a streetcleaneresque dedication
			 to the dead & the holy skin
				   ha, ha, ha

harsh breath over a cigarette 
coffee rimming dawn, singing
we walk hand in hand behind the dust
grimy and singly the streets open narrow
like veins in the arm of a soft suicide.

look, this book
about the space
like an empty coffin filling slowly
nebulous face of mine pouring into it
i am the streetcleaner
when i am brave
in there the rubbish littering coffins
lizards crawling on the opened lids
iguanas sunning themselves sadly in sunlight
boring in boredom, too sad to move much
accepting the patience of the eldest shaman
geckos bright as the eyes of a corpse
demons claws all over the back, leaving bloodscars
spitting life's essence into giant heaps of trash
the detritus of our busy lives
searching for more junk to bury
or burn or pile or stow away
impregnate the idea of mountains in our veins
their feet are like needles,
like demon penis punching flesh,
the thousand fires crawling down your skin
too slowly for the dawn to overtake
no return/ no removal (to a safer
nemesis in the dark, under the mound of trash
the blackened demon, fire-hardened and battle-hungry
tearing flesh poking iwth claws of geckos
so colorful, so alive, fading fast
the blood pours from my eyes
the geckos crawl free, all over
the trash heap burns brightly, more is piled on
monday's valuables collapse onto tuesday's pyres
there goes the future, there goes too much past
the tears slide in, hissing steam in the demon's face
his laughter punctuating the night
like the needle sliding in,
forever mournful, forever angry,
fire and demons dance over the raging heap
my eyes beneath it all to melt and see
so many more lizards crawling amidst our abundant

i am a streetcleaner
("don't hold me back
this is
my own
maybe you can jump through it
the burning hoop of blackness
into colors and pain
then jump more, the final thrust
lungs bursting like drowning ascending
into something new
or it just could be
dark and light and red
breathing earthily

"it's very small
it doesn't matter
it was just wanted
" (nemesis in darkness crawls like the lizard,
moutning your leg, mounting your soul,
thrusting, thrusting, inward like a spear,
needles converging, brning, all is scattered,
millions of cigarette butts cast to the streets)
"i didn't mean to upset you"


"i'm sorry, just don't call"

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