Strange hopes amd omcodental acheivements
confusion at lost chances layers of illusion
blanketing the sky in a muddy brown which
is a color not unlike confusion itself.

Hopelessly hopeful wandering amongst skulls
and daffodils cruching both thoughtlessly
wreaking violence and wrecking beauty in
an unbidden flash for silence and open ears.

Some small moment of blue would be a blessing
for that is a clean color free of silt and
dead things blue sky blue thoughts all 
honest at least while the world is brown.

Gray now no black no blue and white all
in shadows of color shadows of meaning
shades of truth and ghosts of yesterday
found now hidden under wounds not left to heal.

And that is green fresh and young living
only for the life no inner motive or
buried secrets silent hatred and unheard

Give me a rainbow in the soul and free me
of the shadows at my door and shades of
who or what I never was but once could
have been clear and sweet silence of
		-- fern
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