10.  How To Access All of Our Neat Stuff

	SDI, Inc. has a pseudo-ftp site set up for anyone at all to
peruse, ramble, explore and enjoy.  Access is easy:

I.  If you're at Wesleyan college,


$ set def pr_1995:[sprozak.angst]

and you should be in a directory from which you can read and copy files.

II.  If you're elsewhere,



STUDENT.WESLEYAN.EDU>login anonymous 
STUDENT.WESLEYAN.EDU>cd pr_1995:[sprozak.angst]

	We have back issues, interesting tidbits, conspiracy theories,
and other publications as well as a large collection of ouphiliac
paraphrenalia.  If there is something you wish to have kept at this
site, please email "goatlord@hallucinogenic.com."
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