for the christian, it is all in having an erection or having no erection
at all, being the deprived victim of a lack of stimulus or of
conditioned stimulus withdrawl so that some cannot be mustered.  the
systematic approach to our reduction constitutes perhaps the greatest
threat to jargon ever engendered, and perhaps therefore vindicates our
initial villification of all that is unsensed.

consider the tribal music of the african tribes migrating through the
american south to become the blues;  despite its complete technical
eclipse in the face of the conventionally accepted forms of music (which
as we know eclipse all popular music) it has a quality its adherents
classify as 'soul,' which we of greater experience can experience as
'authenticity.'  consider the artwork of lesser artists, who without the
ability to skillfully craft every brushstroke produce prodigious works
of splattered paint and concrete pantyhose, which they insist has
artistic merit.

we, of course, know differently.  grammatical errors undermine the lowly
texts of those who do not possess the assiduous persistence necessary
for subversion of the graphical complexity...

thus here in academia all is safe.  the walls are thick and constructed
of multi-dimensional bricks, upon which we have heaped the
categorizations, upon which mount the administrations, upon which pile
the routes of publication, visualization and popularization.  remember:
a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
					-- the hon. robert chezvick
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