"Montage" - 1992

He prays in silence and he asks again
Conflicting truths only result in pain
She looks his way as if to turn away
The summer's green has been replaced with gray

He'd like to claim that he doesn't care
Upon the outside he knows they're all aware
The only actor left on the stage
Only existing because he's lost his place

Her dual existence left him without life
Now it's her turn to see the strife
It took the pain to open up her eyes
Burned all the paper with deceit and lies

A comic illusion and a twisted past
He felt no pain because he knew the path
The distant one wanted to be near
He cries for passion fell on distant ears

There's no expression, there's no life at all
The dying feelings and the gray of fall
Among his certainty there is a doubt
She was sincere and now he is without
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