should edit until it fits our needs?

Touching the divine

14 11 10 - 04:21

Some people go looking for contentment/happiness/joy in themselves; others find it in joining with their world, in particular, by doing things to enhance beauty.

Owls are a thing of beauty:

These people appear to me to be mostly free of the existential angst that I see among people in shopping malls. I wonder why!

Well, let's guess:

  • Instead of going inward, they've reached out. They are becoming active toward a goal other than themselves, thus are less self-focused and more connected to their world -- which is what defines their experience of a lifetime as much if not more than the self.

  • They have found an intangible goal in life. You can't band every owl, but you can say that you'll always work toward understanding, studying and protecting owls -- and in that, you've found a transcendent goal. Who cares if the beak strikes, if the species is healthier?

  • Overcoming self-consciousness. Any serious activity in life is ludicrous. You're not as cool as you seem when playing videogames, socializing or being in other situations you control. You're facing the unpredictable, decked out in weird gear and often, unselfconscious. But then again, you've also overcome your social fear.

Hail to those who push back against the tyranny of the self!

Social pressure: the death of grace

14 11 10 - 04:16

Two women on why social pressure is devastating when it replaces common sense:

She thinks her peers found her ‘weird’. I suspect that they were jealous of her growing success at local festivals when they had her patronisingly tagged as the tall, thin, pale kid who was no good at sports.

One night, soon after she’d sung the national anthem at a professional basketball game, she rang round her friends to see if anyone wanted to hang out with her at the local mall. ‘That memory is one of those painful ones you’ll never fully get over,’ she says, emotionally. ‘At that point I’d been shunned from the group for whatever reason and I was still trying desperately to be included. That evening, I called them up and they each said no and Mom said, “You know what? You want to go to the mall, let’s go together.”

And we ran into this entire group of girls who had told me they were busy that night. In situations like that my mum has known exactly the right time to run away. There are situations where you have to encourage someone to be tough and there are times when you should just run. So we got in the car and we drove to the mall that’s an hour and a half away but is a better mall.’ - The Daily Fale

It's one of life's hardest lessons: people are often most accepting of you when you're unthreatening, a failure or screwup. But when you're succeeding? They want what you want, and hate you for having it. Most of our species is too "mature" in the sense of being "responsible" and boring, but not mature enough in the sense of having control of their emotions.

And then there's what happens when socialization, and socialism, takes over a society:

n an outspoken interview published in the latest edition of the French celebrity magazine Paris Match, Dame Helen describes modern Britain as an ‘angry’ and ‘cruel’ society that no longer cherishes old-fashioned virtues.


Asked whether British values such as decency were being lost, the London-born actress said: ‘I’m under the impression that this notion is disappearing from our society where conflicts are made worse on cinema and on television, where people are nasty and cruel on the internet and where, in general terms, everybody seems to me to be very angry.’


I don’t consider myself a political person but above all as a humanist, and I have the same positive attitude towards the future as my parents did. But the violence of the past can return, and I fear it.’ - Also Daily FALE

Dame Helen -- who is half-Russian, thus ethnically confused and probably bigoted against the majority anyway -- considers herself a humanist and the past to be an evil, dark time. Yet maybe that evil, dark time held in check something even worse, and that's what is eating current Britain.

Has it occurred to her that during her lifetime, Britain has become more humanist and more socialized, which are ideas she seemingly supports? Well... probably. But she seems to be in denial. We'll take the Taylor Swift analysis, thanks.

What is the modern religion, actually?

13 11 10 - 09:57

Our state-run radio in the USA is universally leftist, but all leftists like to pretend it's centrist or "balanced" so they can continue to justify their leftist beliefs as "common sense." Having recruited a collection of neurotic liberal make-workers to blog for it, NPR is tackling issues with its usual leftist bent:

“All civilizations and empires have fallen because their cultures became decadent,” Meckler said. “We need to lift up conservative culture, family values and wholesome things by supporting conservative musicians, writers, artists and producers.”

My Webster’s dictionary defines conservative as “disposed to maintain existing institutions or views; opposed to change.” A counterpoint to conservative is the word revelation: “the disclosing of what was before unknown” (fr. Latin velum, a veil).


Revelation is a central concept in the monotheistic religions. A truth, originating directly from God or via an agent such as an angel, is communicated to a human who, in passing this truth on to others, is called a prophet; in some traditions the prophet may come to be called a saint. For the traditional believer, these divine revelations are sacrosanct, the pillars of their faith.


So I would say that scientific understandings represent revelations of a second kind. Unlike those canonized in a religious tradition, unlike those entombed in whatever fundamentalism — left-wing or right-wing — that enthralls a populace at a given time – they not only come with errata sheets; they come with the promise of errata sheets. - New People's Revolution

We have to go to see someone with more study and insight behind them in order to make sense of this -- warning: this article, unlike the NPR one which appears to be "Learned" in the way that a peasant with a uniform is "Official" actually requires a brain to read:

Huxley goes to great trouble to explain – what today’s theorists usually just take for granted – why it is that he thinks humanity should be considered specially valuable and important. This (he says) is because the mental qualities that it is developing through emergent evolution – especially its capacity for intelligent worship of the universe through science – are the growing-point of the whole cosmic process. These mental properties are not something alien to the material properties that the physical sciences study but are continuous with them, so any materialism that fails to recognise their continuity is mistaken. The still-surviving Cartesian dualism that treats mind as a separate substance from matter must therefore be abandoned. Mind must be taken to have been somehow present in the cosmos from the start. “We come, that is, to a monistic conclusion … that there is only one fundamental substance, and that this possesses not only material [but mental] properties. We want a new word to denote this X, this world-stuff; matter will not do for that is a word which the physicists and chemists have moulded to suit themselves, and since they have not yet learnt to detect or measure mental phenomena they restrict the word ‘material’ to mean ‘non-mental’.”

Huxley, in fact, saw clearly – what few of those who now exalt science seem to have noticed – that this exaltation does not make sense unless we somehow enlarge the notion of reality to make room for mind. Doing science is, after all, a mental activity; it can hardly constitute the purpose of a purely physical universe. More widely, of course, Huxley’s whole way of conceiving evolution as purposive is itself profoundly religious. Darwin himself avoided such thoughts, as do most of those who claim to follow him today. Yet people still do often take it for granted that Evolution, like Progress, is directional – an escalator bound to carry us, or at least our descendants, safely on to higher levels. - BrokeBack Island New Humanists

The point here is that, once we get outside the peasants pretending to be kings section of the haughty bookstore, we see that religious thinking is integral to humanity because thinking of purpose to the universe, and the decisional mind required, is necessary. It is necessary in part because we are out of answers as to "how did reality itself begin" or "why does existence exist" without some sense of computation, growth, or evolution.

Materialism, or strict believing in biological/physical impetus to everything, only makes sense so far.

Revelation is the new religion and it is strictly physical science, which denies both (a) the metaphysical and (b) long term reasoning, since it doesn't involve tangible objects but predictions, intuitions and game theory-styled planning multiple moves ahead.

While the NPR idiot intended to slam all conservatives, she made a useful point: science is the new revelation/religion, and those who say "let's stick to what we know, instead of following every new theory like it's a prophet" are in fact the sane ones. She won't understand that of course.

Increasingly, we're finding more about the brain, but less about consciousness, because consciousness is an effect (calculation) of the brain, which may itself be an effect of something else. Food for thought.

Leap Into Life: people hate other groups

12 11 10 - 06:23

From the "clueless peasants pretend to be insightful thinkers" column:

The authors divided 120 non-black participants into the roles of "experiencers" and "forecasters." The "experiencers" were placed in a room with a white person and a black person, who played out pre-arranged scenarios for the experiment. The scenarios began when the black role-player bumped the white role-player's knee when leaving the room.

In the first scenario, the white person did not comment afterwards. In the "moderate" case, the white person said, "Typical, I hate it when black people do that," after the black person left the room. In the "extreme" case, the white person remarked, "Clumsy n****r."

The "forecasters," meanwhile, predicted how they would feel in these situations.

The magnitude of the results surprised even the authors, Kawakami said. Experiencers reported little distress in all three scenarios, much less than the forecasters did in the moderate and severe situations.

"Even using that most extreme comment didn't lead people to be particularly upset," said co-author Elizabeth Dunn, assistant professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. - CNN

Of course they weren't upset:

  1. All people are racist. If you don't hate a specific race, you end up hating the idea of race itself and demanding it be destroyed. That, too, is racism. People like to live near people like them, not just in race/ethny but in caste/class, values and even activities. Humanity is inherently divided.

  2. All people hate some group or another. Whatever burned you, or scares you, you're going to hate -- and most commonly that hate has validity. If black people hate you for having more money, of course you'll hate them back (unless you're posturing for the ladies, in which case you're an "anti-racist" and still don't get laid because that stance is one only a clueless Beta would take). If you're an Atheist, you hate Christians. If you're a geek, you detest Marketing. On and on, South of Heaven...

  3. We find conflict funny. This is actually why I wrote this article-blurblet: humans are accustomed to the absurdism of no one getting along, groups being in conflict, and people detesting each other. We find it hilarious. Not just schadenfreude, but a celebration of how silly and pointless the whole "animal instincts versus Kumbaya illusion" period of history is.

I hope this offended you. Get raped!

Our newest spamfriends

11 11 10 - 06:06

We're under spam assault from the following IPs:

I'm putting them here so that if others are experiencing this attack, they can quickly confirm what's going on.

I am not concerned with the "privacy" of the people who own these IPs. They need to know they are compromised and stop inflicting pain on the rest of us.

They lie

11 11 10 - 05:54

How to tell a successful lie:

Claim a motivation other than self interest; in fact, claim the opposite. Claim you're here to help everyone be equal, or that God sent you to do the same thing. It's the oldest human scam, dating back to the formation of language.

Although Mitchell claimed to receive revelations directly from God and said he was destined for celestial glory, many of the details of his life, as described by Smart, were earthly and banal. Mitchell and Barzee constantly squabbled over her jealousy and his drinking, Smart said. He had a taste for pornography and boasted about his sexual prowess and his ability to outsmart other people.

When he talked about his "ministry," he meant panhandling, Smart added. But Mitchell often was scathing in his criticism of the people who gave him money on the street.

She said he talked constantly -- about himself. She never saw him show compassion, or give anyone else money or food. Except for concealing her identity, she said, he didn't show much concern for her or her family. - CNN

He talks about God when his motives are questioned; otherwise, he does what he does best, which is to serve himself. Whether we call him a socialized sociopath, or a passive aggressive, the result is the same: he knows the rules and uses them to disable your criticism while he serves himself. He's hiding under the aegis of public service, religion, love, etc. You wouldn't hit a servant of love, would you?

But the only true equality we experience is when we all serve God/the universe/a plan/a consensus. That way, none of us are appointed above our station such that we can act for our own interests alone; instead, we are all means to an end according to our role. A king has more than a peon, but a king does more, and gets us closer to that goal. A peon needs to be told what to do and is replaceable, interchangeable.

In Mitchell's world, we're all equal except for him. He's super-equal. And we serve as the means to his end.

A group of demonstrators broke into the headquarters of Britain's governing Conservative Party in London Wednesday, spray-painting anarchy symbols and setting off flares before being forced out of the building.

They broke large windows, painted obscenities on the walls, and later climbed onto the roof and hurled objects down.


The violence came during a largely peaceful protest by students against government plans to allow universities to increase tuition fees. - CNN

We're anarchists because we want to help you!

Actually, we just want cheaper education, because we view it as a magic portal to those easy, lucrative desk jobs that we think everyone wants. We just want money, in essence. And we want easy jobs, good payments, and uh our currency to still have the same value.

In fact, we probably have a giant laundry list of delusions to hit you with, but we'll justify all of them with the idea that we want freedom, justice and brotherhood for everyone!

Does anyone believe this happy horseshit anymore? They lie. They always have lied. We the normal people -- who seek interesting jobs, fulfilling lives and sensible compromises -- are the ones who pay for the mess, clean up the mess, and then get blamed for provoking it. When does it end?

Dunning-Kruger in action

11 11 10 - 04:15

Commenter 1: "And yet this is the same guy who has before said that conservatives and liberals were just two aspects of the same kind of flawed thinking."

Commenter 2: "Modern conservatives are liberals. I think that was his point."

From Mini-interview with Vijay Prozak

Ignoring human screwups will get your daughter raped, murdered

11 11 10 - 04:08

So from the latest cheer from the news/entertainment industry:

In horrific details, Assistant Will County State's Attorney Michael Fitzgerald told the judge how Eby, in a five-page letter, admitted that on June 6, 2004, he had been drinking and using cocaine — a combination that gave him the urge to break into Riley's Wilmington house and molest her.

Eby said he put a bandanna over his face before entering the house, put his hand over Riley's mouth and put her in the trunk of his car. He described then driving to a nearby forest preserve, duct-taping her wrists and mouth and sexually assaulting her on the floor of a men's room.


Eby was an inmate at the medium security Lawrence Correctional Center in Sumner, serving time for a Dec. 2005 sexual assault conviction filed in an attack on a relative. - AP

We are so biased -- no, bigoted -- by the concept of equality that we consider everyone a blank slate. If he made a mistake, like raping a relative, he may be rehabilitated. The only difference between him and a healthy, normal, equal citizen is that he got off on the wrong foot, or was raised in the ghetto, or discriminated against, or otherwise suffered "injustice."

If we just take Scott Eby and give him a chance, he'll snap out of it. There are no bad people, right, only bad decisions -- because we're all equal. We're all the same inside. The same randomness that makes one person (admittedly, with a higher IQ) a rich man and another a poor woman makes one of us a deacon and one of us a child molester. With enough education, we can shape these equal people into productive citizens.

Except, er, it doesn't work that way. Here's Scott Eby's record summarized:

  • Arrested: 1988

    Released: 1990

  • Arrested: 1992

    Released: 1993

  • Arrested: 1993

    Released: 1997

  • Arrested: 2000

    Released: 2004

  • Arrested: 2005

    Released: Not yet

These are the crimes he committed and was convicted for before he molested Riley Fox. Horse sense tells us there are more crimes that he didn't get caught for, or for which he was not convicted owing to lack of evidence.

This is why cops get cynical about citizens: they're either basically good, or basically bad. The bad ones do things like this because they have no self-control and have impulses that rage in wild directions. The good ones stay out of the way until it's time to pay speeding tickets, which makes them distrust the law enforcement that should be on their side.

In the meantime, the Rileys of the world are ripe for molestation because we the people cannot face this simple fact: some people are born bad, and no amount of rights/rehabilitation is going to change that. They will rape, stab, kill, maim, steal, sodomize and graft again. Catch them early and sell them to the Arabs and you'll save us all a lot of pain.

Someone else gets it

10 11 10 - 09:32

Like so many others, I have come to realize that our lives are completely dependent on nature that provides us with clean water, fruits, vegetables, grains, fuel, fresh air, seasonal climates, coastal protection, recreation and scenic landscapes around the world that will take your breath away. It is no wonder then that nature has been immortalized for centuries by poets, musicians, artists and explorers who have appreciated that which has too often been overlooked by others.

In spite of the extent to which we have unwittingly disturbed so many terrestrial and marine ecosystems in our quest for what is often termed as progress, nature in its infinite wisdom has so far been resilient against our unnatural and often toxic incursions, adaptable, forgiving and regenerative except in some localized areas which are experiencing an unnatural species extinction rate. This degradation signals to us that nature’s strength alone cannot endure the unnatural incursions that are increasingly reaching areas of the world previously thought to be impenetrable by man such as 1,500 meter depths at which fishermen can now trawl for orange roughy and areas beneath the blue-white Antarctic ice from which tons of krill on which whales feed are now being harvested for sport fishing bait, aquarium feeds and aquaculture.

From Constantine Alexander's blog.

I love sodomy, Vol. MCMXVII

10 11 10 - 06:55

Do we post these just to convince the NWO that we're crazy?

My hands wrapped in latex sought the door with tingling anticipation. I removed cable ties from my pocket and used them to secure the two make-up artists and the image consultant. Then I locked the door and turned to Bieber.

His gamine face in peaceful repose looked up at me as I turned over the body. I encountered that moment I have every time I dominate a celebrity, like I am looking at an Icon itself turned into flesh. I waved away the emotion. I had to act quickly. - The Anal Rape of Justin Bieber

Nothing like a little icon sodomy. From holy icons to unholy commercial icons, we sodomize 'em all. Twice.

And your Zen moment of the day:

Q: What do you think of love?

A: "I don't know - I love sodomy." - VFDS

Learning to say NO

10 11 10 - 06:13

Some people are getting it. Modern society was a product of our wealth, and now that we're forced to actually make decisions, we're going to have to say NO to destructive, stupid, pointless or subversive behaviors.

The torrent is just beginning:

The San Francisco, California, Board of Supervisors on Tuesday banned most McDonald's Happy Meals with toys, as they're now served.

The ordinance, which requires McDonald's and other fast-food servings with toys to meet new nutritional standards, now goes to Mayor Gavin Newsom, who indicated before his election last week to California lieutenant governor that he would veto the law. - CNN

Even though this is a liberal move, hoping to prevent idiots from making their kids obese, it's important:

Our society is beginning to say NO to "victimless" (rather "self-victimizing") behavior that has social consequences.

We all know kids are easily manipulated nitwits because their brains are still in formation. Putting toys in junk food is a time-proven tactic. But maybe, we're willing to for once take a stand, and so that even though in theory it would be your right to do whatever you want, things with bad social consequences need to stop.

Here's another:

Faced with spreading decay, city planners led by Detroit Mayor David Bing decided last year to amputate. Large tracts of urban space were cleared to stem the drain on civic resources -- although the move was not met without some dismay from those whose neighborhoods faced destruction.

"[Bing] has been up front saying, 'Look, we're not going to repopulate the city, we're going to be a small but better city and figure how to reinvent it in terms of delivering services to a smaller population,'" said Gallagher, whose book "Re-imagining Detroit" explores options for the city's future.

"Now that we've emptied out a good portion of the city and we don't expect to fill it up again with shopping malls and new housing, we can be a greener city; a more environmentally sustainable city with more parks and more green corridors -- perhaps using Detroit land not for consumption but for production. - CNN

People always joked that they should return it to farmland. But the point Bing makes is a good one: even if it hurts to do it, we have to cut back if there's not production to support what we have. If Detroit is mostly abandoned, destroy the failed and replace it with open green spaces. Convert the whole thing into farms and suburbs.

This was an unpopular move, of course... but as time goes on, people see that it is a necessary one, and not just for Detroit.

And now a more controversial one:

President Shelton also denied that the factors outlawed by Proposition 107 have had any affect on admissions considerations. “Indeed, we have never used race or gender as a criterion for admission to the U of A,” Shelton said in his address. However, according to the UA’s most recent Common Data Set[pdf], racial/ethnic status is among nonacademic factors admissions officers consider in admissions decisions.

He continued, “This proposition was just one example of a great challenge that was on display in almost every race in this year’s election, where we saw campaign after campaign designed to divide people, rather than unite them; to play on their fears, rather than inspire their hope.”

“I don’t know where he’s getting that,” said Jen Gratz, Director of Research at the American Civil Rights Institute. “I think it’s interesting given that there is concrete evidence that they use race in admissions, they’re admitted to using race in law school admissions,” Ms. Gratz said, citing a 2008 study [pdf] by the Center for Equal Opportunity that revealed black and Hispanic applicants to the James E Rogers College of Law were more likely to be admitted with lower LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs than other applicants. “It’s policies that give preference to some based on race and discriminate against others that are dividing people,” Gratz said. - The Lamp

No, Jen, people are already divided -- this is just the first step in saying NO to the idea that what we need is more people and people from everywhere. The fond illusion is that if we mix up all of humanity, we'll emerge into a world of peace and equality. The reality is that this experiment has been tried before, has always failed and now people are sick of it.

Why do we need to say NO? Here's one really good reason:

Scientists have observed the highest rate of beak abnormalities ever recorded in wild bird populations in Alaska and the Northwest, a study by two federal scientists said.

The U.S. Geological Survey study on beak deformities in northwestern crows in Alaska, Washington and British Columbia follows a trend found earlier in Alaska's black-capped chickadees.

"The prevalence of these strange deformities is more than 10 times what is normally expected in a wild bird population," said research biologist Colleen Handel.


The scientists said beak deformities can be caused by environmental contaminants, nutritional deficiencies, and bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic infections.

In the past, large clusters of beak deformities have been associated with environmental pollutants such as organochlorines in the Great Lakes region and selenium from agricultural runoff in California. - AP

Industrial pollutants... why are those a problem? Must just be a bad factory, say the liberals.

Back in realityland, we know that screwups happen. Factories aren't a problem if you have enough wildlife space to absorb the contaminants, since those will inevitably happen. While the factories responsible should be fined, that doesn't solve the problem. The problem is that unless you have a 4:1 ratio of natural land to human land, there's no space for pollutants to disperse and be diluted to non-problematic levels.

We've had industrial plants dropping dangerous chemicals for hundreds of years. It has only become a problem recently because we've used up all the open land, and have left for animals a series of fenced-in areas where they barely have enough room to frolic, hunt and breed, if at all. Eventually, their populations drop below the 20,000 individuals required for genetic health and they become sickly, then die out. But it's nobody's fault.

Buying LED light bulbs won't cure this problem. Buying hybrid cars will not. Nor will donating to the World Wildlife Fund. Those are all pseudo-solutions, surrogate solutions. The real solution is more land for nature: open land, no fences, not farms, no roads. Just forest and prairie, plain and desert, mountain and wetland. But humans expand into all these areas because there are too many of us.

We need to face the real problem:

Bernard Lewis, the renowned Princeton scholar of Islam, has called attention to the Arab tendency to play “the blame game.”

He notes Arabs traditionally blamed the Mongols, the Ottoman Turks, the colonial powers, and now the Jews and the Americans for everything that has gone awry in their once proud and accomplished history.

When I question Arabs about this, I find they generally hide behind the mantra, “If only we were better Muslims and followed the Quran, we would do better.” But that becomes a self-set mental trap, excusing any original thought about the need to determine their own destiny. - CSM

There's always someone to blame, and this doesn't apply just to Arabs, but to all of us.

If you're a white person and you're sure that The Jew(tm), The Corporation(sm), The Negro(r) or The Government is what's keeping you down, you've already lost. You've given up on your ability to fix things.

If you're black and you're sure that racism is what's keeping you down, you've already lost. You're keeping you down by believing in racism as the determiner of your fault, and by having something to blame, you're dodging the real issue.

If you're human, you need to realize that the environmental problem we face is not SUVs, light bulbs or "some" bad factories and bad people who keep us down. It's that there are too many of us and we indulge any idiot who shows ups because he has rights too. We need to learn to say NO. And it's starting. Whip it into a brisk momentum -- future birds will thank you.

Still in denial about biological facts

09 11 10 - 14:04

Only 12 percent of black fourth-grade boys are proficient in reading, compared with 38 percent of white boys, and only 12 percent of black eighth-grade boys are proficient in math, compared with 44 percent of white boys.

Poverty alone does not seem to explain the differences: poor white boys do just as well as African-American boys who do not live in poverty, measured by whether they qualify for subsidized school lunches. - NYT

Let me guess: Asians topped the list, whites nearby, and then blacks and American Indians were anchormen, with Hispanics evenly between the whites and blacks.

So it goes. Cultures differ, but cultures are shaped by the genetics of those who produced them. Even more, cultures can determine who persists in any given society. As a result, culture is tightly enmeshed with biological ability. You can't deconstruct the two, unless you like pleasant mental symbols that don't relate to reality (99% of you prefer the illusion).

But to state the obvious: only 38% of white kids are competent? What, did we get a lot of Irish, Gypsies, Slavs and Italians in here or something? Maybe in addition to that, we've got "prole drift," or a widening of the lower castes while the upper half of the middle class shrinks.

Don't pat yourselves on the back, white people... you're not doing so hot.

- Steve Harris

How to get your daughter raped

09 11 10 - 02:08

From the Leap Into Life series of sudden wakeful moments confronting reality:

It was the fall of 2001, and he was panhandling outside a mall in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Smart said she was with her mother and five brothers and sisters, shopping for school clothes.

"My mother gave gave him five bucks," Smart told told the jury. Mitchell was hired by her mother to fix a leaky skylight and rake leaves. - CNN

Julius Evola criticizes Christianity for confusing exoteric (outward symbol) with esoteric (inward knowledge). If you want to think you are a good person, make sure you pity the retarded, perverted, insane, criminal and dysfunctional. Then you look good to others (exoteric) and can pretend you have some vast inner resource of compassion (esoteric). It's like faking it, except you do it for Jesus.

And it gets your kid raped.

Also testifying Monday was the Smarts' mother, Lois. She spent less than an hour on the witness stand, recalling how the family hired Mitchell -- who then called himself Immanuel -- to do odd jobs.

The problem with pity is that it's an affirmation of differences and power. I hand you $5 and you realize that I'm paying to have you recognize that I have money, and you pick the cotton. How's that make you feel? It made me feel GREAT, and for only $5, a bargain. Until you take revenge into mind and rape my daughter.

Suddenly, she recognized his face, she testified, and the name Immanuel came to her. She said she asked why he would do this. "My parents had only tried to help him," she said.

"He told me he was going to hold me for ransom, and I told him my parents would pay any amount to have me back."

See, we've already affirmed that I have the money and you pick the cotton. So if you get angry, you might want the money. Or if you're a bit unhinged, and cannot control your impulses like a monkey, you may decided for revenge instead. How about kidnapping and serial rape of a 14-year-old daughter, possibly ruining her life? That'll do. That'll do.

They're going to claim the rapist is insane and therefore should not face the consequences of his actions. Instead we the taxpayers should pay $50,000 a year to house him, give him medical care, feed him, and so on. That's "justice." Not putting down a bad animal that has a proven record of destroying good things for his own crazy. That wouldn't be "moral."

It would be practical, however, like not hiring crazy bums to do cheap work around your rape target daughters.

Birds of a negative feather

07 11 10 - 05:26

Liberalism is at its essence that idea that life is bad, and we are somehow victims, so we "deserve" (social logic is guilt, obligation and debt language) to be treated better.

All who agree band together and try to treat each other better, but seem to be thinking backwards. Instead of setting up an organized civilization and working toward a goal, they make themselves the goal and form a mob only to that end. This becomes a voracious cancer, which if it spots anyone who has anything more than its members, devours that person and takes what they have.

This is how societies die: a cancer from within. The causes are many, starting with the proles (people who had no skills or gumption to get beyond being unskilled labor, also people who cannot control their own desires, so need to be restrained) outbreeding the smart. Why? Proles rut like pigs, so produce endless offspring. Other causes: breakdown of family, tolerance of negative people, multiculturalism, rampant alcohol abuse, and so on. Fundamentally, any time a public "truth" deviates from what actually should be talked about, order falls apart -- and many things can initiate that. Societies take many paths to the same death.

Here's some prole-angst -- people united by negativity, victimhood and a sense of the world owing them something -- for your daily perusal:

But after Johannes Mehserle on Friday received the minimum two-year sentence for slaying Oscar Grant, angry demonstrators marched into residential areas near Lake Merritt for the first time, putting innocent people in harm's way.

Police arrested 152 protesters, including seven juveniles, on suspicion of crimes including vandalism, unlawful assembly and disturbing the peace.

Oakland police spokesman Jeff Thomason said 56 of those arrested were from outside the city. - AP

Hey, you guys want to burn some stuff and not get into much trouble, because we're doing it for justice? Yeah, meet you in Oakland. They have someone we can blame. That person has more stuff than us. Our angry inner simian selves -- remember, humans evolved out of a monkey state, and this process may be incomplete in 99% of them -- are ready to destroy something and we feel, like, we've been wronged.

Never mind that Oscar Grant was a criminal. Never mind that it was an accident. Never mind that Oakland is only tolerated out of the guilt of San Francisco, the giant rich place next door to the perpetually poor, perpetually violent, never-getting-fixed Oakland. If humanity had any brains, they'd burn Oakland down and start again.

But then the wealth San Franciscoans might have to pay more for their child care, maids, nail service, lawn care, etc. Or are they so progressive they don't have lawns or children?

There was a heartbreaking near-miss at the Salt Lake City public library. A homicide detective asked Mitchell to raise the veil Smart wore when they were out in public. Mitchell objected on religious grounds, saying showing her face in public would be inappropriate. The detective didn't challenge him further. - CNN

We are victims of religious persecution. Coincidentally, we are also raping this 14-year-old girl. But since we are victims of religious persecution, you owe it to us to not bother us. That we're raping her is incidental and entirely random, because victims are NEVER the cause of their own misfortune... right?

The president calls for extending the lower tax rates for income up to $200,000 a year for individuals or $250,000 a year for families. Income above those levels would be taxed at rates from the 1990s, before the tax cuts were enacted in 2001 and 2003.

Most Republicans oppose letting anyone's tax rates go up, including the 2 percent of the population that earns income greater than the thresholds proposed by Obama. - CNN

Let's tax our most productive people -- the over $250,000 folks are your small business owners, doctors, lawyers and architects -- even more, since they already pay the lion's share of our tax burden which government promptly wastes on well-intentioned but destructive social programs like welfare, propaganda education, dumbed-down public schools that are more like jails, drug rehab, and so on. They have more than us, so FUCK THEM, let's rape them of it and be smug about it.

Hundreds of police officers accompanied by land authority officials arrived in the city on Saturday night. They had bulldozers and trucks, and said they were carrying out a court order, according to Mayor Faiz Abu-Sahaban.

The mayor said residents built the mosque before they had permits. - CNN

We're going to be passive-aggressive and provoke you. Here, we'll built a mosque illegally. Then the news can record you tearing it down and you're the bad guy, and maybe all the other stupid monkeys -- humans are monkeys, with a handful of exceptions -- will help us gang up on you and destroy you. Because you're the bad guys. Yeah.

The early election threat has spooked bond markets concerned about Greece's ability to cope with the massive government debts that triggered a financial crisis and affected the 16-nation euro currency. The uncertainty has sent borrowing costs sharply higher, with the interest-rate gap between Greek 10-year bonds and Germany's benchmark equivalent exceeding 9 percentage points on Friday.

Papandreou came to power in October 2009 with a landslide victory over the conservatives, and his party enjoys a comfortable majority in Parliament. But his popularity has taken a beating following stringent austerity measures, including freezing pensions and trimming salaries. - AP

What did they think he was going to do? We're broke -- we have to fix it. The crowd doesn't care about that. They want more free things, more promises, more debts for a distant tomorrow that no one they know will have to pay. They run their nation into the ground, and then riot when someone tries to fix the problem. Immature self-entitled brats.

Of the surveyed workers asked to explain their excuse for playing hooky, 30 percent said they simply needed to relax, 22 percent wanted to catch up on sleep, 14 percent wanted to take care of some personal errands, and 9 percent wanted to miss a meeting or finagle some extra time for an overdue project. A good chunk of them -- 34 percent -- just didn't feel like going in. - CNN

Again, what did people think was going to happen? You make them show up at the office 200 days a year to do basically boring tasks because hey, we don't want anyone to feel too dumb to be in an office, and it's easier to have disposable workers than smart ones. So they lie and take sick days to do fun stuff or necessarily stuff. At the same time, you'll find that the ones who are most "sick" are often the ones who just hate their jobs and lack the gumption to get something else.

Clegg was born in England and lived in Israel, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia during his childhood, attending six primary schools in five years. He called himself a loner.

"I felt like a migrant," he said. "So when I met migrant workers — Zulu migrant workers — there was something about them that I intuitively connected with because they were also establishing these tenuous connections with different places." - AP

Liberals: united in fear, hatred, victimhood and revenge. I was an outsider, so I connected with outsides. I immediately began working against the society in which I found myself. Then, I helped effect change, and now instead of leading among the nations, it is collapse bound yet because of the guilt I produced, no one dares speak out until it's too late.

Hiding from deluded us, it's real life -- out there somewhere

06 11 10 - 05:22

We live in an upside-down world.

The proles are numerous; they prefer illusion. So we make illusion The Official Truth and then wonder why no one can find their own ass with two hands and a flashlight.

Here's some Leap Into Life material:

Death to the American tourists. Death in the weed-choked, stagnant, forgotten ditches of the world.

Aubrey Sacco was living up to her motto, "glitter the world," on her five-month post-college trip through South Asia before she disappeared in Nepal last spring, her family says.

The 23-year-old artist and musician from Colorado started her trip in December, teaching yoga to vacationers in Sri Lanka. Later, she went to India, studying yoga and volunteering to help schoolchildren with art and music.

She's the kind of traveler you'd often find staying with villagers as opposed to high-end places, her mother, Connie Sacco, said. Aubrey looked forward to volunteering in Nepal after she finished a hike there, according to her mother. - CNN

The world needs more glitter. It's a dark horrible place which needs glitter, but yet you don't really have to be careful. You can go on being an annoying, entitled American wherever you go.

Sacco vanished in April during a hike along Nepal's sylvan and rocky Langtang trek. Some volunteers who've helped look for her say they've heard a disturbing refrain from villagers: Even if they or others in the area did know what caused her disappearance, they wouldn't reveal it.


While villagers' fear of authority has many roots, including a bloody 10-year insurgency that concluded just four years ago, they cite a specific case: The imprisonment of four Nepali men who reported finding the bludgeoned body of a British hiker in the same valley in 2000.

The area villagers believe the men are innocent.

Big surprise: in war-torn corrupt zones, the warlords rule, and if someone goes "wrong" and outside attention arrives, fall guys are found -- usually in the day labor pool.

So American glitter girl flounces off to Nepal, behaves as if she's in her middle class American subdivision, and gets her ass handed to her. By someone powerful who has enough influence to frame others. So everyone clams up.

Lesson here: the world is not America, and trying to make it America is a form of corruption in itself. Do you want us all to clone your own neighborhood? Because if you came into this life to "glitter the world" that's probably where you started desiring some delusional escape, and what you actually need to fix.

We replaced culture and having a goal with vapid self-immersion

Instead of trying to fit a certain mold, Ariel Meadow Stallings cut up a lime-green prom dress she found on eBay, and paired it with an iridescent blue corset.

After all, it was her wedding day. She wanted to look and feel her best. "And that means wanting to wear the color you feel best compliments your skin tone and your hair," she said.


"People are starting to open up their minds a bit," Rogers said. "It takes a certain bride -- usually a second wedding. They've already done the white, traditional gown. They don't want to feel like a first-time bride." - CNN

The comedy of this disaster stretches the mind.

First, dramatic girls are generally sluts; they're hiding the fact that when they get married, they're on penis #12 or #9 but definitely not under #3. They've had their fun, and now they want men to accept them in their current neurotic state and pretend they showed some judgment, discernment or even self-esteem in their choice of penis. Men aren't wholly fooled, which is why they tend to kick these women to the curb at the first screwup. Marriage is just extended dating for such people.

Second, the drama is without purpose. Highlight your hair and eyes? We're talking about a white dress. White highlights everything. More likely, it's just indulging personal drama and self-absorption.

Finally, we had to have someone claim that the broken, deconstructed and insane is "open-minded." They never call it anal rape; they call it new horizons, being open-minded, being different, etc. because otherwise you wouldn't consent. And if you consent to their insanity, they aren't criminals, just businessmen who offered what turned out (a big surprise to all, I'm sure) to be a Bad Deal.

Americans don't understand their own legal system

Johannes Mehserle, convicted of involuntary manslaughter, will get credit for time he's already spent behind bars since he was charged in the shooting of 22-year-old Oscar Grant on a train platform on January 1, 2009, a judge ruled Friday.

Mehserle could be released from custody in about seven months, according to sentencing guidelines provided by the prosecution.

Protesters Friday broke windows and jumped on vehicles, Batts said. He estimated the crowd at between 300 and 500 people.- CNN

The usual wailing and gnashing of teeth. The "victim" was not a good person; he was involved in a criminal fracas. The cop screwed up and the cop is white, and the suspect is black, so we're supposed to think the worst. But what if this had been white/white? Same sentence, no riots, because unless you can prove deliberate manslaughter you're left with an overtired cop surrounded by people chanting obscenities and threats, pulling the wrong gun and screwing up. Screwups happen.

If you want to avoid screwups, it helps to not be part of a gang of people engaged in criminal activity under near-riot conditions...

Americans don't understand their own legal system. They do not understand "involuntary manslaughter," or the concept of deliberate crime versus accidental death. It's no surprise they also feign innocence when claiming with a straight face that rioting criminals should expect the system to make no errors.

The domain of the proles is inverted: all common sense goes out the window, and the complaining individual with a tshirt labeled IT'S NOT MY FAULT goes shooting to the top, and they gather around them an audience of the lazy, useless, sociopathic, and insane who raise unholy ruckus any time One of Their Own is damaged in the course of criminal activity.

For them, the law is an inconvenient side-effect, and this is why wherever they go, they destroy rule of law and reduce society to third-world chaos.

Signs you live in a dying civilization

06 11 10 - 04:53

A professor and two students at San Jose State examined all the deaths on [Caltrain] tracks from August 1992 to December 2009 and found, for the most part, a confusing picture.

Many of the patterns hat emerged in the 76-page report appear random or unexplainable. For instance, there were 25 total suicides on the 6th, 7th and 25th days of the month, and an average of 3.5 during all the other days. There were only two suicides in September and 29 in October and November.


As for timing, most of the deaths occurred during weekdays, especially Mondays and Fridays, and were most common during commute times. This could be at least partially explained by convenience, since there are more trains running during that time, but it could also have to do with the psychological burden known as "new beginnings" that come with the start of a week, the researchers said. - MN

If you want to look for patterns, they probably don't originate in the tracks, but as said above, in events in the lives of the suicides.

The train is just a means to an end... the end is, well, the end (haha).

Mondays stress us with "new beginnings," but why Fridays? Stress about the weekend, meaning that it also is unfulfilling. Humanity is shouting "I can't take any more of this pointless activity" in your face, researchers.

The truth is that most jobs are mostly doing a whole lot of nothing, because the machine views it as more important that its cogs get along than that they are particularly productive. There's probably 500 people worldwide who do anything really important, and then force others to be their raw labor.

All the "artistic" web designers, celebrities, immigration lawyers, bureaucrats, television preachers, etc. are just parasites on the wealth these 500 produce by having a clue about how to organize matter, people and energy efficiently.

If we acknowledged this, we'd have a kind of aristocracy, and that (comrade citizen) is anti-revolutionary thinking, and you will face the guillotine or gulag.

But by not acknowledging it, we thrust people into per-square-foot job descriptions where they mostly creatively loaf, sit through boring meetings, tolerate endless internal committees and regulations, and when they leave, they think, "Another day has passed that I will never get again, and I can't claim anything happened that would make me want to attend today if it were an option."

So they walk into the trains. Or drink themselves to death, smoke tumors out of their lungs, sodomize their children, drive their cars into department stores. Sad but predictable, a species out of control.

Trying too hard to be tolerant

04 11 10 - 06:15

Tolerance is what proles love: it means that we don't consider their origins, the consequences of their actions, or even their mental instability. We just tolerate them and everyone gets along, which lets the deranged, criminal, parasitic and stupid get away with more leeching behavior. As long as we have oil money, however, that will work out OK.

Some examples of misguided tolerance:

Defense witnesses lie to produce insanity convictions

Among the witnesses not called in the 2004 trial was psychologist Jerome Brown, who interviewed Wright days after the killing. Brown diagnosed Wright with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and told jurors last week she was in a "dissociative state" while attempting an elaborate cleanup after the killing.


Last week, however, Jordan questioned Brown about the discrepancy in the defendant's stories and about a telephone call from her original defense attorney, Neal Davis, on the eve of the trial. Davis had just read Brown's notes and realized they were detrimental to his client's claim of self-defense. The call was tape-recorded by Davis.

Brown admitted he responded with an expletive, and then said, "I'll take a look at my notes and see if there's any way to get around that problem." - CNN

In our culture of fear, we tend to defer to experts like doctors and psychiatrists. They have the degrees, after all. But what if they're corrupt? This man is taking payment to testify, and he's manipulating the data for pay. His degree does not make him impartial, or even honest. He's selling it as a commodity.

Think of this next time you see some wide-eyed "expert" talking about how so-and-so killer was insane and not responsible for his or her actions. If that's the case, why will we lock this person up for seven years in an asylum, then let them out so they can do it again?

You are who you associate with

Airport security around the world isn't good enough, an Israeli airport official said Tuesday while showing international experts Israel's near-legendary methods as a possible solution.

Israel, which prides itself on airport and airplane security, showed off robots and procedures to keep passengers safe. One method has been condemned in other countries — profiling. - AP

Here in the decadent West we like to think that we can be whoever we want to be, so it's unfair to "judge" us based on our heritage, past actions, or even friends and associates. In places where mistakes can be fatal to a group, there is no such illusion. This guy came from an impoverished, broken home and drifted toward an extreme ideology? He's ONE HUNDRED BILLION PERCENT (approximately) more likely to be a terrorist. He's a Muslim in Israel, wearing a bulky jacket? Well... there is sort of this ideological enmity there, so put your hands in the air.

Courtship existed for a reason

If I've learned one valuable thing from the dating whirligig I've been on for the last six years (give or take six months here or there), it's that you must wait at least three months before getting excited about the long-term possibilities of a new person.


The first three months of knowing someone is a time of illusions. Instead of seeing the person objectively, you see them for who you want them to be. Your object of desire is laden with fantasies and projections. I think it takes about three months to strip away the layers and start to see this person for who they really are. - CNN

Imagine that. Instead of seeing someone, and projecting your own needs onto them and then neurotically cleaving to them, figure out if they're a match. Most aren't. Not because they have different hobbies, but because they are broken. This is nature at work: for every generation, most are OK but many are not. Those need to be filtered out. If you don't do it in generation one, there are more of them with each successive generation.

Our genetic health is bad in the west because, in addition to the misguided racial melting pot experiment, we coddle idiots, sociopaths, parasites, criminals and the emotionally immature. The result is a surplus of defectives.

Our elites are fashionably prole-conscious

When a county votes more than 2-to-1 against its hometown Republican candidate for governor, it's safe to say that county shines blue.

So it goes for San Mateo County, where Democrats dominated Tuesday's election as usual despite major gains for the GOP around the nation.


"Hometown candidates or not, there's just only so much that being the local hero will do for you if you are of the wrong political party and the wrong ideology, and if you make some statements during your campaign that turn people off," said Melissa Michelson, a political science professor at Menlo College in Atherton. - MN

Our new elites -- entertainment and computing -- want the world to know that they're on the side of the proles. Having a giant wall of money to insulate themselves from the proles, they want to make sure every ghetto gets a subsidy, because they as elites will never face the consequences of this bad policy and they think it will make them seem like "friends" to the angry rioting proles. It's just money and they have plenty of that, so give, give!

This cynical strategy is designed to make the giver/pitier seem like a moral hero to the proles, and it never works. When the true prole revolution comes, they kill you if you have money and they take it because they want it. They didn't end up proles because they're capable of complex moral reasoning or in-depth compassion. The people who cannot control their desires become proles; those who can focus their energies toward a productive and rewarding task become elites (some quite by accident).

We tolerate homosexuality, but hope it doesn't happen to our kids

When my best friend's older son and my son were both around three, her boy delighted in swathing himself in glittery tulle and prancing around with a fairy wand. My friend took it in stride, providing generous amounts of fabric and making aesthetic improvements -- more sparkles, a bigger star on the wand, etc. -- to her son's great and often delirious satisfaction.

On the face of it, I supported her and her boy, but I confess I was also relieved that my son didn't express quite the same level of interest. It was such a small thing: A boy, barely out of babyhood, innocently enraptured by clouds of tulle -- why was it even the slightest bit threatening to me? - CNN

This article is so neurotic it's hard to even begin to explore it, but the author does make an interesting point: she is repelled by the boy who doesn't know how to be a boy and who might actually be, even if costumed as a fairy, tending toward the homosexual side of things. Why would a mother fear this? We raise kids we would want as partners, as the title of the article says. We hope for grandchildren, not just for a false personal immortality, but to keep the cycle of life rolling. It doesn't just dissipate in the sand while we wait for death.

Gay kids don't bring that. So the same people who will shout loudest for tolerance of homosexuality, undoubtedly like this self-conflicted author who is appalled she might be shocked at a fruity friend, are also secretly haters of it... hoping it won't happen to their kids. Why not just be more honest about the situation?

Tolerance: everywhere you find it, there are lies; we hide the truth, proclaim tolerance, and then secretly work to game the system. What a devious lot of rodents we humans are.

How entertainment culture makes big profits indirectly

04 11 10 - 05:57

So we hear today's weep-weep story about a dying kid:

11 year old Shannon Tavarez who received an umbilical-cord transplant in late August to combat her acute myeloid leukemia has passed away. The soprano from Queens recently played Young Nala in The Lion King on Broadway. - BBW

How sad. But then we get to the real point of the article:

And, to further Shannon's mission and Shannon's family's devotion to recruiting donors, click here to find out about

If you live in sheep-mind, you assume the two are connected only by cheerful coincidence.

Then, notice this:

But in the friend-of-the-court brief filed in a case involving a new cancer drug derived from gene research, the Obama Justice Department changed the official US stance.

It told the court: “The chemical structure of native human genes is a product of nature, and it is no less a product of nature when that structure is ‘isolated’ from its natural environment than are cotton fibers that have been separated from cotton seeds or coal that has been extracted from the earth.”

This argument implies that the genetic code of existing material life, which consists of complex ideas in organizing atoms and molecules, is simply a given – available to all. (Greatly altering a natural gene, however, might still be considered patentable.)

Yet developing countries such as Brazil and India want some sort of reward for the commercial use of genes found in their biodiverse landscapes. - CSM

The art of politics is appearing to be generous while screwing others royally.

We can't patent your genes translates into "we owe you nothing for them."

Those genes then go into a lab, and a treatment or modification is developed which can be patented...

Someone else profits off of what evolution has gifted you with.

Make sure you go to, where they tell you:

You are also giving DKMS™ the permission to collect, retain, and use your personal identifying information and your contact information.


You are further giving DKMS™ permission to collect cheek cells from the inside your mouth using a cotton-tipped swab to determine your tissue type, to store your cheek swab sample for as long as you remain registered, and to conduct further testing of your sample to determine if you match a searching patient.


Your tissue type and stored cheek swab sample will be identified by a code and will be stored separately from the personal identifying information that you provide when registering to be a potential donor. - DKMSA

You'll notice what's missing: no declaration of who owns the sample, and no promise that it will not be investigated for other medical uses. If I were a wealthy corporation, I'd make a huge donation -- in exchange for access to the data banks. If you find someone who is immune to cancer in there, you get a free killer product and owe no one a thing. That person will also never know.

And this young Broadway star? Sad, although most entertainers are hollow shells without souls. Her real problem was that finding tissue donors who match multiracial patients is difficult since you need someone of the appropriate ethnic cocktail that you are. Tavarez, as a multi-racial candidate, was unlikely to find a match.

Humanity cannot handle reality

03 11 10 - 20:21

A freakout from years past:

Italy's state-owned television broadcaster has dropped a popular chef for sharing a recipe with viewers to cook cat.


There were indications during the TV broadcast that Chef Beppe knew animal rights activists would respond. He mentioned that while they would be upset, they were wrong to think animals like cats were any different from rabbits that are sold in Italian shops.


The number of feral cats in Rome has declined after a concerted effort to sterilize the animals that were suffering due to over-population. - Pravda

We love our cats and dogs. They're awesome critters. But not every human is equal. Some are good pet parents, and others... well, where did all those feral cats come from? And what do they do?

Estimates of the number of songbirds killed each year by feral cats in Wisconsin alone range from 8 million to 217 million, though the number is actually believed to be around 39 million, said Steven Oestreicher, the chairman of the congress. - ABC

I see. So the domesticated, common animal when left out of doors goes feral and exterminates the rarer, wild birds. If left unchecked, they'll seriously dent the bird population.

Is it so inhumane to kill and eat extra animals that are being destructive? What about extra people? Can we make them into tamales and wienerschnitzel?

Whore or hijab?

03 11 10 - 06:00

Interesting comment that cuts right to the core of the culture wars:

I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this past month. In all my travels to Islamic countries, I’ve never seen such a stark contrast of Islam and the West. For example, in one shopping mall, I was shocked to see ladies in burkas walking past lingerie stores. The city was littered with slutty European and trashy westerner tourists. I’ll tell you what, if I’ve got to pick between the hijab and the whores, I’m going with the hijab. The dad in me began thinking of buying burkas for my daughters. - TTHW

Hijab or whores -- well, no one wants their daughters to be whores. No one wants a hijab either, at least in the west, because it seems so... extreme. Maybe there's a middle path. But at some point, philosophies diverge. You pick the left path or the right path, and while some of the way is shared, you diverge:

Orientation Philosophy
Left Human individuals being able to do whatever they want is most important, so we form a collective to enforce political and eventual physical equality on the population. None may rise above.
Right Human individuals sacralizing, revering and adapting to reality is most important, so we set up social standards and promote those who rise above.

There's no reconciling these views. One wants to shield individuals from natural selection, nature and reality; the other wants to shield society from people who want to be shielded from reality. We can fake it for a half-millennium, as we have, but ultimately the collision shows.

Here's another good one:

The Equality Act introduces a myriad of ‘rights’ which will allow staff to sue for any perceived offense imaginable.

It also creates the concept of ‘third party harassment’, meaning an employee can overhear a joke which was not even directed at them, perceive it to be offensive and then sue the employer. Workers can sue if they feel any comments ‘violate their dignity’, create an ‘intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment’, etc. A one-off incident is enough – the ‘victim’ doesn’t need to have warned the ‘offender’ that their comments were unwelcome.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the legislation extends to everyone in the workplace; hence staff can sue their employer even if they were offended by something said by a vendor, customer or contractor.

Basically, the law aims to prevent anyone being offended by anything and any person, and allows workers to sue if their fragile feelings do get hurt. - MHB

Good questions. She goes on to really nail the origins of this:

I can see why imposing equality of outcome has proven so popular with the very many who benefit from it. And when it comes to those who are forced to pay dearly for such ‘progress’? That’s where indoctrination and coercion come into play. After all, who could ever object to the pursuit of “social justice” (code for forced equity), right?

Collectively as a society we are in complete denial of reality, having happily embraced our pretty illusion that we are all special, all equal, equally important, equally smart, equally valid.

Therefore, if some people earn more than others and wealth is not equally distributed, it is a clear sign we live in an ‘unfair’ society and some people are oppressed or discriminated against. Such injustice must therefore be rectified by government intervention.

That, in essence, is leftism: the idea that we are all (politically) equal, magically THEREFORE we are (biologically, aptitudinally) equal. Once we make that assumption, if we spot anyone who is poor, miserable or stupid, we have to assume that OPPRESSION was the cause. It's a backward society and an inverted world. Whore or hijab? If whore brings us equality, HIJAB ALL THE WAY.

More on Jean-Luc Godard and Anti-Semitism

03 11 10 - 05:38

So here seems to be the crux of it:

But Mr. Ganis and others in the academy have fielded queries from members who question the propriety of an award that is drawing attention not just to Mr. Godard’s well-known disregard for Hollywood but also to positions and statements in which he has mingled his mistrust of the mainstream movie world with a wariness of traits he associates with Jews.

In one of the more striking such statements, in a 1985 interview in Le Matin quoted in Richard Brody’s 2008 biography, Mr. Godard spoke of the film industry as being bound up in Jewish usury.

“What I find interesting in the cinema is that, from the beginning, there is the idea of debt,” he is quoted as saying. “The real producer is, all the same, the image of the Central European Jew.”

In cataloguing and assessing such pronouncements, Mr. Brody, who is generally admiring in the biography, titled “Everything Is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean-Luc Godard,” attributed what he called “the hardening and sharpening of Godard’s anti-Semitic attitudes” to factors that included his childhood in war-torn Europe, a turn toward pro-Palestinian radicalism in the 1960s and a complicated view of history in which Mr. Godard has blamed Moses for having corrupted society by bringing mere text, in the form of written law, down from the mountain, after having encountered an actual image, the burning bush. - NYT


Three points of contention:

  • Is the movie industry shaped by the Ashkenazi-German Jewish experience? And its attitudes toward usury.

  • What's the line on pro-Palestinian discourse versus anti-Jewish sentiment? Israel is the Jewish state, so it will catch flack for Jews and vice-versa.

  • Did Moses destroy society with an exoteric/esoteric confusion? Pagans didn't write things down for a reason. Without correct interpreters, words are useless -- and channel reality into a reduced, symbolic, unequal form of itself.

Interesting questions. Is Judaism shaped around usury, guilt and debt? These are themes of the Jewish experience historically, at least, but reading more into them -- well, that's a historian question. Is supporting Palestine anti-Semitic? In that it's destruction of the Jewish state to do so, yes, but people may merely be delusional. The bit on Moses is straight out of DeLillo or Pynchon and is worth further study.

The rest -- bah, media feeding frenzy! Eat dicks.

Every day, for diversity -- you pay

03 11 10 - 04:57

People love to bury truth under layers of verbiage and emotion.

Simple reality: the more differing directions in a society, the more internal conflict it has.

I'd love to hear anyone come up with a reasonable argument against that. They won't be able to, of course. Anyone who has sat through enough committee meetings knows that the only ones that go "smoothly" are the ones where everyone is roughly in agreement, and literally all that remains are the details.

So instead, we beat ourselves up, every day, creating strife and slowing ourselves down to a grinding halt, until someday we give up and suicide:

Amid concerns that Jean-Luc Godard may harbor anti-Semitic views, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is moving forward with plans to honor the filmmaker at its second annual Governors Awards.


The Jewish Journal and The New York Times have published stories questioning Godard's feelings about Jews, citing examples in his films and in books about him that could be interpreted as anti-Semitic. - AP

People of great insight see things the rest of us don't. While we don't condone anti-Semitism here at the ANUS, we agree with Theodor Herzl that the cause of anti-Semitism is Jews being an ethnic-religious minority among ethnic majorities. Unlike most liberal Jews, we don't think the solution is destruction of the majority. We think it's a strong Israel with her Arab neighbors -- 3,000 year old feud here folks -- kept at bay.

But as long as we insist on diversity, we cause more anti-Semitism -- and more racism. Further race follies:

The historic Republican wave also produced historic results for minority candidates, from Latina and Indian-American governors to a pair of black congressmen from the deep South.


Mark Sawyer, a UCLA professor and director of the university's Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity and Politics, said Obama's election pushed the GOP to adjust to a more diverse electorate by seeking out minority candidates.

But he noted that almost all the victorious GOP minorities were elected in majority-white areas and opposed measures such as comprehensive immigration reform that are favored by many Latinos and blacks.

"This election does not show a substantive embrace of a minority agenda," Sawyer said. - AP

How to be a successful minority? Be an Uncle Tom -- or, in practical terms, an assimilationist. Chuck your culture and heritage at the door and start acting white, thinking white, being white in all but the genes. That's the Republican message. It's a billion times more honest than the Democratic message, which is that you should be whatever twee little weird your culture is, and we'll all pity you and vote for you to be "different."

Every day, we pay:

  • For diversity. This is an unstable idea. The more divergent goals in a society, the less likelihood of any direction being found, so the more infighting, dialogue, neurosis and instability is created.

  • For equality. We assume equality of all people, and so we're constantly shocked that some aren't doing so well. They then agitate for more rights, more entitlements, or just sue and threaten revolution. Instability and high costs results unnecessarily because the problem is they weren't "equal" to the task in the first place, so they failed at it. And they're mad because we set them up by telling them they were equal.

  • For voluntary solutions. Let's spend another billion dollars "educating" people not to drink and drive. Did it work? It may have reduced the rates somewhat, but not enough that the problem went away or even close. In fact, it's stronger than ever because now we've given those who do drink and drive something to hate -- propagandistic education. We're also trying to convince all 300 million Americans to voluntarily recycle, stop driving SUVs, stop shaking babies, and doing other things they'll do anyway. In the meantime, those who already get the message have to hear constant propaganda.

  • For lower standards. People have freedom to go buy that Big Mac, and so they do. Others imitate. The more we tolerate low standards, the more people are seduced to them because they are the new minimum, and people want to throw their effort elsewhere. So it's a race to the bottom, both culturally and politically.

Your newspapers this morning are full of karmic drama about elections. These are a detail; remember that the real task is more complex and more enduring, and they have a financial incentive to have you not see it.

The fallout from Jesus

02 11 10 - 02:32

Poor Jesus Christ, wanting to destroy the Romans, came up with a formula: all people are equal and the meek will inherit the earth.

This made empires neurotic. Instead of knowing that each person had a place, such empires treated all people as equal. As a result, they encouraged the migration of individuals anywhere they chose.

Of course, by denying context, they set up a time bomb. The neurotic among a wealthy population invite in newcomers with open arms, mainly trying to become part of The Meek so they can enter heaven. The savvier people are less sanguine about it, knowing that a flood from poor to rich results in dilution of the rich, and destruction of what made that wealth.

Fast-forward 2000 years:

Migrants in Europe, the United States and many other parts of the world are subjected to the worst forms of racial discrimination and xenophobia, a U.N. independent investigator said Monday. - AP

What do you call a person of poor origins in political office? A leftist -- always.

They don't want to believe that a mistake was made, or a series of them, leading to that situation. They'd rather believe it's arbitrary, and they've spawned a huge market for people who sell them that illusion (Jared Diamond, we're looking at you here).

Now they're finding out that while they've conned many Europeans, both secular and Christian, into wanting to accept the meek, not everyone is so deluded. And so they complain, as a prelude to justifying violence.

Europeans and Americans, it's time to get your head out of the Jesus-illusion. It has nothing to do with spirituality. It is just pure politics of subversion, that is to say, it is intended to destroy...

Christianity is one view of the spiritual truth of humanity. One earth, one humanity; we describe this earth and this humanity many different ways, and spirituality is no exception. Like we can describe an elephant in Hindi as well as in French, we describe spirituality with Hinduism as well as Catholicism.

Many of us started our careers as violent blasphemers because we disagree with how Christians view the world, because much of Christianity is too liberal to be realistic. If you really want to worship this world, and God or The Gods, you need to be matching your spiritual outlook to your material and logical ones.

A good start would be finally, after 200 years of horse shit, some honesty about immigration and race.

Leap into Life

01 11 10 - 06:41

Some people get nervous when we pick on, say, Brazil. In the modern West, we view it as poor sporting to pick on those perceived as weaker because their country is of third-world status. Yet we insist they are equal. Neurotic much? Well, yes.

Let me make this clear:

While Brazil has many problems, that's not the whole of the story. Further, Brazil has much more of an excuse. What's average IQ 103 America and Europe doing that is fundamentally different?

And there, my friends, is why people freak out when I talk about Brazil. Not that I say "Brazil has many lovely people, and totally awesome death metal, but as a civilization, it's a shantytown kleptocracy headed back toward chimpanzee status" but that I point out that America is not placed by an omnipotent God in a position above Brazil.

We can become Brazil. How? The racists will say by importing non-whites; I say importing non-whites is bad because civilizations work best when they're relatively homogenous. But that alone wouldn't do it. What will do it is drifting away from reality into a fantasyland of our own minds, where we pretend our good intentions make good results, even though the two are (mathematically, economically, physically, logically) unrelated.

And so in the grand tradition of MAD Magazine(tm)'s long-running series, I offer these Leaps into Life where we confront our delusion head on. Ready? No? Awesome, here we go:

Two Swiss tourists who chose the Maldives' white-sand beaches as the setting to renew their marriage vows were instead mocked by the officiator, who chanted abuse and curses in the local language at the unsuspecting couple.


The officiator begins chanting in the Dhivehi language that "under penal code clause seven, forbidden fornication is now legal," and goes on to insult the couple, including calling them "swine." The whole time he maintains a prayer-like, chanting tone, bowing his head and gently rocking forward and back.

"Most of the children you get will have spots on their skin. Because of these spots your children will be considered illegitimate children," he says. - AP

Hi there, Europeans, you think you're no longer a colonial power. That's in your eyes. Everyone else sees it differently because when you show up with your tourist dollars, they have to act like your friends because of the power of your currency. But they're not your friends. They are your servants and you seem OK with that. At the same time, you're not doing anything useful for them, like placing their countries under the colonial rule that brought them out of even worse poverty. So they hate you, and you'd do the same, if roles were reversed, although judging by the history of Europe, you might throw more of your time into learning, study, religious wars, internecine conflicts and inventing technology.

You wouldn't descend on Topeka, Kansas, and ask the local tribes-- I mean citizens -- to conduct a marriage rite using horseshoes and six shooters. It would be obviously condescending. But going to the Maldives and half-ass lazy-brain hiring some guy to be a priest for you, when you know nothing of the language but think it might be "exotic" (how neurotic) to have it in your ceremony, is even worse. Pretending that the impoverished locals have some Magical Negro wisdom adds insult to injury, even though you spoiled Westerners think that by telling them they are morally and spiritually advanced is a great compliment. But you still want them to do your laundry for $0.25 a day. Schizoid much?

Smart was 14 when she was abducted in the middle of the night. The disappearance transfixed the country as thousands of Utahns turned out to comb Salt Lake City and the surrounding mountains to search for her.

She was rescued nine months later after motorists spotted her walking the streets of a Salt Lake City suburb with Mitchell and Barzee.

Now, 22, Smart is expected to return to Utah from France where she is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to testify against Mitchell. - AP

How did Elizabeth Smart get kidnapped? They never mention this: religious pity.

Her dad took pity on homeless crazy David Mitchell and hired him to do work on their half-million-dollar house, where Mitchell did what crazy homeless people do and noticed easy ways to steal and rape a blonde girl. GO FUCKING FIGURE.

Now Elizabeth Smart has cast herself into the same insanity -- or been cast, more likely -- of let's-go-help-the-poor-and-insane.

No, Christians -- your God made them as they are. They are poor because they're delusional, disorganized, crazy and/or stupid. That's how individuals stay poor and nations get poor. You destroy the good ideas, and celebrate the illusions. You tear down anyone who does anything productive. You make sure everyone is equal, and set the bar low. The pattern repeats throughout history and there are no exceptions.

We will now have a $10 million show trial of this nutcase, who we've already paid to keep in prison for eight (8) years with his nutjob common law wife, and then decide he's an awful crazy homeless guy and put him away for another 20 years -- all at our expense.

I question whether we should even have a trial. He's a crazy homeless guy. You either lock those up, or they do stuff like this. Big surprise. You should probably skip the trial and simply exile all your crazy homeless guys from your community before they do more of this stuff. If crime drops, you should keep it as policy.

In the meantime, thinking we can make this guy a scapegoat is silly. Elizabeth Smart's father screwed up by pretending that paying crazy $10/hour is some kind of charity and that the crazy guy would not do what crazy guys do, which is steal, rape, mangle, lie, deceive, etc. Leap into life.

An award for gay and lesbian literature will be included in the American Library Association's annual announcement of children's prizes, a list which features the prestigious and influential Caldecott and Newbery medals.

The Stonewall prize honors "English-language works for children and teens of exceptional merit relating to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered experience." - AP

When we were kids, we hated it that adults projected their world into ours.

Now they're doing it again, and forcing kids to become political tokens before they've even hit their teenage years. Then again, since we like selling them sex-related products, it's inevitable that sex will be politicized when Johnny notices he's attracted to boys.

But Johnny is at best 5% of the population, so we're tail wagging the dog here by making 95% of the kids view something that to them and how they're constructed sexually, is totally broken. Kids don't call other kids "fag" because they've been trained to hate fags by the US Army. They call kids fags because if you're a heterosexual, homosexuality is weird, inverted and/or repulsive to you. It's probably the same way for homosexuals looking at heteros, which is why traditionally we've kept this issue under wraps...

But no. American industry wants to make "My First Reverse Anal One-Night Stand" push-up bras for 7-year-olds because they're an emerging market, and we like our TV and media where the only affection people show each other is a quick flounce in some hotel bed, and we all like to think we're enlightened New Gods because we have no silly taboos like monogamy and so we accept anything, anything! that happens in the bedroom as legitimate. And what do the sheep think?

Alcohol is a more dangerous drug than both crack and heroin when the combined harms to the user and to others are assessed, British scientists said Monday.

Presenting a new scale of drug harm that rates the damage to users themselves and to wider society, the scientists rated alcohol the most harmful overall and almost three times as harmful as cocaine or tobacco. - AP

British Scientists, two words combined that don't make sense. There is no blockheadedly "logical" society on earth than the UK, which is so fixated on deconstructing logical relationships from the situational that it has become a form of comedy. A+B=C, therefore the alphabet is only composed of Cs... yes, the British. And now they want to tell us how to live, as their society collapses around them.

Inventing a new scale is not science. It's perspective change, like changing your wallpaper. Yes, you can cherrypick a different range of statistics to use, but the real problem is the one they're not facing: people are increasingly choosing to use whatever substances they can find to pursue oblivion. Why are they doing this? Their society is failing because of blockhead logic.

Of course cocaine users have fewer problems. They're wealthier. Of course alcohol is harmful; it's widely available, and it's what everyone drinks to forget their stupid jobs, the stupid rules, the stupid government, that they're on the dole. Is marijuana harmful? Well, let's dial it back: any substance that helps you live in a different reality is harmful if used to escape reality. And that's what people do in droves as a society dies.

Fix the problem: dying society. Don't make hollow headlines about the non-problem, which is whether they're drinking alcohol, shooting smack, watching TV, getting obese or huffing oven cleaner this week. Underlying problem remains undiscovered.

The humorous approach to politics has three distinct advantages over playing it straight.

The first is that comedy can entice a disengaged audience to partake in a political debate. Stewart’s nightly diatribes against Fox News draw nearly twice as many viewers as MSNBC pundit Keith Olbermann, who does the same thing in his signature monotone.

Second, political humor can hide behind a veneer of entertainment to deflect criticism. Much like the Shakespearian fool, modern-day comics are free to speak common-sense truths under the guise of foolishness. “That, of course, is the great secret of the successful fool – that he is no fool at all,” Isaac Asimov wrote in “Asimov’s Guide to Shakespeare.”


Finally, humorous attacks can only be countered with equally witty humor. Sarah Palin, the queen of the political zinger, has found mockery to be one of her most effective rhetorical weapons. She came out punching at the 2008 Republican National Convention, delivering a speech that earned her an army of nascent Tea Party supporters and riled Democratic activists into donating $10 million against her in one day. - CSM

More backward thinking from an army of morons! We should switch our politics to humor because we can't actually communicate about the issues, and it's harder to attack us when we do. Why can't we communicate about the issues? I don't know, but playing "don't attack me" isn't the solution -- it's furthering the divide. Obvious much? Yes, but the audience isn't considering that.

The "Rally to Restore Sanity" is part of the same problem is claims to deplore, which is that politics in America has become Idiocracy. Both sides are dumbing down the rhetoric, using vivid but misleading symbols, and encouraging "their side" to think themselves superior and the other side idiots, racists, hicks, whatever.

Claiming that you represent Sanity through humor is just another form of preaching to the crowd. Conveniently, they get well-paid for it, which allows all the nothingbrains to pretend they're "fixing the problem" while really, they're whipping it up to an advanced state of total division and insanity.

Luckily, this will allow the two sides to further see that they are fundamentally incompatible. Liberals want a society of subsidies where all behavior is OK, and they want to import third world voters to effect this. Conservatives, who apparently read more history than liberals, know this is a path to doom and loss of culture, prosperity, status and, hilariously, sanity.

Thank you for joining us for this Leap into Life: confronting the underlying realities that big-brained humans would rather smother in delusion.