eyes unshrink
daylight massages
(pick slide_________________________________________________________________)
 abundantlike                                               flesh
  inspring growing like                                         flesh.
never enough found                                       to go 'round.
  yeah, yeah, yeah                                      blame your parents
    inspiring growth                                    the mind: twitch
       days as anothers, stolen time from death.              a rose,
    flattened.  from it grows a soft moss.              green like spring
  why not born to die.  to live,                        readiness is
in the loneliness of your hollow foot,
the hall chorus drums you alone,
or your anemone softlike reaching,
brilliance of its echo, rolling back to you, the essence of selfisolate.
and in your hand, its glass diffracts the sun,
a brutality of: a joy of: notyetsurfeit of: a stench of: a truth of:
          undi      pretentious literariness
          scov      from s.r. prozak & l.b. noire
          coun                               goatlord@hallucinogenic.com
          try.                               rm09216@academia.swt.edu


c     o     n     t     e     n     t     s    .:

~                                                                  l.b. noire
                                                          'filter (a.d.1993)'

~                                                            w. cattish marsh

~                                              r. barney grubbs & s.r. prozak
                                   'in the lee of the seer: poetical collage'

~                                                                  b. ambrose
                                                           'you asked for it'

~                                                                 s.r. prozak
                                                            stoner adventures

~                                                                 s.r. prozak
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