I love your tongue, probing searching. And your thighs when your crotch leaves
a damp spot on my leg. And your warm wet lips planted around me, soothing,
exciting, wet. Your hands all over me leaving electric trails of sense, and my
hardness. Oh how hard it is, but how smooth the entry feels like
crawling into a warm, plush, incredibly soft bed with silk sheets...tossing,
turning, folding, sliding, the friction, the motion, the steam, the heat, the
rythmn, the rythmn, the rythmn, the rythmn, the rythmn of the heat.....
constant, primal, gripping, deeper, deeper, faster, harder, very deep, so deep
its coming from as far back as you can remember, coming forward, coming out,
coming up, coming here, coming now, coming, a pool, a pool
of water, the temperature the same as the air, the same as your body, our
bodies, the motion, the touching, the contact barely noticable, sensory
deprivation, but you can feel it, feel it, sense it, enjoy it, enjoying it,
becoming of it, becoming in it, coming in it, the waves pass over you like a
beach, the sand, the friction, the grind, the push, the pushing, pushing you,
pushing, pushing, higher, higher, there, there, there, spreading, spreading
through you, spreading around you, spreading out of you, spreading down your
legs, spreading out your legs, lifting, lifting you off the floor, the mat, the
bed, the sheets, letting more in, letting me in more, the resistance, the
friction, the feeling, the feeling of it, the feeling of it coming, coming,
coming, coming, coming here, coming now, coming, coming yes, coming yes, coming
oh, coming oh, coming oh so hard, so deep, the storm wells, the storm rages,
you rage, you ravage, the storm pulses, pulses, like a sun, the pulsing, the
burning, the heat, of it, of all of it, it is all here, it is all now, coming
towards you, coming nearer, nearer, here, now, coming, coming, coming,

the storm passes, and there is silence, the sun, the breeze, the breeze of
collective breath,  the gathering of the water, the gathering of the dusk, the
sun, the flecks of clouds, the angle, the angle of the sun, the angle of your
love, our love, it is evening and the welcome storm is gone and has come, and
it is time to rebuild us and gather the evening and see what it is we have
brought. This is what is, this is what should be, and we are here, we are in
it, we are of it. It is of us, and the evening falls into the night like lovers
unto the storm that wells within and so it is again.
							(honseki ki)
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