the ed meese show presents:
		masquerading as

Ascending the porch steps, they stopped at the front door, Gurn, 
waiting for Tess to unlock it, she standing motionless before it. 
Gurn's eyes never left her on the way back to the cabin, as he 
stood studying her now, he knew something was wrong. She just stood 
looking at the door, as if not knowing what to do. Concerned that 
the blow to her head had harmed her more than she realized, but not 
wanting to upset her further by mentioning it, he gently covered 
her hand with his, taking the keys from her and unlocked the door.
Tess smiled up at him, as though nothing was out of the ordinary, 
entered the cabin, peering at the contents of the room. Gurn 
stepped close behind her, placing his strong hands on her smooth 
shoulders, leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Maybe you 
should rest for a while. Come, I'll put you to bed". Gurn guided 
Tess to the bedroom. She was hesitant, looking around the rooms 
they passed through. If he didn't know better, he would swear she 
didn't know where she was. His fears for her increased, but he 
controlled his features, not allowing his concern to show. Reaching 
the bed, he turned her to face him, slowly easing her down onto the 
bed. A seductive smile came to her full lips, as he reached to 
remove her sweater. Her eyes shining brightly with a playfulness, 
and something else, something he couldn't read. As he started 
removing her jeans, she sat up quickly, her arms going around his back, her 
nails digging into his flesh, scratching him from his spine to his 
ribs, as her mouth went to his neck, biting him. Her head fell back 
to the pillow, her grin almost wicked in her intent. Gurn stared 
hard into her laughing eyes, as her hands splayed across his 
muscular chest, squeezing and pinching as they roamed, reaching his 
nipples, pulling at them until they stood erect from her 
manipulations. "Teach me lust", her voice raspy in her request.

Gurn was stunned; he knew Tess to be passionate, but she was 
showing an aggressive side he had never experienced before. His 
hands rested on the tops of her jeans, now half way down her 
slender thighs, her body writhing in anticipation of his touch. She 
sat up again, her beautiful face just inches from his, her hands 
moving to his powerful arms, stroking and squeezing the muscles, 
her nails digging and tearing his flesh. The laughter he read in 
her eyes only moments before, was replace by a look of extreme 
hunger. Her tongue flicked out, running over her soft lips, she 
looked to Gurn as if she could eat him alive.  A low growl sounded 
in her throat, her face tilted to his in expectation. His body 
responded immediately, heating his blood, swelling him in his need to give 
her what she demanded.  His lips joined to hers in a kiss that was 
soft, gentle, but she would have none of that. She roughly pushed him away 
from her, that wicked smile returning to her lips, as she lay back 
on the bed, stretching like a cat.  Gurn watched her, his appetites 
increasing, his blood pulsing through his veins. 'So she really 
wanted to play', he thought to himself, an amused smile on his 
lips, as he jerked her jeans the rest of the way off her body. He 
covered her instantly, his mouth brutally coming down on hers, 
bruising her tender lips, their teeth scraping, his tongue pushing 
into her, forcfully exploring her warmth. An electric charge shot 
through him as he flet her respond. She met his fierce attack in 
turn, his roughness stirring her into action. She wriggled beneath 
him, her hands once again digging into the taunt muscles of his 
powerful back. Her head came up off the bed, pressing her face 
closer to his, their tongues engaged in battle. Tess wrapped her 
legs high around his back, squeezing his hips between her thighs.  
It was as if she meant to devour him. Grabbing her hands, he 
brought them up over her head, securing them in one of his. He 
locked his other hand in her golden tresses, taking a handful at 
the nape, he pulled her head back, exposing her lovely neck. His 
hot mouth moved over it, sucking and biting at the sensitive flesh 
below her ear.  He heard her moan low in her throat, he could feel 
her pulse racing. Releasing her head, he cupped her breast, 
bringing his mouth down on it, sucking and biting her, then drawing 
as much of her into his greedy mouth as possible. Her body jerked 
beneath him, she cried out, her voice sounding low, different to 
Gurn. As he continued to feast at her breast, he moved his hand 
down to the apex between her thighs, his fingers seperating the 
tiny blonde curls, locating the cleft of her pleasure, stroking and 
teasing it, before plunging his finger deeply inside her. 

Her body spasmed, her feminine flesh contracting around his finger. 
She screamed as the pulsations shot through her, her pelvis arching 
up to meet his hand, then dropping back to the bed as pleasure 
washed over her. She broke his grip, freeing her hands, locking 
them in his hair, and pulled him from her breast. Gurn grabbed her 
hands, forcing them to the bed, as he moved his body between her 
thighs. Releasing her hands, he quickly grabbed her slender legs, 
placing one over each shoulder, pressing them back to her chest 
with his body. Positioning himself he thrust deeply into her, her 
head arching, her hands clawing his arms, at the feel of him 
entering her. He grasped her hands again, locking them over her 
head in his, as he drove his hard shaft violently into her soft 
flesh. Her head moved from side to side, her hands pushing into his 
with a strength he would not have believed she possessed. She cried 
out, as he quickened his pace, moving in her with short, rapid 
strokes. His mouth came down to claim hers once more. She bit him, 
drawing blood from his lower lip. Low gutteral moans escaped her, 
sounds that were foreign to Gurn, but passion was driving him too 
strongly for him to hear them. He was consumed by the force of Tess' 
desire, her legs quivered around his strong neck, and he could 
tell she was near exploding in her pleasure.
					-- tess trueheart & gurn blanston
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