5.  The Moralistic Conundrum:  Problems of an Unethical Moral Society

From:   STUDENT::SPROZAK       "Spinoza Ray Prozak, HAQR/SDI" 29-OCT-1992 01:58:26.66
Subj:   your note

Okay, I had the following on my door:  "What's a moral?  What is an ethic?  Have
you either, and if so what are they?  Should I have some?  Please do not reply
while under the influence of drugs."

The difference between moral and ethic is shaky to me, but as I understand it
moral is part of some greater system, usually religious or societal.  Ethics
are simply a code for acting correctly, however that may be defined.  Is this
making sense?

I have no morals, but I have my own code of ethics I developed at about age 12. 
How would I explain it?  It basically relies on not hurting anyone or doing
anything incorrect.  It states that I should gratify the wishes of my animal
soul and treat people like people instead of the way I have been treated by too
many for my fucking years.  Grounded in self control, it is basically opposed
to violence without cause (cause is pretty fucking narrow, also) either verbal
or physical.  It's doing the right thing as I see it, acting correctly.  I can
give you examples, but I can't explain it, because it is a product of my animal
soul, and only that and my logic can judge each instance...I don't fuck
casually not only because I don't like it but also because it objectifies
humans too much...something like that.  I have no problem doing drugs, but
would never subject someone to them without consent.  I have no problem with my
own death, but would not kill unless inevitable because of threatening behavior
toward people I care about or (less so, now) myself.  Is this making any sense?

Should you have one...if you so choose.  What a cop-out answer!  Yeah, but this
is the only way you can deal with it.  If you feel it within yourself -- if you
feel a need to act correctly and at least loosely codify what is correct, then
do it.  I would recommend an ethical code as opposed to a moral one, whatever
the definitions are.  I haven't gotten into the ethics/morals bullshit far
enough in philosophy to be super knowledgeable about this.  Some derive morals
from logical constructs, but I derive it from the presence of an active animal
intuitive center of realization within myself that wishes to do right because
wrong hurts.  Simply.

I hope this helps.  Before I read your note, I had one beer, and I've had two
sips from the open one on the desk.  This sobriety thing is kind of a

take care,

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