30 04 10 - 20:15

We're told a story: evil Microsoft made a bad browser, and finally The People's Browser (Firefox) set us free. Here's a little history:

Redirect your hatred of Flash to the W3C, whose embarrassingly slow pace forced devs to use a plugin because the standards were so weak.

10 years ago we bullied Microsoft into stopping innovation on IE so the W3C could take over. How'd that work out?

For those too young to remember, IE was innovating like crazy from 4.0 -6.0, right up until the DOJ and web standards commies intervened. - "The State Of Web Development Ripped Apart In 25 Tweets By One Man", TechCrunch, April 30, 2010

Microsoft took over leadership after the W3C, stalled on internal politics, delayed releasing new standards and keeping up to date with technology. That's why IE5 surged ahead of the buggy, slow and incompetent Netscape. Since the W3C had forgotten some things in CSS1, and had left others vague, Microsoft made some educated guesses -- and soon we had a working box model, good CSS integration, and functional JavaScript.

Since then, the story has changed. And why? Cui bono, as they ask in the streets after a great corruption is revealed. But the corruption of memory and knowledge underlies all other corruptions.