biographic evisceration:

fern (phurn) - a wesleyan student, wanderer, goofball.  about five
feet or so.

wfrancis (dubba yew phrancis) - a student of life.  no location known.
generally supposed to be aware.

honseki ki (whonsekkie key) - You know me. You know many of me. I have been
here a long time, I will be here a long time. I am Honseki Ki, and I will be
your host, yet you will host me.  What you want, I can not give you, but you
may take whatever you need. Just please leave the rest, and enjoy it all.

the editors:

s.r. prozak - percussion, synthesis, vitreous decomposition
l.b. noire - dryskull vocal emesis, horns, sampling


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sure is a lot of fun,
bereft, history, empty
sharkfull of lies
bless you new york
and your skyscrapers
like needles touching skin
bullets touching brain
flooding out the mantras
of our bravest best refrain
two must live as one
only cast in stone
cuz here in there perimeter
the needle touches one.