"Last Night" - 1992

I used to pray for
The warmth from the blanket of night
I could see my reflection clearly
Among the darkness
Now the fear slowly crawls in
As the safety of slumber recedes
The reflection is still transparent
Yet the image is darker now

I pick up my being and turn to run
Tripping over her gravestone
The pursuit begins again
And the black soil flows with red
Running away to futility
I can't face the pain again

Afraid to realize what
The carbon-based chain stole her away
The result of a blind accident
And God's sense of fair play
Listening to the fading breath
Of His poisonous gifts

The stones fall over one by one
And the grass drops away beneath my feet
As the gray turns to orange again
In preparation for the longest day
I open my eyes and cry
Relief or good-bye?
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