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The Abolition of British Identity

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03 02 08 - 11:31

Britain is run by politicians who are globalist in outlook and wish to destroy national identity. They are not honest about this, and like to pretend that they care about Britishness while actually redefining what it is to be British to mean something entirely contrary to any logical definition.

We have “citizenship” classes taught in our schools which define Britishness as being about tolerance of other cultures. In other words, our identity is all about our resignation of our right to our land.

Within about 40 years the indigenous British will be a minority in this land, and will have no chance of stopping other cultures (with the strongest coming out on top) from eventually dominating ours, short of some kind of breakdown of law and order. Islam is on the rise. In fact, while a nationalist identification with British culture is considered racist, we are more than welcome to adopt an alien culture like Islam, or to join in with a culture like the “gay community”. More and more people, desperate for a sense of identity while not realizing that their natural identity has all-but been outlawed, fall into the trap of identifying with other cultures. Even the rise in gang membership is an attempt at finding a place where the member feels he belongs - although family breakups play a large part in this.

This week a “leading educational body” recommended that schoolchildren should not be taught “patriotism”. Clearly they cannot really have meant patriotism though, since the word means loyalty to the state. Nationalism means loyalty to the people and the homeland. The latter is offensive to those who rule us, as it conflicts with the state. National cultural pride is what the establishment objects to. Rather than the government making this recommendation, it is a convenient cop-out for them to suggest that the advice comes from a quango instead.

Dr Hand, the author of the report from the “leading educational body” said “Are countries really appropriate objects of love? Loving things can be bad for us, for example when the things we love are morally corrupt. Since all national histories are at best morally ambiguous, it’s an open question whether citizens should love their countries.”

So, since “loving things can be bad for us” we should not love even the thing which is most universally acknowledged to be the source of profound love, our Nation. Because our governments, our states, have been corrupt (and these cases are a matter of opinion) we are to cease to be taught our national history or to have any identification with the culture of our land.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is under pressure to reverse his decision to remove the image of Britannia from our fifty pence coins. Why does he want to spend a fortune in tax payers’ money to remove a symbol of Britishness? Why else than because we have to get used to not having any national identity.

We have to get eased into the Islamification of Britain, which will now happen at a fast pace. At least two other news stories this week underline this fact. In this country as many as ten Muslim women a year (that we are told of) are murdered in “honour killings” because they seek to escape abusive marriages. And Asian policemen as well as those in government jobs are doing their best to prevent anything being done to stop these punishments and even assist the perpetrators in any way they can. This shows that Sharia law is becoming ever more assertive. There is no reason to suppose that it will not continue in this direction.

The law that forbade those in polygamous marriages from claiming state benefits for any more than one wife has also been overturned this week, in another move towards the Islamification of Britain. Why is bigamy acceptable for Muslims and not for anyone else? This is a clear incidence of inequality and racial discrimination. Overturning the law means even more exploitation of our benefits system.

But the point I am making is that Muslims can come here and impose their cultural absurdities onto us, while loving our own culture is considered to be evil. We are not to be taught about our culture at school, our government is abolishing symbols of British identity and our traditions, our fairy tales (like “The Three Little Pigs) and nursery rhymes (“Baa Baa Black Sheep) are declared offensive to other cultures which are given public funding and whose traditions are on the curriculum. We are being subsumed into a globalist agenda and soon we won’t even have a land to call our own any more. Indigenous Brits may still be a nation, but we will be a nation without a state - or perhaps that is what we are right now. After all, our state has abandoned us and is not loyal to the nation.

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"To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
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From William Shakespeare's "Macbeth"